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Fear The Walking Dead Season 3, Ep #13 Recap: This Land is Your Land

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Podcast Recap of Fear the Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 13, “This Land is Your Land” from October 1, 2017.

Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino) and Jessica Liese discuss the latest episode of Fear the Walking Dead Season, “This Land is Your Land”.

  • Jimmy B

    Guys, chill, Alycia Debnam-Carey is in the next episode. Friend Request was filmed in 2014, it has been available in Europe for roughly 18 months.The US were just the last territory to get it, so that won’t affect her role on the show. 🙂

  • Ron Smith

    Wow, I thought this was the best episode of the season. Maybe Alicia was acting that way because she’s in shock and just wants to get away? Jeez.

    I can’t believe you guys didn’t find anything redeeming about this episode. This had more tension and real-life consequences than the Walking Dead.

    Also, Jake Otto said to Ophelia that he didn’t think that “her kind,” or “brown people” would do to well at the ranch. Just wanted to point that out.

  • Tim Forbes

    Thought this was another good episode. Some minor quibbles but I like the pace and character development for the most part.

  • Andiamo

    Here’s my guess on how the Alicia story goes down:

    After a few days of painting, journaling, and screaming YOLO every chance she gets, Alicia finds something disturbing at the cabin that makes her realize “the last good guy” really wasn’t so great after all. I mean something even worse than another library full of Bukowski novels.

    Dreams shattered, her gap year turns into a gap week (tops), and she catches a ride to the dam with Nick and the sociopath.

    • Pink Pearl

      I like this a lot. I do think Alicia has something dream-shattering happen that causes her to do a 180 and return to the fold, just not sure what it is. I had sort of been assuming it’s just another garden-variety herd of infected, and possibly Nick and Troy have to bail her out, but what you’re describing would be WAY more interesting.

      • Andiamo

        There’s been a lot this season around the apple not falling far from the tree. Nick struggles in the same way his father did. Ophelia is moving closer to acting like Daniel. The only thing that makes sense to me about Alicia’s choice is if she was afraid she saw too much of Madison in herself, and so turned to the man she thought had escaped his family legacy.

        If she finds out that Jake was not exactly the golden Otto she thought he was, she may just abandon hope and fully embrace the turn towards Madison.

        Or this show just continues not to make a lot of sense, and none of what I wrote will come to pass.

        • TrentC

          Wasn’t it just a few short episodes ago where they wouldn’t let anyone go off on their own to live, even killing some of those who did?

          And Alicia gets supplies and a fueled up vehicle, which has to be a valuable resource, because she feels the need to channel her inner Kesha?

          *Gandalf voice* None shall come to pass!

          • Andiamo

            “inner Kesha” lol.

            Yea, but that’s when they actually had people who needed the resources. Now there are more resources than alive humans. They didn’t even bother to load up the truck with pantry supplies.
            Some group of rag tag wanderers is going to be really excited when they come across that place.

          • TrentC

            It’s like sending your damn kids off to school without lunch, I don’t like it.

            Madison is going to get a stern talking to at the parent-teacher interviews this semester.

          • Andiamo

            I guess Madison follows the “If you love someone, set them free…” school of parenting. (Not sure if that’s Steiner or Montessori)

          • TrentC

            You brought up a good point saying there are more resources now than live humans. All of a sudden that little water truck jammed packed full of water is looking mighty good.

            Don’t forget to use your signal light Alicia hun, when you drive right PAST IT.

            Oh, that reminds me. I think Rob is humorous and I find Madison is attractive. When Rob imitates Madison I feel conflicted within and vaguely uncomfortable 🙁

          • Andiamo

            Rob is still funny and Madison is still attractive. It’s going to be okay 😉 You have to learn to compartmentalize…or just lean into it.

            Also Rob is attractive, but Madison will never be funny. I’m not sure how that factors in, just thought I’d mention it.

          • TrentC

            Madison is hilarious. Have you seen 90% of her past decisions? She’s still my dime store Rick Grimes no matter what anyone says.

            A little observation. Alicia is a badass with a butterfly knife. Isn’t that a bad choice for an apocalypse weapon in terms of prep time from pocket to target? They always seem to be folded up and needing a certain amount of showy flipping about before they can be used.

  • TrentC

    Alicia – “I don’t want to live in fear anymore”. Then she goes off to be completely alone in a zombie apocalypse. The entire cast split up when they left Abigail’s Mexican Villa last year. You have a handful of people you trust, some of who are related to you, and it’s Sayonara every two months to go find yourself? What is wrong with these people?

    Agreeing with Rob, her departure feels funny and could be a real-life break from the show. Maybe she’s traveling to the small town of Contract Negotiation. It doesn’t make sense otherwise to have Alicia run away from the…leftovers.

    Wtf regarding Maddie and the crew wanting to leave a fully stocked and secure underground pantry? Do The Dam People! really have it any better?

    One scene last night exemplified why viewers critique this show. Nick and Troy are trapped in a helicopter. Simultaneously, Alicia and the Pantry People are trapped. Next scene is Madison asking if everyone is okay. Did the editors lose some footage?

    All of the walkers are dead. There were 100’s, if not 1000’s. What sort of controlled explosion using fuel reserves can wipe out every walker on that ranch using a pinpoint, horizontal, radiating, death bloom? No wonder they didn’t show it, because you can’t illustrate an idea that makes no sense! The act was so pivotal to the story, yet they yada yada’ed right past it making it hard to understand what happened.

    I can hardly wait for Beavis & Butthead Take a Road Trip next week.

    • Andiamo

      I agree with all of your wtf’s of the week. I definitely expected to see how the rescue took place. I did like the slower pace of the pantry story, but that seemed like a big yada yada.

      I’d also add another one. If you were dying from lack of oxygen, might you just open the door a crack, take a breath, and see if the zombies are still hovering around? It’s been hours. If not, great, air! If so, oops, but you were dead anyway, so who cares.

      • TrentC

        I should have prefaced with this was one of the better episodes of the show, too bad….happened.

        Another fine observation! Those Pantry People only had to crack the door to get some O2 flowing in. Game saving idea of the week Andi, no kidding.

        Is it just me…or do the people with claustrophobia and associated anxieties always end up crawling through long ducts?

        • Fran

          Would they have even been able to open the door with all the infected pressing down on it? And the dead are blocking whatever crack they do manage to open so nothing is coming in either way.

          Sure, they could have tried peeking to see if they’re still there but by that time they were halfway passed out and not thinking clearly.

          • TrentC

            It’s tough to say if they are constantly pressing against the door and there’s no wiggle room to open it at all. The walkers could also get some fingers in and rip the door completely off if allowed.

            I know if I was in Alicia’s spot, I would have tried to open it even a crack if possible to get some air. Maybe a few people stand just behind with a large cutting implements/sticks and/or guns, while the closer person tries to get the door open a bit?

      • Pink Pearl

        I also wondered if it would have been possible to punch a couple of holes in the door. It wouldn’t have been enough to keep them indefinitely oxygenated, but it might have bought some time.

        • Andiamo

          Exactly. I also thought of tying the handles together with enough slack to be able to prop the door open a few inches without the walkers getting in.

          To be fair, the writers wouldn’t have done this because they wanted everyone but Alicia to die. But I think the way they wrote it didn’t take into account common sense solutions or the way people usually react in a crisis (have you ever been on a plane that just hits a little turbulence?) I can’t see people sitting quietly as others are passing out around them.

          It would’ve made more sense to me to have Alicia propose getting some air in through the door, but people just panic and rush the door and let the walkers in. She still could’ve shut herself in that back room and survived, everyone else would still die, but it would just make a lot more sense.

          • TrentC

            Oh stop clouding the issue with logic and facts, no place for that here.


          • Pink Pearl

            Yeah, it would make far more sense for everyone else to just get et. That we’re supposed to believe that everyone just suffocated except Alicia for some reason is a pretty big stretch. I have a much easier time believing you could, for instance, get trapped under a dumpster for three weeks and not get eaten.

          • TrentC

            I watched the dumpster scene more times than the Zapruder film. The dumpster was less than 40 inches from the surrounding fence and Glenn could have jumped to it as they were being surrounded.

            I sent a number of letters to Kirkman titled Lapses in Logic, no response yet.

            And yes, Alicia’s cardio must be at an Olympic level.

    • SteveDavisThird

      As strictly a viewer, I think it’s coming more from the standpoint that she does not want to be linked with this group anymore. She has already found the strength to hold her own, but her mother and brother have done terrible things. Now she has been forced to do more terrible things, partially because of the decisions her mother has made. She is tired and heartbroken of getting close to new people and being involved in their demise. Also, she did just kill like 20 people with a knife to the brain.

      • TrentC

        All good points and agreed, after being human executioner the 1000 yard stare and resulting emotional behavior makes sense.

        My issue is something that Rob was talking about. You only know and can trust a finite amount of people in that world, yet we keep seeing characters needing to pull a Carol and leave the group.

        They just spent three episodes trying to procure water and are still not out of the woods yet so to speak. They narrowly averted death and Alicia wants to leave the only people she knows, into what has gotta be a much tougher survival situation alone. I get the turmoil the character is feeling, but her chances of actually pulling a successful Carol seem slim based on the differences of the two characters, coupled with the limitations of resources in the FTWD world.

        Now would not be the time to leave a family member in crisis alone, based on how we normally behave in tough emotional times. We tend to gravitate to the familiar.

  • Edwin Johnson

    Alicia came to grips with the fact that her family is destructive and causing more problems than they’re solving, and more importantly that large groups are dangerous. She’s half right in not wanting to go to the death trap dam, but going alone is not the right way to do it and more a product of the trauma she just experienced.

  • Edwin Johnson

    Fear is a better show than the regular WD right now. The characters are better. The setting is better. JDM’s terrible Negan isn’t there. It’s just a better show.

    • Matthew Murphy

      That is laughable. The only good characters on the show are Strand and Salazar. This show is a struggle to get though while the regular Walking Dead is great and actually worth anticipating.

  • Fran

    Kind of annoying that 90% of the podcast was about whether or not this is Alicia’s last episode when she is clearly visible in the trailer for next episode and the focus of the two sneak peeks released. Regardless of that (if you don’t watch trailers), Nick and Troy are following her so OBVIOUSLY they are following her storyline because half the cast is going that way.

    Don’t quite understand why you even podcast this show when you obviously hate it.

    • Pink Pearl

      Speaking only for myself, I was well aware this wasn’t the very last time we were going to see Alicia, and as I recall i spent a good portion of the podcast trying to talk Rob out of this idea. We started recording basically the minute the episode ended in a bid to deliver fresher content to you, the listeners, so I would hope you forgive us if we occasionally fail to Zapruder the previews for next week.

      We don’t hate the show. I think we don’t hide that it’s not our very favorite, and I think we both become frustrated with it from time to time, but if it were utter garbage, we wouldn’t waste time on it. Frankly, I don’t think any show should be immune from criticism and I would not listen to a podcast about ANYTHING, even the shows I love, that did nothing but rave.

  • Matthew Murphy

    The idea that Alicia survived that pantry is as bad as Glenn and the dumpster, worse actually. She passed out and everyone turned and they just left her alone? And she was the only one to wake up? This episode might have been decent if I could completely turn my brain off. I assume there’s lack of oxygen in the writers room, which would explain the half dozen plot holes.

  • K, couple things. I kept wondering when they were in the bunker why they didn’t just go up and crack the damn door and get some air every once in a while. I might have missed the part where they locked themselves in and had no way of opening the door until umm.. 25 years in the future? Or maybe Alicia thought she was still on The 100 Season 4, cause they’re all stuck in a bunker too right now. Either way I think that would have solved a lot of problems. I thought I remembered her hearing a bang from outside while in the bunker. Well duh.. at least you’d think she’d check and see if maybe the “infected” got distracted and there was a way of escape. ANYWAYS, to put your fears to rest Rob about Alicia being ever able to contact her family again, I have a feeling that if Jake knew of this cabin, Troy does too?? Or did I miss the line that said it was a secret cabin that Troy doesn’t know of? Hey btw THANKS JESSICA for taking this podcast on, you’re doing great!!