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Fox’s Gracepoint Season One Recap

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The mystery may be solved, but we’re just getting started!

After the recently-aired season (or series?) finale of Gracepoint, Mike Bloom (@AMikeBloomType) and AJ Mass (@AJMass) have come together to discuss the new Fox mystery show. Topics of conversation include a variety of comparisons between Gracepoint and its British sister series/predecessor Broadchurch, Mike and AJ’s favorite characters and secrets, the ultimate reveal of the killer, and their hopes for a possible season two of the series.

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  • John Davis

    This was a great discussion by Mike and AJ but by concentrating primarily on the variations in performances and plot points a major theme was overlooked. Broadchurch was as much about dealing with grief and tragedy through time. The transitions that take place in each character over time is of major importance to the show and the issue of not knowing or being aware of the evil that resides below the surface of our loved ones is a central theme. The often repeated words, “How could you not know” is absolutely essential to the show and Olivia Coleman’s character is played to perfection in the pursuit of this major theme.

  • homertownie

    I love the “mini-series” format where the writers know the ending point. But “Gracepoint” failed the format. On a scale of 1-10, it was a 8 before the last episode, but the story killed the rating to a 5 or 4.

    The story made the whole show into a trivial matter. Was it third degree manslaughter by a kid, or if the kid and mother-detective lied it would be second degree manslaughter by their ex-husband ex-father? Who cares?

    “Gracepoint” pulled all the punches. Who could believe that the out of town cop lied under oath to protect his cheating-wife-detective and cheating-colleague-detective for no reason in another town and place? Really? Wasn’t that clearly a lie? Or if not, who could believe anything else in the show?

    And nothing was worst than the pivotal video of the entire 10 hour show. A kid somehow swings an oar at his own Dad? And somehow another kid, his BFF, was somehow hit in the face by the oar without lifting a finger to defend himself, and that somehow killed the kid instantly, and that nobody else tried to wake him up or call 911? Is this a soap opera or on real TV?

    Is any of that even close to realistic? Wouldn’t zombies or aliens or bigfoot been a more realistic ending?

    Characters and actors without a good story is worthless. As proven. QED.