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Fear The Walking Dead | Season 4 Finale Recap: “I Lose Myself”

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Fear The Walking Dead | Season 4 Finale Recap: “…I Lose Myself”

Rob Cesternino and Jessica Liese recap the season 4 finale of Fear The Walking Dead entitled “…I Lose Myself.”

  • TrentC

    I lose my keys.
    I lose my car.

    • Agent__Zigzag


  • TrentC

    I heard this show was going to be canceled and they didn’t get the renewal notice until they were deep into filming the last episodes. Canceled meant a journey to Alexandria, renewal triggered the last second plan of staying and handing out boxes.

    I tried to stay positive throughout and let the show entertain me. It was plot points like Dirty Martha pouring antifreeze into water bottles and the subsequent ‘cure’ that ruins this possibility. Summary of her plan below.

    Martha would need to:

    Know where their home base is.
    Get to the home base quickly.
    Remove at least a layer of water bottles from the wrapped supply.
    Siphon or somehow remove enough antifreeze from the SWAT van.
    Open the water bottles, replace some water with antifreeze.

    Hope that no one a) realizes the seals are open b) tastes the antifreeze.
    Jessica nailed it – Antifreeze is never clear and every cast member save Morgan got sick. I can’t believe everyone is that stupid.

    I’ve seen less convoluted plans when the Joker was fighting Batman. And he had the criminal infrastructure and resources to do it!

    When you start rooting for the characters to get bit, it’s time to say goodbye I think.

    Thanks for the podcasts/explanations all season Rob and Jessica. My keepers are Morgan, Alicia, Strand, John, Sarah and Wendell. Al is on the bubble. And for the love of Madison get new writers! If the zombies are not viable antagonists, create a group with real teeth.

    • Bruce Pierce

      And where oh where is all that diesel coming from? Terrible show, I’m done with it, the beer cure was the last straw.

      • TrentC

        Diesel fuel and the specific ammunition for those guns. The SWAT van is somewhat high maintenance as a constant ride. I read that normal gasoline degenerates over time, so most (all) vehicles would have to run on diesel. Precious commodity for sure.

        • Bruce Pierce

          Yes gasoline needs to be stabilized and car batteries don’t hold their charge forever either. I haven’t seen any hand pumps so I don’t know how they are pumping gas without electricity either since all the grids are supposed to be down.

          • TrentC

            As Rob and Jess alluded to, we could make a long list of things that make no sense on FTWD.

            I saw an online argument about the gas station. Someone said solar panels could power it, another person explained why things like solar power just don’t magically work on their own.

            My thoughts on TV are simple – If you create a plot within a certain world, you should not make the components of your story unreasonable/illogical.

            We don’t need everything explained to us, but if I see Carl playing video games in the apocalypse, I want a quick 20 seconds of how.

            They yada yada over so many things like pumping gas, brightly lit gas stations, homes with working stereos, it starts to intrude on the actual story. These people are suffering?

            One thing the early seasons of The Walking Dead prime did quite well, was to give us a sense of abandonment, silence, loss, no power…every time they walked past or went into buildings. Things ‘felt’ like a modern ghost town.

          • Bruce Pierce

            When I see lights burning and television sets working with no generators running or ever alluded to I want an explanation

          • TrentC

            Jess and Rob brought up another glaring good point.

            We have an entire episode of Strand and Dory trying to get across a flooded area. In fact Strand predicts at one point Dory’s handmade raft is going to sink and it does.

            Then next episode along comes Alicia in the SWAT van driving across the watery expanse, and the water barely comes up to the wheel wells.

            Is that being too nit-picky or is it another case of – A full episode was written around one premise. We need a viable boat to get across the water.

            Next scene with water – Yay! It was really only two feet deep!

            I was surprised the alligator didn’t come along and take down the SWAT van…

          • Bruce Pierce

            Yes, the swamp wasn’t even muddy.

    • Agent__Zigzag

      I thought I’d read of people drinking antifreeze & being poisoned without tasting it or realizing it. But i think it’s usually over time & hidden in something sweet like juice, punch, or soda. And also thought it was neon green or yellow in color. So yeah in water would notice 4 sure.

      • TrentC

        I’ve tasted antifreeze on my finger (from a puddle on the ground) and I think it would be noticeable in a water bottle. And yes, the color would always give it away. I’ve never seen clear anything except water in engines.

  • Bruce Pierce

    Time to cancel this stupid program.

  • Isaiah Dustin Parter

    You no what. I would have been okay with all of them just dying from the antifreeze, Morgan going back to Alexandria, and the showing being over because this episode killed all the hope I had of Fear the Walking Dead ever being considered a good show.

    • Bruce Pierce

      Yep can’t disagree with any of that.

  • Matthew Murphy

    I don’t have much to say. Fear the Walking Dead is like that kid you see eating glue in class. You’re morbidly curious but you know trying to explain why what they’re doing is wrong is just a waste of time.

    • TrentC

      lol! Geez man you reminded me of a kid in school (not trying to be funny) who used to sniff so much Lepages glue, he had a little white ring under his nose from the bottle. He wore that mustache proudly.

      Now thanks to you every time I see Morgan I’m going to think:

      I eat glue.
      I lose myself.

      • Matthew Murphy

        Lol I thought you said I personally reminded you of that guy. Glad my writing could bring back such vivid memories :p

        • TrentC

          Haha, no I save my glue sniffing comparison for my Survivor arguments 🙂