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Fear The Walking Dead Season 3, Ep #14 Recap: El Matadero

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Podcast Recap of Fear the Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 14, “El Matadero” from October 8, 2017.

Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino) and Jessica Liese discuss the latest episode of Fear the Walking Dead Season, “El Matadero”.

  • Matthew Murphy

    I wouldn’t call Ophelia a major character. She’s more of a concept or chess piece like Sansa in Game of Thrones (don’t spoil anything I’m only on season 4).
    The ball pit was dumb even by Z Nation standards. Fear and Loathing the Main Characters would be a good name for his spin off.

    • TrentC

      I didn’t care for the Ofelia moment. She dies literally four seconds before Salazar walks up and he rants to Madison – How long has she been like this??? Maybe when you touch her still-warm skin there may be a clue?

      I liked this episode more than other recent eps, and that was only because of Mini-Michonne (thanks to Andiamo for that one).

      I still don’t buy Alicia on her own, traveling the countryside in search of potatoes, water and the meaning of life.

      And Strand must follow this column because he chastised Madison for making bad decisions with their resources. Based on emotion only and never for their benefit. How true.

      • Matthew Murphy

        The ball pit scene was incredibly stupid. Ophelia gets bit and gets like an an entire day to turn? That hasn’t been seen since they had to tie a guy to a tree in season 1 of the good Walking Dead. People turn whenever it’s relevant for the plot, especially on this show. Madison traded half of their guns just so she could let Alicia lie down? I agree with Strand he should be the leader. It’s always one step forward two steps back with this show. The plot holes and massive gaps in logic keep this show from being anything near “good.”

        • Pink Pearl

          The main reason they had to leave that military base when they did is because Troy and friends were dangerously close to defining the rules of how long it takes people to turn. If we know how long it’s supposed to take in any given situation, we can’t draw it out for narrative tension! 😀

        • Andiamo

          I hear what you’re saying on the annoyingly random amount of time it takes for people to turn once they die (on both shows), but this isn’t what happened with Ophelia. We never saw her turn, Daniel shot her before she did.

          Is it also random how much time it takes for people to die once they get bit? I just can’t remember seeing that many examples of it. Sometimes people die quickly from blood loss, but that’s different than dying from the actual fever/sickness if you just get a little bite. The only other person I can think of is Bob, and I think it took a while for him to die too.

          No argument from me on the massive plot holes in this show, I’m just not sure if this is really one of them.

  • Gregory Brown

    14:20 The girl got bit and hid in the ball pit. She got sick and turned. Perfectly logical.

  • Gregory Brown

    I think Alex (from Flight 462) could be the crossover character. I find it suspicious that she’s listed as a main character, even though she only appeared in one episode. Another possibility would be Morales from TWD Season 1. We never found out what happened to that guy.

  • Andiamo

    I hate to say it, but Jadis was the first person I thought of for the crossover. Annoying as she is, I am curious about her backstory, and I could see her fitting right in at the Bazaar.

    I also thought it could be Tobias (the student from season 1 who knew the apocalypse was coming.) We never saw what happened to him, but I guess it would be a let down for TWD watchers only. I would like to see that kid again at some point.

    I really liked Pick Axe Patty (mini Michonne); An absolute trade up from Ophelia. I felt for Daniel that she died, but if they really wanted us to care about losing her, why drop her from the whole first part of the season?

    • TrentC

      As far as the crossover is concerned, we have to determine which way it will go as Rob mentions.

      Since TWD is centered primarily around the south eastern United States (there is a great Walking Dead Google map that lists where all of the characters died), and FTWD is southern Cali and Mexico, the person in question will have had to travel a fair bit since the zombie outbreak occurred. I’m going to say it will be a TWD character who shows up on FTWD. Time traveling backwards.

      There’s so many people that have come and gone on TWD, and even when they were prominent characters, we never got to hear many backstories. Agreeing with Jessica, Abraham would be a good choice, but Rob hinted the actor may have other things on the go. I like the Governor….bahhh, it’s like throwing a dart, it could be anyone we’ve seen in the past.

      • Andiamo

        I tend to agree that a character from TWD will show up on FTWD. First and foremost I think they want to increase viewers to FTWD. It also makes more sense to do a backstory than to show a character’s future, because doing that would take the suspense out of whether that person will die.

        I doubt they would have a character have continuing stories on both shows at the same time, so it will have to be someone who has died on TWD. It could be a minor character like Morales, but that seems like kind of a waste.
        Abraham would definitely draw viewers to FTWD, seems like a decent guess.

        I do think it could be interesting to have Alicia for example show up on TWD as wholly different kind of character, and the interest lies in what she experienced to change her, but like I said, I doubt they would have someone with major roles on both shows.

        And who knows, it could be a one episode cameo rather than a whole storyline, but again I think that would be kind of a cheap shot to whip up so much excitement for something like that. I could make ten guesses and probably be wrong about all of them, but I definitely think it’s a fun idea.

        • TrentC

          I like the idea of the older and more weathered version of Alicia appearing on TWD. Any of the five main characters from FTWD would be interesting to see in the future.

          As you mention, the goal is probably generating fan interest for Fear, so having guests appear on the other show won’t happen.

          I briefly looked at that TWD Google map showing every point on the map where someone died, and there were a lot of points.

          They could also pull a fast one and show us a younger version of someone who is still alive in TWD world. I wish they would give us a definitive time difference between the two series.

  • XmanIce

    This show is so frustrating! Those damn kids are incredibly spoiled and immature. This family can never just stick together and have each other’s back, or take responsibility for their own stupidity.
    I’m a parent but I really think I would quit fighting for Nick & Alicia. Just let them go and find me when they figure out whatever they need to figure out.

  • Matthew Murphy

    Tried watching the Fear the Talking Dead. I don’t know which is worse, Ophelia as a “character” or the actress who plays her. Annoying as the day is long.