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Fear The Walking Dead | Season 3 Finale Recap

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Podcast Recap of Fear the Walking Dead Season 3 Finale from October 15, 2017.

Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino) and Jessica Liese discuss the latest episodes of Fear the Walking Dead Season 3, “Things Bad Begun” and “Sleigh Ride”.

  • TrentC

    You guys buried the lead and didn’t talk about the Talking Heads that Nick collected.

    I enjoyed the first half of the finale. The only thing I found forced was how Salazar immediately assumed a zombie horde needed a leader to walk past the ranch, and was prepared to hurt Nick to find out who it was. They’re gonna walk somewhere.

    Madison looked hot tonight planting C4 with Troy. There was definitely some sexual tension before she debrained him. I enjoyed her all male dream Christmas dinner party, because just as Jessica Freud said, “Sometimes a sausage is just a sausage.” Couldn’t believe Sheriff Unser gets more dreamscreen time than Madison’s dead husband and son.

    Agreed, Proctor John got too much screen time. After he had the spinal tumor removed and a couple of aspirin, then jumped up to join in with the battle, I’d already seen enough of him. Besides he looked like a dime store version of Jere Burns crossed with young skinny Jeff Bridges.

    I thought this was the best episode of the season. It’s too bad it takes some shocking ultra-violence and a wayward F-bomb to liven things up.

    And it sure seemed like a showrunner change episode. Let’s blow up the wall…umm…the dam, and see who floats to the top next season.

    Jessica, Walker and Crazy Dawg did have a tiny peace-out scene when they were at the swap meet. Said they didn’t need to die when John rolled in with his crew.

    Thanks for the podcasts and look forward to hearing both of you on TWD.

    • Matthew Murphy

      It’s insanity that he survived spinal surgery only to mount a attack on the dam the next day. How is that in any way close to making sense. On Lost at least there was a healing island and even then Ben didn’t go to war immediately after.

      • Charles Bikle

        Maybe Proctor was high on “Zombie-Stem” – it is supposed to make you energy and be able to go without sleep.

        • Matthew Murphy

          True , but he seemed far too coherent while Nick and Troy were blatantly loopy.

          • Charles Bikle

            True. Maybe he’s built some kind of tolerance to Zombie Stem and with the pain he was in, it kept him from acting too goofy. BTW, I know I’m just rationalizing script changes that were probably made last minute or sometime after the showrunner found out he was being fired.

          • Matthew Murphy

            Haha good on ya. These major inconsistencies are just poor writing/editing and take me out of the show.

    • Pink Pearl

      I feel like spending this long in the TWD/FTWD universe has desensitized me to random zombified body parts. And then since that whole thing ended up actually going nowhere, I was ok not really talking about it. Same with the Strand monologue about agriculture — although I know Matthew wanted us to make a joke about sorghum, it was such a non-moment when all was said and done we never ended up needing to go there!

      Agreed, though, this is easily the best episode of the season.

      • TrentC

        It was kind of funny listening to Strand’s shining vision of the future and comparing it to what happened. What was his expectation? To let the Proctors in, they take over every aspect of the dam.. peaceably (umm cough, cough..), and he just steps up months later and becomes the dam-king? He got neutered this season.

        I’ve warmed to Nick but he just walked around with wide eyes for 120 minutes staring at everybody. I wonder if the talking heads drug will become a future thing now that Nick knows how to harvest them?

        You guys were hilarious outlining how Madison goes into any group, takes it over and kills everyone associated. Gonna be horrible when they find that Red Cross camp.

        This finale had such a clearing of the board feeling I could envision the blank contracts on a desk for the next season. I for one would have loved to see a younger Deanna… digging the first rows of sorgum and wheat behind the dam… and writing life-isms in the margins of her new diary.

  • Matthew Murphy

    I highly doubt they’d kill off all the main cast other than Madison. Especially after Salazar survived a bullet to the face. It looked like he and Nick got away. Alicia took on 5 people in this episode. She’s inexplicably tough, doubt she’s dead, I’m sure she’ll continue being uninteresting next season. And if they killed Strand, I’d be pissed. I hated how the Travis cameo was blatantly spoiled at the beginning with the credit, even to the point that it said it was in part 2. As shocking as it may sound, I think you guys should do a feedback show. A lot went down and I’d love to here some theories, plus Rob and Jess’ take a few days removed. Thanks for the podcast guys.

    • Pink Pearl

      Yeah, in the end, I don’t think any of the core 5 end up dying, although I do still think it takes them most of next season to reunite, road-to-Terminus style.

      Strand: the only character all the viewers seem to like, and the one who seems to actually introduce anything resembling conflict. He’s not going anywhere.
      Alicia: if you look at the Twitter stream for the episode, like 90% of it is Alycia Debnam-Carey stans. Alicia-the-character MIGHT end up dying because the actress is on to bigger and better things, but after the “is she/isn’t she” fakeout that was good enough to fool Rob, I doubt they’d end up doing all that just to kill her off two episodes later.
      Salazar: I don’t think he CAN be killed at this point. (And all I want out of life is for him and Strand to spend next season in some kind of impossible situation that they have to escape together.)
      Nick: if Nick isn’t around to totally screw up everyone’s plans with his poor decision-making, and to pull the group into the social circles of new groups, the show loses almost as much momentum and conflict as it does if it loses Strand. They’d have to bring in a new Nick-ish character right away if he’s not coming back.

      • Matthew Murphy

        Of the main characters I think Alicia is most likely to go, I can see her getting a lot roles and moving on. Salazar has seemed like he’s about to go for a long time now, I think the people behind the show really like him, he’s a top two character for most fans I think.
        Nick I think has fuly immunity. I felt like they might actually kill him tonight, but I couldn’t help but think of how much the show focused on him in the first season. He also tends to be in most of the posters and he has that Deppish quality that I think they’d like to keep around.
        I knew Troy was dead last night the second he told Madison how to use the C4.
        If that dream Madison was having was foreshadowing, I think it would be cool if Alicia died but had a baby and that was the kid that Nick and that girl from Prison Break are raising. Although I think it growled too, so it could be a walker.
        I gotta say, as much as I complain about Fear, they really hit it out of the park this season in a lot of ways. That finale was as entertaining as it was illogical.

        • TrentC

          I find it’s the motivations that sink this show. As in a character absolutely has to, must, can’t do anything else but, commit a certain action. And the action makes no sense at all. My complaint moment last night was when Salazar decides to torture Nick, because Salazar had it stuck in his head that a zombie horde needed to be herded and someone with Nick herded the horde to the ranch on purpose. How in the blazes would he know that just from hearing the story? Walkers can’t walk on their own? And the stakes (possible Nick torture) were pretty high because of his …feeling?

          If they would just rewatch their own finale this season and see what beats actually worked, they may find that when characters are just reacting and don’t have much time to think, it usually makes for some entertaining TV.

      • TrentC

        Salazar has negotiated 50% of his contract judging by that brutal wound, yikes. Love the idea of him being put in a situation with Strand. One step further, Salazar ends up sacrificing himself saving Strand. That would bring a tear to my glass eyes for sure.

    • TrentC

      Yes dam them! for listing actors in the opening credits. We knew instantly that Travis, Luciana and Jeremiah Otto were going to make appearances.

      I was hoping for all-walker cameos, but these writers rarely listen to my feedback.

      • Pink Pearl

        No lie, seeing Walker Deanna like three weeks after Alive Deanna died was one of my all-time favorite TWD moments and seemed like something that should be happening WAY more often.

        • TrentC

          Can you imagine a Sheriff Unser walker scene where’s he’s being his slow walking growly self and Troy encounters him??

          Trent Gimple here I come.

    • Charles Bikle

      If Gimple doesn’t mesh with some members of the FTWD cast, I wouldn’t be surprised if unexpected characters vanished or are killed off early in season 4.

      Kim Dickins could just say, “I gave up House Of Cards for this ? Fuck it, I’m out.” and that could be the last we see of Allison.

  • Andiamo

    I thought this was great finale, and I’m pretty excited for the coming season. Yeah there were some nonsense moments like Proctor John’s amazing recovery from surgery, and Alicia being able to reset a broken leg with no training, but I can let those go though when there’s enough that I liked to be distracted by.

    I’m surprised you guys didn’t mention the Houston reference. Two important things about Houston: 1) They have an independent power grid and 2) Abraham! I think his story is an interesting parallel to Madison’s in that both of their families had a hard time standing by them after they so violently tried to protect them. Houston has to be next season’s Terminus, right?

    It may be unpopular, but I liked Proctor John as the big bad for the coming season. I find him a lot more interesting than Negan (though that’s not saying much because I think Negan is unbearable.) I also wouldn’t be surprised to see Taka and the Nation, and Mini-Michonne and Dr. Eddie making the Terminus journey too.

    Madison’s hammer blow to Troy totally took me by surprise! I think that’s the big surprising death, and I don’t think any of the five will be dead when they come back next season.

    I thought those Christmas sequences were Madison’s visions as she was drowning.

    Thanks for the fun podcasts this season. I think it’s great Jess is on board for the TWD podcast too.

  • Charles Bikle

    Re: Allison knowing where to place C4.

    In the Dam’s office, Allison SPECIFICALLY said she didn’t know how/where to place the explosives, but would if someone could show her how (so I guess Troy and/or Salazar did).

  • Charles Bikle

    Think Jessica is unfair with the show, as it definitely improved this season (IMO).

    Also, with Scott Gimple, the show could get tremendously worse.

    • TrentC

      In keeping with Halloween, this finale was literally a game of bobbing for actors.

      I had a strange reverse process with this show. Usually a new series needs some time to gain its footing. I liked FTWD right out of the gate and somewhere around when they left the Abigail unattended and went on land, I started drifting away. I really enjoyed the LA scenes with the first signs of martial law and internment centers. I imagine a series that stuck around that environment could have been interesting.

      It seems they’ve been culling actors from this show since the start. They’ve gotten down to a core group once again, and finally realized…hey maybe it’s not the players, let’s change the coach!

      • Charles Bikle

        I think filming in LA would have been too expensive for the show’s budget.

        AMC is notoriously cheap.

        • TrentC

          Yes no offense to Mexico but most of the background scenery in FTWD is pretty generic and blah.

          • Pink Pearl

            Everything in FtWD looks like it was shot at the same spot where Captain Kirk fought the Gorn.

  • So ya was happy to hear you guys were as dumfounded at the end of this as I was, wow…. thanks for recording it right away that was nice too. I think Jessica you are doing a great job, thanks for coming in and I’m really looking forward to the new format of TWD podcasts! Honestly 2 Wigler WD casts on this was a little too much, it will be nice to get her perspectives as well. I agreed with everything Jessica said.. that damn Christmas dinner was filling up way to much time. For what? What was the point of that? To justify her killing Troy? Will we find out next season, when we’ve completely forgotten it and don’t care anyways? Ya. So, future? In my opinion, the main 5 are all still alive. Maybe I’m seeing that wrong but didn’t it look like Daniel and Nick could have still made a run for it and gotten off that dam? I think Jessica is right they will go the road to Terminus style next season and that’s okay because that was when WD was peaking. At least we know all the writers are finally listening to the audience so it gives me a slight inkling of hope TWD proper will get better. Last thing, I think north just means the US. I think you’re right, they will be the crossovers. YAWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tim Forbes

    I am still disappointed in how you guys talk about the show. This season has been really good, created interesting storylines, developed characters appropriately, introduced a great new character in Troy Otto and was ultimately one of the best Walking Dead seasons (probably the best looking Walking Dead season in terms of effects and cinematography). Yet you guys still look down on the show when you talk about it and the snarkiness is overboard. Also, you don’t seem to understand most of the character motivations or half of what was going on. At least Rob was excited I guess.

    • Pink Pearl

      When the SHOW understands the character motivations, I think WE will understand the character motivations.