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Game of Thrones Listener Feedback Show: “The Mountain and the Viper”

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On this week’s Game of Thrones Feedback show, Rob and Josh tackle a number of issues that came up on Game of Thrones Season 4, Episode 8: The Mountain and the Viper. On this episode we will discuss:

  • Would Prince Oberyn have survived if he listen to Tyrion’s advice to wear a helmet?
  • Is the criticism of this week’s fight scene justified by those who say the book handled it in a better way?
  • Were the events of the Trial by Combat too graphically violent just for the sake of shock value?
  • Should the episode have gotten to the events between the Mountain and the Red Viper faster and spent more time with those characters?
  • What will be the fallout in Dorne from the death of Prince Oberyn in King’s Landing
  • What does Rob think about Sansa’s Sansformation in this week’s episode?
  • Did Sansa lie to protect herself or does has she actually started to like Littlefinger now?
  • Would Rob compare Sansa to Carol from The Walking Dead after her turnaround this season?
  • Did Sansa dye her hair black to look more like Cat Stark to manipulate Littlefinger?
  • Could Ser Barristan have learned about Ser Jorah while he was still in Westeros?
  • Did Tywin Lannister have a copy of Jorah’s pardon just lying around?
  • Is the Missandei and Grey Worm romance the most boring storyline on the show?

Be sure to join Rob and Josh on Sunday Night for the Game of Thrones LIVE recap at 10:15 pm ET / 7:15 pm PT after Season 4, Episode 9.

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  • Luke Foody

    I hope you see this as constructive feedback – I love the podcast but I just think I have a suggestion to make it even better.

    Game of Thrones is a show with shocks and twists. When events like Oberyn’s death happen it overwhelms the rest of the show. Why would you care about an interesting Roose Bolton scene when you’ve just witnessed a mans head get exploded?

    I feel like Game of Thrones is one of the shows in which you need time to reflect and even rewatch the episodes before discussing it.

    The feedback podcasts are much more interesting to listen to because Rob especially has much more to talk about, I suggest for next season you have the episode recap a day or two after the show airs.

    • but don’t you get the best of both worlds with the current format?

      • Nicole Dupuis

        Yes, I love it just the way it is! Don’t change a thing.

      • Chris


      • Avery Gordon

        exactly the current format is great because you get the instant reactions right after the episode + the live chatroom. and then you get the more reflective podcast a couple days later after everything has sunk in.

      • jon dunn

        RIght on Rob.

        I love the ones right after, and then on these Thursday ones, you have thought about it more and come at it with a better analysis.

        Sort of like KIA and the recaps for Survivor.

  • Luke Foody

    About the season rankings I think season 1 is massively overrated. I rewatched it before the season and I think it goes.

    4 – 1=3 – 2

    Just think of all the awesome moments in 4 already

    – Tyrions Trail, Trial by Combat, Moondoor, Seige of Mereen, Rapegate, Joffrey death, Arya and the Hound, Littlefinger Jon Arryn, Whitewalker babies

    and we still have the historically 2 best episodes left – if all next episode is the wall, that means all the other stories rap up in episode 10. I think this season once wrapped up will be the GoAT

    • Rory

      So far, from best to worst I would rank them as 3-1-4-2.

      S3 had what I think is the best book-to-show scene so far (Dany taking the unsullied) and took very few missteps.

      S1 was great but missing some of the meat of the first book (the flashbacks).

      S4 has been great, but considering the source material it should have been amazing. Instead we’re wasting time on pointless scenes like Grey Worm/Missandei and the whole Loch/Karl giant plot hole.

      S2 was very, very disappointing. Jon’s storyline in particular was just terribly handled.

      • Luke Foody

        We can’t really talk about this on this site but Loch/Karl is no more of a plothole than say, Brienne fighting the bear. Both have very little plot impact but give great character moments.

        • Rory

          I think Brienne and the bear was used to further Jaime’s character development. But I mean “plot hole” as in it makes no sense. Aside from the questionable motivation behind the whole thing, it’s like, why are they keeping Ghost alive? How did they trap him? There were a million little questions like that and I think the whole thing was just way too cliché. Even the fact that Jon just happens to have a one-on-one duel with Karl… So many tropes that normally don’t appear in the series. I guess it furthered Jon’s leadership role, but that was only necessary because they screwed up his s2 arc =P

          • Luke Foody

            It was character development for Bran – him making a decision. Jon learned that the knight way to fight isn’t always the best. was also a great set piece in which two characters died one too Hodor.

  • SnideSnidington

    I haven’t read any of the books, so this is just a guess, but I thought I would post my prediction for next week here (which will almost assuredly be wrong).
    I predict that the battle will be somewhat close in the beginning, but eventually the Wildlings will get the advantage due to their massive numbers. It will look as tough the Wildlings are about to completely eliminate the Night’s Watch until, at the last second, an army of Whitewalkers will come through and completely eradicate all of the Wildlings. Somehow, Jon/Sam/Gilly escape, and they head down south to tell everyone that the Whitewalkers are coming.

    • Luke Foody

      #Winter is coming

  • Brian Hough

    Couldn’t you compare to Oberyn to Woo? I mean he had it in the bag, all he has to do is do the simplest most textbook, ‘get it done’ thing- and then bungled it.

  • Rory

    The Dornish are right to blame the Lannisters – Tywin may not have had Aegon and Rhaenys murdered, but he even stated in the show that he ordered Elia’s death. And don’t forget Tywin himself laid the bodies of all three Martells in front of King Robert to secure his allegiance.

  • Avery Gordon

    Curious why Josh is so down on season 2, is it just because of the shows mishandeling of House of the Undying storyline or what, becuase honestly I think I might put 2 tied with 4 as the best season. Tyrion as hand of the king were some of the best scenes in the show. Also I think out of all the season’s 2 is definitely Arya’s best storyline. Its hard for me to rank them since I’m not really comfortable putting a season at last but I guess I would do 4 = 2 > 1 = 3.

    • jon dunn

      no way. 3 and 4 are the best.

    • Rory

      From the book purist’s perspective, Tyrion’s handship(?) wasn’t as good on the show (where was the chain?), Renly was pretty woeful, Jon’s whole storyline and character were very poorly handled, not to mention Daenerys’ whole Qartheen arc. I loved Clash of Kings but I think season 2 is far and away the worst.

      • Josh Wigler

        Pretty much how I feel. I definitely still love season two, but pretty easily my least favorite of the four. The Dany/Jon stuff really didn’t do it for me.

      • Avery Gordon

        I have never been a huge fan of Dany so I wasn’t too bothered by how they screwed up the Qartheen arc. I forgot that they left out the chain, maybe its time for a rewatch.

  • Kristján Guðmundsson

    About the tunnel and gate in the wall. I’m pretty sure the wall wasn’t built to keep the wild-lings out. The white walkers can’t just walk through the gate. It’s magic. Also plot.

    Good show as always, had a few good chuckles. #evilgiggle

  • Michael

    Sansa dyed her hair black because they’re going around the Vale with Robin and she’s supposed to be Alayne, not Sansa. The red hair could give away that she’s Cat’s daughter.

    And I assumed that, while technically a forgery made by Tywin (assuming there were no copies laying around, Tywin did ask for a quill and paper after all), Jorah doesn’t have the information we do. In his mind, he got the exact same thing before, so the pardon is a real thing that existed and he didn’t want to lie about that fact.

    • Kapil

      I assumed he asked for the quill and paper simply to write an additional letter of instructions for the raven network,,,basically instructing who the document needs to be delivered to and how…kinda like the instructions that always come with the immunity idol on survivor.