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GoT Questions: ‘First of His Name’ Listener Feedback

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Rob Cesternino and Josh Wigler try and answer all of the listener questions that came in on our Game of Thrones feedback show. In this episode Rob and Josh discuss:

  • What is the difference between Casterly Rock and Lannisport?
  • What is the correct pronunciation of Cersei?
  • Where has Varys been in Season 4 of Game of Thrones?
  • Was putting the kingdom deeply into debt all part of Littlefinger’s plan since he was “master of coin” when the series began?
  • Has Jojen Reed finally started to be a more interesting character in the show?
  • How come we haven’t seen more of Daenerys’ dragons this season?
  • So was Littlefinger really behind the assassination attempt of Bran in Season 1? (Note from Rob: I was thinking about this after the show so if you’re reading this can somebody please discuss this for me in the comments.  The attempt to kill Bran made a lot of sense to us the viewers because we saw Jaime push Bran out the window and know that Jaime and Cersei can’t have Bran tell on them.  However, since nobody in the show except for Jaime and Cersei knew what Bran saw it’s just an amazing coincidence that they were getting framed for a murder that nobody knew they had a motive to commit.)
  • Will the Craster’s Keep storyline continue to have any more to do with the plot?
  • Are the Lannisters broke or is the kingdom just broke?
  • What has been the greatest duel in the history of the show?
  • How many children does Prince Oberyn actually have?
  • Is Lady Olenna going to be making an escape from King’s Landing any time soon
  • Will we ever see another appearance of Arya’s direwolf?

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  • sanjayP

    Ned would beat Jaime – he purposely never showed his full potential

    Hill is another bastard name.

    • Rory

      That’s fan fiction. In the show Jaime beat Ned. In the books they never clashed swords but from everything we know, Jaime would have mopped the floor with Ned. Jaime is in the big leagues with names like Arthur Dayne and Barristan Selmy, whereas Ned’s most notable swordsmanship achievement seems to be the battle at the Tower of Joy, of which we still don’t know the details.

      So impressed with Rob’s knowledge!

      • I try to take all the podcasting I do very seriously because I hate to sound REALLY stupid on any of the shows that I do. (I have learned to live with regular stupid).

      • Steve Klemetti

        Jaime did not beat Ned. The soldier speared Ned in the leg. That is why Jaime punched the soldier as he did not have a clean victory. We don’t know who would have won if it was just those two.

        • Rory

          The show made it clear Jaime had an advantage over him, even before Ned got stabbed. But regardless of what the show portrayed, the books make it clear that Jaime is an exceptionally talented swordsman, possibly one of the greatest ever. Whereas Ned’s skills are never really mentioned.

          • Steve Klemetti

            His advantage was that he had Ned surrounded by guards. If Ned beat Jaime, he would have to contend with the guards. Ned had greater strength than Jaime as Ned could handle Ice. The books are too confusing to rely on.

          • Rory

            Physical strength doesn’t determine who wins a fight (eg. The Mountain). The books are the source material, just because they confuse you doesn’t mean you should disregard them when discussing the show. And just because you like Ned doesn’t mean he’s the best swordsman in Westeros. Both the show and books have made it clear that Ned would have been outmatched by Jaime.

  • Kevin

    Wow Rob, compared to the season 3 reviews, you are so much more knowledgeable now! I know you were not a big fan of Davos and Stannis at the beginning, but have your perspective of them changed after you learned more about their backgrounds (such as the siege of storm’s end)?

    • I don’t the show has done them justice.

      • jon dunn

        lol true.

        You have no idea, but there is a LARGE group of Book Stannis fans that get very angry about the show not doing justice to him. He has a very loyal fan base

  • Zany

    Bastard names:

    Reach (Tyrell) – Flowers
    Westerlands (Lannister) – Hill
    Iron Islands (Greyjoy) – Pyke, same name as their capital
    Riverlands (Tully) – Rivers
    Dorne (Martell) – Sand
    North (previously Stark, now Bolton) – Snow
    Vale (Arryn) – Stone
    Stormlands (Baratheon) – Storm
    Crownlands (previously Targaryen, now whoever is on the throne) – Waters

    Clearly some big losers in the surname power rankings. Storm has to be a clear winner.

  • Michael

    The Wildlings think the wall has 1000 men so they sent the kid to tell the Night’s Watch they’d be attacking villages to lure out and kill some of them. They were never going to attack Castle Black as they’re still waiting for Mance’s signal. Pay more attention gosh.

    • I’m sorry Michael.

      • Michael

        Haha no worries. Just joking around because your general knowledge of all things Game of Thrones is very impressive but you were both acting like this was a plot hole in the show 😛

  • Derick

    For some reason this episode and last week’s episode are broken in the RSS feed of the show. All the other podcasts work fine, but this one won’t download.

  • Casey Robinson

    Lannisport is the town ruled by the Lanisters. Casterly Rock is the castle and home of the Lanisters. The two are

  • jon dunn

    ‘The Lannisters aren’t that bad are they?’

    Don’t forget the RED WEDDING, Rob!

    The North Remembers

  • jon dunn

    Bastard Names:

    The Reach – Flowers
    Westerlands – Hill
    Iron Islands – Pyke
    Riverlands – Rivers
    Dorne – Sand
    North – Snow
    Vale – Stone
    Stormlands – Storm
    Crownlands (King’s Landing area) – Waters

  • Ana S

    About the dagger and the attempt to kill Bran, it’s implied somewhere in the book that it was Joffrey that stole the dagger from the “armory” where Robert and everyone’s weapons were while traveling and hired someone to kill Bran.

    • jon dunn

      Why would you post that here? I’m pretty sure that’s an outright spoiler.



      • Ana S

        Because that happens in book 2 or 3 and has no real relevance to the story. I believe they left it out in the show because it doesn’t really matter, What mattered from that storyline was Cat thinking it was Tyrion’s dagger and the fact she arrested him for that. But I will edit my comment out.

        • Avery Gordon

          That’s not true its in book 4, not 2 or 3

  • Regarding Mormont’s slavery connection becoming an issue with Daenerys, I had the same thought until I re-watched season 1 recently. He tells her in episode 4. She was disappointed but understanding as he was obviously contrite.

  • Avery Gordon

    Ned was a great commander and general, but just good, not great swordsman. Jaime would win hands down. It bothers me that in the show not only did Ned hold his own against him season 1, but had the upper hand at times. A poor choice by D&D

    • Steve Klemetti

      Ned had greater strength than Jaime, though Jaime had skill.

  • Steve Klemetti

    The Chekhov’s gun is not the leeches or moon door. The leeches were used once. The moon door is a part of the castle no more relevant than the skycell. A Chekhov’s gun is the necklace which was given to Sansa but later used as the poison. There are so many things that are precursors to later events, such as the resurrection of Beric Dondarion.