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Fear The Walking Dead Season 3, Ep #12 Recap: My Brother’s Keeper

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Podcast Recap of Fear the Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 12, “My Brother’s Keeper” from September 24, 2017.

Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino) and Jessica Liese discuss the latest episode of Fear the Walking Dead Season, “My Brother’s Keeper”.

  • SteveDavisThird

    4 more episodes….3 more weeks. The final week is 2 episodes back to back.

  • Matthew Murphy

    Wow I really think Alicia will be a pheonomemal leader! She could even give Maggie a run for her money as far as surefire, top tier leaders go.

    • TrentC

      Be honest. You broke the sarcasm key when you held it down during that post, right?

      Towards the end of the episode, I thought for a minute we were going to lose most of the cast.

      Troy lives on and I believe Rob and Jessica have already covered the inherent stupidity in that choice.

      So now that every person from the ranch is in the bomb shelter/pantry, only one thing can happen. Nick and Troy have to team up with Madison, Strand and Walker to somehow subvert a horde of thousands of zombies and save everyone.

      Tanker truck, lots of excess fuel (don’t ask me from where) and a few well placed grenades from the launcher and it’s a giant zombie BBQ?