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Fear The Walking Dead Season 3, Ep #11 Recap: La Serpiente

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Podcast Recap of Fear the Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 11, “La Serpiente” from September 17, 2017.

Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino) and Josh Wigler discuss the latest episode of Fear the Walking Dead Season, “La Serpiente”.

  • TrentC

    As one of the six people who hasn’t watched 24 yet, stop spoiling it!! Over a broad range of podcasts you’ve spoiled that show 12 times now. I used to love you like a brother, you’ve been downgraded to stepbrother. STAAAHHHHHPPP! Thanks brochacharino.

    Madison looked good tonight. And I know the number of guns written on the piece of paper. Just enough so Lola doesn’t have to give up any water. Not sure why the ranch people didn’t just arm up and go take a few trucks full. Oh yeah…they’re far too busy fighting among themselves.

    p.s. not really mad Josh, no worries

    *crosses another potentially great tv series off bucket list*


    • sad7287

      That season aired 15 years ago!

      • Gregory Brown

        Some people are to young to have seen it 15 years ago.

      • TrentC

        I know people who haven’t seen The Wire, BSG, The Sopranos, Lost and I don’t reveal details. Josh treats 24 like the red headed stepchild lol!

        On a more serious note, Josh does much more good than harm in this world, love all of his stuff. My ‘complaint’ was made in fun mainly because him and Rob are being so careful trying not to spoil GoT on their current rewatch podcasts.

        You bring up a somewhat valid point Steve, but this podcast is not about 24 so the death references are a little jarring at times. The bromance is still on from my side of things 🙂

        • SteveDavisThird

          I see your point, but sometimes it’s tough to discuss actors and what they’ve been in if you can’t reference their other work. I feel like there is a statute of limitations on these things. especially when you are talking about a guest star who was in like half of one of eight seasons. It’s not like he ruined the entire series of 24.

          • TrentC

            It was a humorous attempt of something I noticed occurring from time and time involving 24. I realize he didn’t ruin the entire series. Hopefully a light hearted attempt to draw Josh’s attention to something he may be able to adjust slightly. I shouldn’t have used the caps lock of fury in the opening post.

            Speaking to your points, you and I have different views on cross talk spoilers for other
            shows that fall outside of the podcast subject matter. I don’t agree with the
            statute of limitations for blurting out random spoilers, because I can’t assume that everyone else has watched (or should have watched..)
            the same TV series as I have. Age shouldn’t matter. I will NEVER disclose how Different Strokes ends… unless you ask.

            Thanks man, take it easy.

  • Tim Forbes

    i think you forgot stuff from last week. They were giving people water last week and they were overwhelmed and attacked by people (remember a stone was thrown at Lola). Also, at the start of the episode, they were trying to give out water but the people were revolting and wanted to take over. So, they need guns to help protect themselves when they give out the water.

  • Tim Forbes

    I have to say I like that the podcast has become more naturally conversational with Josh compared to how you were going through the podcast before.

    • Matthew Murphy

      Hard not to be negative when Fear the Walking Dead is written the way it is. This season is better but that’s not saying much.

  • Matthew Murphy

    I can’t believe it took 3 seasons to get Rob’s Madison impression. I love it but it does feel like the charisma and energy gets sucked out of the room but hey, that’s Madison. I love that no co host can take the show for very long. Some Jessica Leise cynacism is what we all need right now. Don’t pull any punches on this show.
    Also Madison and crew just led all those walkers there and no one bothered to kill them on the fence?

    • TrentC

      You leave my girl Madison alone. Rob’s impression is pretty good…what’s Madison’s favorite salad dressing made me laugh.

      Jessica is great, Josh is great, and I miss Alex for his plausible, if somewhat measured explanations for some of the stupidity on the show.

      I don’t understand why the people from the ranch don’t get in a few trucks, put on some guns and just take whatever water they need. Seems to be their MO and they wouldn’t have to barter their guns away to a new faction of strangers.

      Seems that they’ll fight to the death among themselves, yet agree to give up a valuable commodity to strangers as part of a deal.

      • Matthew Murphy

        I’m not hating on the impression or Rob, just the vapid lead that Fear the Walking Dead has chosen.

        • TrentC

          Yes I remember lol! I agree with what Josh said. They could make a series with Madison and Strand and I’d be happy.

          • Matthew Murphy

            Well the less of the Clark family the better the series. At least 50% of that show would be enjoyable, get some half decent writers and it would be an improvement.

          • TrentC

            That’s my problem with the show. They have good source material, yet almost every episode someone does something that make me go huh? and it takes me out of the moment. I don’t mind any of the actors and think most of them are quite good…it’s the writing that constipates the show and it’s hard to get into the immersion and care about what the people are experiencing.

          • Matthew Murphy


          • TrentC

            I’m one of the fans who liked the first season the most. They handled the initial outbreak like a medical issue. The TV news report showing the infected person in the public street getting ‘handled’, people recording the strange occurrence with cell phones, the slow sense of unease and dread as the military moved in and started shutting down parts of the city without telling the public what was up. I felt there were a lot of hardcore choices made and the show was really entertaining. People like Salazar the barber and even junkie-Nick realizing the infected had to be killed if they were to survive the early going. I think the first season ended with them at Strand’s swanky place and seeing his boat. Such potential…maybe they should of headed north instead and there would have been different writers in Northern Cali?