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Fear The Walking Dead Season 3B Premiere Recap: Minotaur & The Diviner

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Podcast Recap of Fear the Walking Dead Season 3 Episodes 9 & 10, “Minotaur” and “The Diviner” from September 10, 2017.

Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino) and Josh Wigler discuss the two-hour block of Fear the Walking Dead Season 3 with a recap of Minotaur & The Diviner

  • Stylez

    I apologize if this idea has been floated out there already, but aren’t the brothers in fear, just adult (and alive) versions of minka and lizzie from walking dead proper (which was obviously a slight spin as is from the comics)

  • Tim Forbes

    Interesting that you guys, or at least Rob, like Madison and not Nick or Alicia as I feel like the point of the show is she is not that likeable and makes very selfish and even villain-like actions. Personally, while Madison maybe a more interesting character, I do find Nick and Alicia more likeable than Madison and I have more sympathy for them and how she has treated them. I feel like that the main plot point of the show will be Alicia and Nick overcoming their mothers actions and probably taking her out before she goes too far.

  • Tim Forbes

    I have really enjoyed this season and I really like most of the characters on the show right now (particularly Strand, Salazar, Alicia and Troy, while even Madison and Nick are still very interesting). I would hate if they suddenly changed the show like Josh is suggesting. That would be very disappointing and would likely completely kill the show as I doubt it would gain more viewers and would likely cause it’s current viewers to tune out. Although, I would not mind after Fear ends, if we get an anthology type series like Josh is suggesting set in the Walking Dead universe.

  • Just wanted to say thank you Josh for stepping up!!

  • Matthew Murphy

    That “Outhouse of S***ty Ideas,” is a metaphor for the Fear The Walking Dead writer’s room.

    • TrentC

      Agreed. After they welcomed their former enemies into their home, gave up their guns, gave the enemy partial access to the pantry that holds all of the food and ammo, and then rationed water without telling anyone why, I wondered – Would either side of this dispute live together after the killings and attempted scalpings?

      Ofelia attempted to kill half of the camp using Anthrax, do you think her presence may cause a little friction?

      When Madison let Troy go after he killed yet another guy(?), I just shook my head.

      As Josh said, sometimes it gets frustrating with the choices the characters make on this show.

      • Matthew Murphy

        Agreed. Waterloose writing on the show at every turn. I wouldn’t even want to stay at the camp at this point, but “Travis died so we could get here so we have to stay forever.”
        I can’t think of another show where the biggest hurdle was the main cast.

  • Wesley”Walker”

    Josh, I think the hole they were digging has water. They were digging the hole cause the Indian group was doing some trick using toes 2 sticks. Not sure if it is based on anything real, but that was the reason they were digging.

    Now that I clarified that, as a former military guy, and well, as a person with a average IQ, I can honestly say these people are the stupidest idiots ever. Jake makes Neville chamberlain look like a warmonger by comparison. Commander lexa still has teen angst along with her idiot brOther. Let’s turn over our guns… Ingenious…. With their weaponry, they could have easily defended their land. But why do that when u can just as easily attack men with semi automatic rifles with bow and arrows and knives only to decide digging is better.

    • TrentC

      Yes the Native Indians were divining for water, a practice that uses the two metal rods balanced on fingers that we saw, and the rods will turn in or become disorientated from being straight when the divining person is over a source of underground water. This practice has been going on for hundreds of years and the people who use it, swear by it.

      You bring up another wonky writing bit. Otto’s people were ready to shoot the Natives and then they notice them digging. So instead of taking the easy shots, they decide to hold hands and help dig. An act that would take a lot of energy when water was already being rationed. Their change of mind was instantaneous and based on no proof of anything, yet once again we see a group of people make a choice that seemed to make no sense.

      • Matt The Golem

        Without water they are all dead

  • Matt The Golem

    thought this was a very good episode with a great story arc. 1. they started out slogging through and eating shit and ended with the same characters having shit-eating grins. 2. Rob: maybe you’re traumatized by Neegan. The Ranch is not forced to hand over all their guns as you kept saying. Water Queen asked Salazar how many guns were needed and he wrote it down then showed it to Madison. Might only be 1/4 of their inventory. We d dont know. But there was no reason to assume it was all their guns.