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Fear The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 6 Recap: Just in Case

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Fear The Walking Dead | Season 4, Episode 6 Recap – “Just in Case”

Rob Cesternino & Jessica Liese recap “Buried”, Season 4, Episode 6 recap of “Fear The Walking Dead”

  • TrentC

    Attempting to address some podcaster questions:

    Alicia was shooting at Naomi, as the show seemed to imply Naomi was with The Vultures. John stepped in front to save her.

    When Naomi’s daughter turned, perhaps it was early enough in the apocalypse for the FEMA people not to know how to handle it. As she died naturally as opposed to getting bit, maybe that aspect puzzled them. Remember it took a full season for Rick to know (CDC guy whisper) that everyone turns regardless of how they die. Still, a child vs 25 people and everyone turning is pretty shaky.

    Rob mentions Naomi’s daughter didn’t turn ‘tooooo long ago’. Do we know that? Since FEMA time Naomi has been with some people before being found in the oil tank, she was with John Dorie, and she’s been with Madison’s group. As Jessica said the show has a way of missing entire time lines we’re supposed to somehow fill in. It could have been a year since her daughter turned (?).

    I have a question please – Why did Alicia, Luciana etc treat Morgan and John Dorie so badly in real time when they found them? Didn’t everyone part as friends when Morgan went after John to take care of him?

    SWAT vehicle is now BSWT vehicle (Big shooty-wagon thing)

    • Andiamo

      What was up with their being chains on the outside of the doors at the FEMA place? Did someone lock the walkers in after, or is there more to that story? Or maybe some of the other people got sick and died too because one baby zombie taking out all those adults makes no sense; Especially since Naomi said there were some survivalists in there, not just your average scaredy cats.

      I didn’t understand why they pulled guns on Morgan and John Dorie either. Unless it’s like Jessica said that they thought they really were with the Vultures since Morgan and John showed up in a Vulture van. Still was weird.

      • TrentC

        It may have been something like Jessica mentioned, were the FEMA people Father Gabriel’ed? Naomi looked like the chains on the door were new to her, so she probably didn’t do it.

        I think it’s easy to create a step by step scenario. Little girl dies and then turns in the back room. One or two adults discover her and she attacks them. They start turning one by one until someone steps outside and locks the door. We can’t assume that the entire large group confronts the girl all at once. Like real life, it’s a series of small encounters.

        Yeah that other scene was confusing to me. It appeared that Naomi was part of the Vultures. I thought things were good between Al, Alicia and Morgan, John when they left the SWAT vehicle.

        I guess because Morgan warned the Vultures about that meeting spot, it caused Alicia’s crew to get all murderous and cranky?

        • XmanIce

          I would have wanted to shoot Morgan for warning the Vultures. He’s always saying he doesn’t die, the people close to him do. If he would stop setting up the people close to him to be killed, he wouldn’t have that problem.

          • TrentC

            lol, good point.

        • Andiamo

          Yeah, even the small encounters don’t make sense to me. It takes a while for people to turn once they’re bit so it shouldn’t be something dozens of people couldn’t handle.Unfortunately I can’t tell if it’s an unreliable narrator in Naomi, and there’s more to the story, or an unreliable Gimple, and it just is what it is. Probably the latter.

          Weren’t they murderous and cranky before Morgan told them about warning the Vultures? They just got more murdery. And I didn’t love Al not being willing to tell them to slow their roll because she wanted to get the “story”. I wanted to like her, they better not screw that up for me.

          • TrentC

            Unreliable Gimple. I think you’ve coined a new term when a character does something wonky at the hands of the writer.

            I liked Elfman’s acting job when she was explaining what happened to her daughter. Maybe one of the best scenes I’ve watched on this show.

            It’s always the mechanics behind things that make us go huh? Naomi may have been completely honest about the events, yet the way it’s written causes us to sense the physical hows and whys are somehow not making sense. And yeah, the daisy chain of people in a contained environment turning does seem far fetched.

            I am curious however about who chained those FEMA doors.

          • TrentC

            p.s. They’re already screwing Al up for me. I don’t buy anyone can be that neutral in the zombie apocalypse. And no offense to Maggie Grace, but why hasn’t someone taken the Big Shooty-Wagon Thing away from her? She seems like a loner…

          • Andiamo

            She needs a girlfriend who can guard the truck and her precious tapes while she’s out journalizing. Get ready for a Tara crossover event…

          • TrentC

            I knew Al preferred the ladies. All the good ones usually do 🙁

            Tara is a puzzle to me. I used to like her character at first, but then last season she got all militant and stuff.

          • Andiamo

            Until it’s written I’ll just say so because she’s cute. Tara is also cute, but annoying. I liked her better when Denise was around. I’d pick someone better for Al, but it’s the apocalypse and it’s pretty slim pickins.

          • TrentC

            Saying Al is cute is like saying John Dorie is an okay shot (he shot off a dude’s finger!!).

            Alright I may have a thing for Maggie Grace. Tara is not bad, she’s certainly got a good eyebrow game going on…

            I figured out who you were talking about in your other post. Her name was Ellen and she was in the FEMA shelter flashback. I thought you meant she was in the truck with Naomi during the end scene. Ellen is the creator of JIC, now I remember.

            I’m writing a survival book too. WSH (when sh_t happens)

          • Andiamo

            Lol true, but I usually don’t like to be too drooly in the comments section (I’ll leave that to you and db.) You know, she never crossed my radar as Shannon on Lost, not even as hot but irritating. It’s amazing what a haircut can do.

            Oh Ellen, yes the one who apparently crawled in the JIC truck and died. I don’t know where I got Eddie from.

            I bet you probably have some survival skills being from the icy tundra. My book would be one page long, SBF. Stoney baloney and eff it.

          • TrentC

            Speaking of which, I gotta roll…

            Drooly..me? Okay check out the recent Wand-off thread. I may have just dedicated a freaky R&B song to a complete stranger. Lyrics suck but it’s got a good beat and I can dance to it. I give it an 85 Dick.

            If you understand that reference, yer a lot older than you type. See you around the apocalypse Andi.

          • Pink Pearl

            Hey, maintaining that chic Ruby Rose pixie cut is hard work in a zombie apocalypse. She wouldn’t do it if she wasn’t trying to signal SOMETHING…

          • TrentC

            What gets me is all of the clean shaven men. I guess they can find razors and have access to limited water…but, are you really going to use the only water for miles on grooming needs? And how about the ladie’s legs? Do we have a new generation of hairy Hobbits?

            Which reminds me. I guess Dorie had a gas generator to run his TV and VCR. He gave up a lot when he left that little palace of comforts. For ol whatshername Little Miss Runaway.

          • TrentC

            Hey I just realized something. On TWD we had a Tara and Jesus pairing. She likes the gals and he likes the guys.

            The Gay GI Joes, how progressive 🙂

          • Charles Bikle

            The whole “Embedded reporter to the zombie apocalypse” schtick is very on the nose and really feels like a Gimple-ism, like the Garbage People – characters that embrace their gimmick with all the subtlety of a supervillain from the 60’s Batman TV show.

          • TrentC
          • Andiamo

            Agreed the actors on these shows are pretty great and carry a lot of the weight of the questionable writing.

            I’m also curious about some things Rob and Jess mentioned, like why was that woman in the truck, and how did Naomi know her daughter died the day after she left?

            Truck woman had info to fill a notebook on how to build society, and I think Naomi said her name was Eddie. Get ready for another crossover event with Eddie’s sister Sally Georgie Raphael…

          • TrentC

            I’ve already blanked on the whole other woman in the truck (Eddie?) and the notebook stuff. Good thing I’m not doing a podcast. How embarrassing.

            And if she is some sort of bridge to the Pant Suit Queen Raphael, I’m gonna scream…


            * the logistics behind Naomi knowing about her daughter dying are nonsensical at best. I can’t come up with a single way she would know. Unless she was there…..heyyyy?

            It’s a good question.

    • XmanIce

      I was a little surprised Rob and Jess thought Alicia was meant to shoot John. It seemed clear Naomi was with the vultures and Alicia was trying to kill her. Maybe it was late when they did this podcast.

      • Pink Pearl

        We record a bare 5 minutes after the episode airs. Sometimes our take on the situation is a little bit off because we don’t have a chance to rewatch anything or gauge other reactions before we start. Cut us some slack, please!

        • XmanIce

          Ok lucky for you that in my city it’s Local Cut A Podcaster Some Slack day.

          • Pink Pearl

            My thanks to your mayor! 🙂

          • TrentC

            I was going to say to Pink Pearl that I watch the show, make 15 random comments, listen to the podcast, make another few random comments and rarely if ever, look at Twitter, Reddit, other sources.

            I live in Hot-take World and love it!

            …yeah yeah I know, it’s apparent 🙁

  • TrentC

    Oh and on the Naomi Bail Count, that’s three times that we’ve seen her try to steal a vehicle from people that have helped her.

    If John dies and Naomi lives, I will actively send hate mail to writers of the show signed John’s son.

    • Charles Bikle

      At this point, that should be her thing/running gag.

      Every episode should have at least one scene of Naomi trying to sneak away. She’s basically FTWD’s version of Corporal Klinger.

    • Charles Bikle

      Even in the Season 4 poster, Naomi is in the back, waiting for her chance to sneak away. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a0e98d484e4caafdbac38063c9037d63b008e0d3f7c12cf59077788e0afb0ee9.jpg

    • Pink Pearl

      Something I was thinking about – this was a running gag with Carol for quite a while as well, but with Carol she had a really good reason to go at least half the time, and we also knew her backstory because we saw it unfold, not because she told other characters about it. I have no emotional attachment to Naomi OR her daughter so I don’t really care whether she bails or not. It’s like Gimple showed up and is all, “you care about these people now” and I’m like, “shut up, Gimple, you aren’t the boss of me.”

      • TrentC

        I really hope they didn’t give us the John Dorie exposition just to give Naomi’s character more agency and heft. As in, John dies saving her and now she’s got more baggage to lug around the apocalypse because he was such a sweet guy.

        Agreed with Carol’s comings and goings. When we think back, Carol started out as an abused housewife so any future psych changes make a lot of sense as she moves through them and changes/adapts.

        Naomi is just a GTA V character ™ come to life.

        • Pink Pearl

          Agree 99.9% in that I too will be angry if John Dorie gets fridged, although how many times in pop culture has this exact situation happened with the genders reversed? So …yay gender parity I guess?

          • TrentC

            Yes we’ve seen our dashing male heroes get fleshed out by having some sort of a female companion. (g/f, wife, ex-wife, daughter, sister, Aunt Patty)

            Aren’t those old female side characters usually more one dimensional? I guess not all of the time, because we’ve seen a lot of male protagonists ‘struggle’ with the loss of ____.

            Always yay to gender parity, but not when the flagship character for an actual nice, capable and sensitive male gets caught in the crossfire..so to speak.

            Do you think Dorie is done? I’d wouldn’t mind seeing Luciana hit the road at the end of the season and John take her place.

          • TrentC


            Nice, lol

          • Pink Pearl

            Let’s just say that when male protagonists struggle with the loss of ____, ____ is frequently more Purple Chelsea than Aunt Patty. 🙂

            I’m hoping Dorie’s not done. It’s a long shot but Gimple has given us longer shots in the past that beggared MORE belief!

  • K, I did not struggle through an entire episode about this guy John, (wondering at the time, wtf are we doing watching an entire episode about this guy) to have him die. They did not waste our time letting us get to know this guy to kill him so quick. If they did do that then they can suck eggs.

  • Andiamo

    John Dorie is not dead. No way. I won’t believe it til I see it.


    The dramatic tension was broken a bit with the close up on the purple laced Reeboks stepping out of the Land Rover. The Vultures need to be more Mad Max than Flashdance.

    There were a million plot holes, but I still liked this episode.

    • TrentC


      *just fire Gimple

      • XmanIce

        I REALLY wish they would fire him.

        • Pink Pearl

          At this point I have to wonder who he has compromising photos of.

          • XmanIce

            lol, now that’s pretty much the only thing that makes sense!

  • Jimmy B

    I can only assume they don’t think they are getting a fifth season so everyone
    will pretty much be dead by the end of this one. I hope John isn’t,
    though, he’s awesome. Also, if Morgan dies in this f-ing show, I swear, I
    will hunt Scott Gimple down…