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Fear The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 2 Recap: Another Day in the Diamond

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Fear The Walking Dead | Season 4, Episode 2 Recap – “Another Day in the Diamond”

Rob Cesternino & Jessica Liese recap “Another Day in the Diamond”, Season 4, Episode 2 recap of “Fear The Walking Dead”

  • TrentC

    Nick in empty parking lot = Lori Grimes on empty highway.

    Did Nick develop agoraphobia because he blew up the dam?

    I too thought Madison jumping into the tank was idiotic. They had no idea the little side door would open. Oily Madison did look good however.

    How did Charlie get the gun count to the Vultures? And why didn’t the 47 people in the stadium just march out and use the guns on the Vultures?

    Rick and Michonne also fell through a roof on their date episode.

    I think the Vultures took the stadium and there will be a fight to regain the diamond. Could be the plot of the entire season? (Okay, Jessica just posed this as I was typing it).

    I hope they don’t Gimple the storyline and Madison’s group just waited inside until their food ran out and the Vultures took over the diamond. They had 47 people and just about the same amount of guns.

  • TrentC

    I don’t have a Twitter account (because of the Interpol incident..) but here’s a book suggestion for a post-apocalyptic read. One Second After by William R. Forstchen.

    It describes what happens when an EMP hits America. I believe it was written in 2008/2009, so the scope of items with computer chips that were affected would probably encompass a larger list today.

    He’s not the best writer and there is a tendency for most of the smarter protagonists to be male, ex military, who use John Wayne-like terms throughout. Getting past that, the science is fascinating and prompted me to look up some of the claims.

    Starting with a high altitude nuclear explosion being a possible cause of an EMP, down to how people would react when an entire highway of cars stops working…made for a few sleepless nights. Just imagine if every bank machine, supermarket, phone and car stopped working. It was one of the most terrifying books I’ve read.

    • Agent__Zigzag

      Haven’t read that book yet but have read the sequel “One year after” or “One year later”. Can’t remember exact title. It was very good. Really want to read One second After.

  • XmanIce

    I have no interest in learning how they got from the blown up damn to where they are now. I don’t need to know what happened to them or anything. Just start from now. At some point, Madison’s stupid kids are going to ditch her like they always do.

    • Matthew Murphy

      If Madison was your mom, you’d probably wanna ditch her and do heroine too.

      • TrentC

        Madison is awesome. Did you see her hammer that board?? She put at least eight nails in it throughout the episode.

  • Matthew Murphy

    This episode wasn’t bad. A few thoughts.
    – Mel the Vulture is unquestionably a better adoptive father then Aaron.
    – The Charlie of it all is exactly what they should’ve done with Enid. Instead we’re left with a character who’s most memorable moment was crying at a death.
    – Is Procter John Dead? I would hope so. We have a new John and I assume the writings want to move beyond that foolishness. What with him having a tumour removed and then raid a damn hours later.
    – I thought the guy Morgan helped in the truck last week was Nick.
    – It was laughable when Madison jumped into the well with Dharma. Rob’s impression remains to be the only good thing about having Madison on the show.
    – Scott Gimple is a hack. He should not be working on such a high profile show or it’s spin off after he ranked the main show and signed off on DumpterGate. He is terrible at his job and even worse on The Talking Dead.
    – This show can only get so good when the Clark family are so awful. Getting tricked by a 10 year old did nothing to improve this but perception.

    • TrentC

      Even with my unnatural love for Madison, I’m agreeing with everything here.

      I like your gloves off approach on Gimple. He’s supposed to write about the human condition and instead we keep getting – There are only a few members in our close-knit group, most of them family. The post-apocalypse is plenty scary so let’s all travel away from each other to the four points of the compass, yay!

      • Matthew Murphy

        Idk where Salazar is but I imagine it’s within a few miles of the diamond.

        • TrentC

          The only character with juice and he’s miles away from the writer’s room as usual..

  • Bry_Lander

    So the writing isn’t going to be better on FTWD this season, which is very disappointing.

    The way to make this show compelling is to have the characters behave as “normal people” would if put in the same circumstances, taking into account the characters’ personalities. Gimple has turned them into Saturday morning cartoon characters that do ridiculous and unrealistic things to provide moments of cheap entertainment that don’t follow any sort of logic.

    – Intelligent survivors who would like to remain alive are not going to go on a blind excursion to find Charley’s parents with zero knowledge of 1) who they are and 2) if they are alive. If Charley isn’t going to provide a generous amount of intel on who her parents are, why would they risk their lives? “Let’s just head out in a direction that Charly pointed, waste gas and other resources, and question every dangerous, homicidal person we come across and hope that we find her parents!”

    – in the zombie apocalypse, if someone pulls a gun on a member of your group, and you happen to get the drop on them (like Strand and Alicia did when Dharma had Madison at gunpoint), you simply shoot them down. You don’t chat, you don’t let her run off with the keys, you shoot her, take your keys back, and move along.

    – if someone pulls a gun on you and then ends up at the bottom of a zombie infested water/oil tank, oh well. Maybe throw a rope down or open the hatch (to get your keys back). You do not hurl yourself into the tank to save the stranger who just threatened you and stole from you. Does Madison value saving a stranger over being alive for her kids? It is a stupid, reckless decision that no one would make. But it provided a few moments of mindless entertainment, so it met the Gimple writing standard.

    – A group, the Vultures, show up in front of your compound / baseball stadium and threaten the existence of your group. The reaction? Nothing. Walk out there, chat a little, and then go back inside and watch them. How about lining up snipers, killing their stupid leader who is just sitting out in the open in a lawn chair, and then shooting the hell out of them until they leave? What sense does it make to just let them all hang out there?

  • TrentC

    Huge yacht, Mexican Villa, ranch, dam complex, large armored SWAT vehicle, baseball stadium…

    Gee, I wonder what resource the Clark family will destroy this season?