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After five years of surviving through the zombie apocalypse, we head back in time and move to the left coast to see how it all began in Fear The Walking Dead.

Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino) and Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) get back together to talk all things Walking Dead as we join a new family and a world yet to be overrun with the undead. Madison Clark (Kim Dickens) and Travis Manawa (Cliff Curtis) are a newly engaged couple and are trying to deal with raising teenage kids, who already have their own earth ending issues to deal with.

Rob and Josh naturally compare and contrast the characters or Fear The Walking Dead and the original show. They discuss what they would have liked to see in the premiere, as well as what they would like to see throughout the rest of the season.

As Los Angeles starts to get infected, Rob knows what he must do as he decides to leave New York and head back home to an uncertain future.

Let us know what you thought of the show in the  comments section below.

Special Thanks to Justin Holcolmb for writing this week’s episode recap!

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  • Marcelo Sparano

    Which first episode was better: FEAR THE WALKING DEAD or THE WALKING DEAD?

  • Do you guys think we will get some kind of definitive answer to what started/caused the “infection” that makes people walkers? Not just patient 0 but like how EVERYONE got infected. Personally i dont need something that gets announced to the public in the show but at lease a something where a doctor figures it out jsut before he gets killed, Just so the viewers know but not so it would diminish the mystery of it in the main show.

    • That was my biggest question too. We’re back to towards the start of the zompocalypse again, but still no clearer on the origin of the virus and how it spread. That’s kinda frustrating, but also in a way it could be a great reveal in the very last scene of the whole franchise. Kind of like the way Contagion ended.

  • Steve Davis

    Who do you find as the most intriguing character thus far?

  • Steve Davis

    If you could take any character from TWD and see them and their origin story during this FTWD timeline, who would it be?

  • Steve Davis

    Having seen the pilot, what predictions do you have for the cast and what storylines would you like to see?

  • Emily Stobs

    Why didn’t Travis call the police after finding a crime scene in the church??

  • Steve Davis

    So I was watching live tweets all through the premiere of Fear. All I saw were tweets complaining about the lack of zombie hordes or a complete outbreak. Why would people want the exact same show? This is a show that will establish characters and storylines. Do you think these hardcore genre fanboys expect too much too soon like instant gratification?

    • Ash

      I completely agree. To get great suspense, you need to build it up. You need to care about the characters.

  • Rob Allison

    How many episodes do you think it will take to build the core cast? Right now it doesn’t look like there is a lot of survival skills in this group.

    • Steve Davis

      Keep in mind it took TWD a few seasons to get the cast right. Think about Lori, Andrea, half the people in season 1, Daryl Season 1, Carol Season 1. A good show takes time to build a good cast.

  • Rob Allison

    Did it look like the mom figure (Madison Clark) got bit or she some how avoid it? Previews look amazing and give shots of anarchy. Are you surprised at how quick civilization falls apart?

    • Stylez

      I thought she definitely got bit, but based off of the characters reaction she avoided it. Although Im not ruling it out that she doesn’t know the significance of the bite and will eventually succumb to the wound

  • @Wharfrat1625

    Do you guys think the viewers as a whole will be patient enough to enjoy the journey as the new group learns what it means to live and stay alive in the midst of the zombie apocalypse? Or will the current state of Walking Dead prohibit people from appreciating the learning curve for this new group and make them impatient to get the show on the road?

    I enjoyed the dynamic we saw between Travis and Madison so far. Do you guys like what you saw of their relationship tonight or was it just a little to TV perfect to feel genuine and intriguing?

    What do you most hope to get from this show that we haven’t already gotten from Walking dead? Which current differences between the two are the most compelling to you so far?

    -R Filly

    • Chlsea_1905

      well apparently Rob and Josh are not patient enough. Seems they wanted the show to jump right LA being over run with walkers. If this show doesn’t show us society and the government breaking down then it’s just walking dead with new characters. What’s would be the point? They could just have this family meet up with Rick and co and there you go.

    • Charles Bikle

      I don’t think anyone was expecting to see zombies crawling all over the “Hollywood” sign, but we were expecting the show to hold our attention.

      Aside from Nick, the main characters just aren’t compelling- they feel more like characters for a mid-season family drama network series and come off as generic.

      Pilot had piss-poor pacing, however the 2nd episode is greatly improved.

  • HomerBrannon1

    Did I waste my time watching this? Because it feels like I did.

  • KylesGSeraphim

    Am I the only one who thinks these characters are unlikable? Maybe I’m just not connecting with any of these character, but I wouldn’t mind if they all die in the next episode, just sayin’.

    • Beefcake

      Gawd no! You are not alone.

      The only thing that can save this show is if Joanie goes back to whoring.

    • Jennifer Grasso

      I’ll say that the 2 whiny teens are completely unlikable but I don’t mind young Voldemort’s character and I like Travis and Madison and the kid who predicted the whole thing.

  • Eric from malaysia

    Do you guys think there will be a crossover with the original series? Really promising pilot imo.

    • Jonathan Schwartz

      Gonna be tough to crossover being that they are on entirely different sides of the country. Would be cool but seems impossible.

    • Stylez

      Possibly the hispanic family that left in season 1, even if its a kill off

    • Eric from malaysia

      Probably not too soon imo. later season perhaps.

  • Andrew Garcilazo

    Why is it always the black guy?

  • Jennifer Grasso

    I’m hooked so far. But let’s get down to business. Death Draft: I’m predicting the student who brought the knife to school will go next.

  • sunny

    Not sure if I’m remembering correctly, but on TWD, didn’t it take a while before death automatically = zombie? At the beginning I thought you actually had to be bitten but then eventually the “virus” evolved so that no matter how you died, you would turn unless you got the head shot. FTWD seems to be starting at that point.

    • Linus Wesley

      I don’t think everyone is infected in Fear the Walking Dead. So far we’ve seen three zombies, right? The girl in the beginning, the guy on the news report and then Calvin. It might be related to drugs, since we know two out of three zombies were involved with drugs before dying and turning.

      It doesn’t seem like zombies are appearing anywhere else yet, but if they did, without every single person who dies turning, wouldn’t it seem more like a coordinated attack? Maybe that would be the most interesting scenario, if it turns out to all be done by terrorists.

      • sunny

        good point, certainly seems likely there’s a connection to the drug use.

  • John Santucci

    What do you think is the source of Travis’ son’s dislike of Travis? Maybe infidelity? Travis was cheating on his first wife with Madison? Because it seems like Travis, albeit in his classroom, is pretty good with kids. Wherein True Detective we had cops with Daddy issues, in Fear the Walking dead, do we have parents with kid issues?

  • C05EDEN

    I personally could not be happier with the first episode. Something about the threat of walkers as we know them set in “business as usual” LA made this SCARIER to me than the original. I was always disappointed about the time jump in the original series. The one flashback with Lori and Shane did not satisfy my need to see how quickly civilization breaks down in a scenario like this. The previews for next week and beyond looked amazing. And I disagree with some of the commenters about not liking the characters. I thought the two leads and the Nick character we’re all great (and it was well acted).

  • Jonathan Schwartz

    I’m I the only one who thought the guy who plays Nick is an atrocious actor? He looks weird just walking. Despite that I enjoyed the premiere.

    • Linus Wesley

      Well he was hit by a car so I assume that’s why he was limping around after leaving his hospital bed.

  • Tim Forbes

    Thought this was a good episode. I don’t really know what people were expecting. I like that it focuses on character instead of action.

  • HAHA i dident even realize that was the chick from the 100.

  • HomerBrannon1

    I think Tobias’ bad acne caused the zombie outbreak.

  • Ron Smith

    JOSH! What the heck?! Tell Rob that IT’S TIME TO PAY THE BILL!!!
    Dude, give it a chance, Rob. It’s episode 1. What is all this talk of it being slow? What do you want, zombies in the first few seconds? That show is called THE WALKING DEAD. This is a different show. I want to see how it develops, so all the character development stuff is fine for me. I’m loving seeing the build-up to the Zombie Apocalypse!

    Give it time. I know Rob mentioned that he would like to see what is happening in other cities, but I am sure that will happen.

    Give them a few episodes. (Not that there are a lot. What is there, like eight episodes?)

    Anyway, love the Post Show recaps for many of my favorite shows!

    Tyrese! It’s time to pay the bill!!!!

    • Chlsea_1905

      yes, thank you. I was thinking the same thing. The Walking Dead basically starts off when everything has already gone to s**t. I liked that the characters are living life as if nothing is happening because THEY have not watched The Walking Dead! Yes in the grand scheme of things there problems are not really significant but they don’t know that yet. I want to see how the gov. tried to get a handle on the situation and how it ultimately failed. They guys need to relax and treat this as a sort of prequel.

  • Linus Wesley

    I have to say, I was rather bored and throughout the episode and was just waiting for it to end so that I could put on this podcast, but towards the end when Calvin got the gun from the trunk, I got on-board and thought the rest of the episode was really exciting. Now I love it. The Nick character is great! I definitely think he’ll stick around for a long time.

    Very interesting to see where this is going. Really appreciate the podcasts!

  • Infinity8

    I loved it! It was fun, I liked getting to know the characters a lot. Well, Except Nick. But I have a whole theory on him. Here goes:

    Nick is a pre-apocalyptic zombie. He’s a drugged out human, mindless like a zombie. Anyone notice his walking, his body movements are straight up Zombie School. He’s only interested in getting high (braaaiiinnnnzzz) and his mere existence hurts his family because their son/brother is basically dead.

    The apocalypse is gonna be the best thing to ever happen to Nick. That’s my guess.

    Over all I am thrilled, they are taking their time to establish characters so that we care when they are eaten. I approve!

    My favorite character is Angry Pimple Face. Oh man! The way he looked at Madison when he was on the bus. It like this: I trusted you with my fears, you took away my knife and patronized me in response. I’m not saving your ass bitch!

    lol! love it. But seriously, the “I’m totally alone” look he had was perfect. I expect him to be one of our main survivors. He’s got smarts.

    The sister…I feel like she might be one who is always in danger or running off in some stupid fashion in the episodes to come. Her loss of her Berkeley “I’m getting out of here” dream is gonna be rough. I hope her BF makes it, I loved him on Suburgatory.

    Also, Cliff Curtis has the cutest face! Love him.

    Finally, his son. I’m totally on his side. No WAY would I want to spend my weekend with my dad’s new family and drug addict step-son. Good call kid, good call.

  • Reynaldo Hernandez Aponte

    Ok guys… Calm the frak down and give it time!!!!!I loved Nick, I loved that guys acting. Nick knew the drug dealer from the school where Nick was expelled from, of course the dealer is going to look like a nice guy, what is he supposed to do, have a large neon sign at his house saying Get your Heroin 24/7, like in Breaking Bad. Tucco’s like why are we meeting out here in a junkyard, we do this type of thing in a public place. This outbreak is just starting and we’re seeing how fast this spreads. No government response yet? Maybe they are behind it and are trying to cover it up and cure it. Who knows, let’s give the series some time. Loved the cinematography also, the behind the truck shots for example. Nice that we have two inter racial relationships, even though the daughters boyfriend is most likely a Walker. The new kid from The Strain is just angry Carl Jr. And Eph is bald now and we were introduced to Mr. Quinlan taking out Strigoi, youtube that if possible.

  • prett77

    I came across this today. It’s pretty funny and related. http://youtu.be/NdbCE5ui874

  • BeetlePimp

    Boy did I miss the Josh Wiggler monologues that go on for minutes on end.

  • Stylez

    Ive been very pleased to read theough the comments here and find out that people aren’t beating this show up and expecting too much too soon like many tv critics and podcasters are. I actually thought it was well paced. God forbid we actually develop some characters in episode one. Unlike the mentioned the strain the development wasn’t completely boring either.

    As for the characters, Travis is awesome, but I’m fearful that his nice guy antics will have him be our main character loss this season (his son is definitely walker chow). Unlike Rob I am a huge fan of the Nick character. Drug abuse is a very real issue. Do you think that’s the first time someone’s come off a binge and said they’d quit? Please. Heroin is highly addictive. He will obviously be putting the family at risk with his relapsing ways, but I can see an arc there. Even if he’s the carl of this show he’s a far more edgy version and a much better acted version. I applaud the show for bringing some real world issues into the show (Rob you were lamenting this is the last comic standing podcast when the first comic joked about the lack of this on the show TWD). As for madison, she’s definitely has the acting chops to carry the show, but i could definitely see her getting the axe (although i think its more likely she’s our Rick and Travis dies, but I definitely think it’ll be one or the other). I think the least developed is Alicia, which probably bodes well for her survival in a shorter season. Definitely think there will be some kind of drama with her boyfriend (either dieing or joining the gang). I hope they give her more than college to talk about though cause she is fantastic on the 100 (yes you need to watch it wigler).

    Take a note from the guys on the Wayward pines podcast. Everyone is for pointing out some comedy in the show via discussing flaws or pitfalls, but this isn’t the strain, so just mocking the show or completely shitting on it won’t satisfy an audience. Mike Bloom and AJ Mass were able to course correct that on wayward pines and I hope you guys can too with this one.

    • I agree. It’s fine that Rob was disappointed by it, not everyone is going to agree on how good it was, but the reasons for not liking it were a little curious. Since when has The Walking Dead always been about fast-paced action and constant zombie attacks? At it’s heart it’s about the characters and their changing and evolving humanity to survive their new environment. For us to care about that, there needs to be character development and that takes time, way more time than 1 hour can provide. I don’t get why Rob was expecting that same level of zombie hoard attacks as TWD premiere when FTWD starts off where civilization is still in tact.

      I’ll admit to not being fully invested in the main family yet, but i’m invested in the story and I know there’ll be more characters to introduce as we go.

  • nancy greenshields

    I just want to know who’s paying the electric bill for the abandoned church

  • Ash

    I think this type of premiere was needed. We knew from The Walking Dead that the apocalypse took everyone by surprise and it was unclear what happened. We get to start with characters we care about (I liked the Nick storyline). We also get to see how there were hints of the impending apocalypse, but mostly, people were blind to it and we can assume there was a big coverup.

    I’m with Angie Caunce that one of the biggest draws of this show are the character arcs and I’m glad that the show runners are taking the time to build those characters before the apocalypse.

    I don’t want to see a lot of international news coverage. I think that would be contradictory to what we already know about this universe.