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Game of Thrones Season 4, Episode 7 Recap: Mockingbird


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LIVE at 10:15 pm ET / 7:15 pm PT, Rob Cesternino and Josh Wigler recap of Game of Thrones Season 4, Episode 7: Mockingbird. Join us each Sunday Night LIVE after the episode for the chance to hear our recap and ask your questions LIVE on the show.

Game of Thrones Season 4, Episode #7 Title: Mockingbird

Episode Air Date: May 18th, 2014

Author(s): Jason de Lima & Jennifer Heinke

This week Rob and Josh are back to recap Episode #7 Mockingbird. They open the show by jokingly saying that the gravy of the episode was Hot Pie’s cameo. Then they dive into what they feel is the top story of the episode, how Lysa Arryn finally got to fly. Josh gives Rob credit for his foresight regarding Lysa’s death, and even goes as far as to tell him that he is turning into a little Littlefinger.

Lysa Arryn: Out the Moon Door (2:39)

They open the episode by discussing the events at the Vale. The scene begins with Sansa slapping Robin for destroying her snow castle of Winterfell. Littlefinger then comes over to comfort her and ends up kissing her to Sansa’s shock, which is overseen in the background by Lysa Arryn. Lysa then confronts Sansa about this and threatens to push her out the Moon Door. The scene culminates with Littlefinger intervening and calming Lysa down, and he proceeds to tell her that there’s only one woman that’s he’s ever loved, her sister, as he pushes her out the Moon Door. Rob asks Josh if he’ll miss the Lysa era to which Josh says no, that the only part he’ll miss is seeing Robin being breastfed. Rob then questions Josh as to whether this was Littlefinger’s intention all along, for Lysa to catch him kissing Sansa in order to send her into a manic frenzy. After discussing it they don’t feel like it was pre-planned, but that it has more to do with Littlefinger’s feelings and desires for Sansa. They link this to what Varys said in a scene from last week’s episode about desires causing people to have a blindspot. Josh feels the theory about it being pre-planned is a little far-fetched and rather believes that pushing Lysa out the Moon Door was a spur of the moment decision.

Jaime & Tyrion: The Little Monster and The Golden Boy (7:36)

In this scene we find Jaime in Tyrion’s prison cell bewildered by Tyrion’s decision to throw his life away with his outburst during the trial by demanding a trial by combat. Tyrion expects Jaime to be his champion but is disappointed to find out that Jaime’s training with Bronn has not been going as well as expected, and that he cannot fight for him. Rob and Josh talk about how Tyrion was emotionally distraught by Shae’s betrayal and about how Tyrion is sick of playing Tywin’s game. They discuss how every time Tyrion brings up the incest issue, Jaime gets defensive and tells him not to go there. Rob and Josh then refer to the Jaime-Cersei incest as being the worst kept secret in Westeros.

Cersei & The Mountain: My Champion of Gore (9:41)

Next we find Ser Gregor Clegane aka The Mountain as he is executing captives for practice. Cersei approaches him and welcomes him to the capital; he asks her whom he is fighting to which she replies, “Does it matter?” and he says “No.” Rob begins the discussion by saying that he barely even recognizes The Mountain, and Josh mocks the fact that The Mountain has been recast for a 3rd time now. They talk about what appears to be The Mountain’s murder practice and wonder who the people he is killing are. Josh weighs in on Cersei’s question to The Mountain by saying that  he feels that The Mountain is good enough to kill just about anybody, so it doesn’t matter whom he is facing.

Bronn & Tyrion: Can You Offer Me Two Wives and Two Castles? (11:52)

In the next scene, we finally see Bronn again who has come to see Tyrion at his request. It is immediately apparent to the viewers and Tyrion that Bronn has been paid off, by the way he’s dressed. Tyrion asks why Bronn even bothered to show up since he’s clearly not going to help him to which Bronn replies that he promised Tyrion that he would always give him the opportunity to double anyone else’s offer. We learn that Cersei has arranged a marriage for him to wed a lord’s daughter. Tyrion is unable to match what Cersei has already bribed Bronn with, so Bronn deems it simply not worth risking his life to battle The Mountain. Josh doesn’t dig Bronn’s new wardrobe and compares his look to Prince Humperdinck from The Princess Bride. Rob says that Bronn is open to negotiations and compares his interaction with Tyrion to that of an episode of Shark Tank. Rob and Josh mention how Tyrion says that Bronn is an evil bastard with no heart, but say that’s what Tyrion has always loved about him. Rob is unsure about Tyrion’s plan to kill The Mountain himself. He feels that at this point Tyrion should have thought of Oberyn for his champion given The Viper’s vendetta against The Mountain. On the other hand, Josh feels that Tyrion can only assume that Oberyn is already bought and paid for since he’s a judge on his trial and since there’s no love lost between Oberyn and the Lannisters, why on earth would he help Tyrion? Josh feels that Tyrion is simply no longer thinking in an optimistic way, and  that he is simply giving up on the gravy.

Oberyn & Tyrion: What a Disappointing Monster You Are (18:23)

In the last we see of Tyrion in this episode, he gets a surprise visit from none other than the Prince of Dorne himself, Oberyn Martell. Oberyn opens up to Tyrion and tells him a story of when he visited Casterly Rock when Tyrion was only a baby. The point of Oberyn’s story was that Tyrion didn’t turn out to be the monster they said he was and how Cersei has always hated him since the day he was born. Oberyn also tells him about Cersei’s attempt to manipulate him as juror when she tried to express concern for Myrcella’s well-being. Rob feels like Tyrion isn’t up to speed on picking up on what Oberyn was trying to say when telling him the story. Josh defends Tyrion, and says how he’s broken down and not thinking clearly. Oberyn tells Tyrion that he wants justice for his sister Elia to which Tyrion replies, “If you want justice, you’ve come to the wrong place.” Oberyn disagrees and tells him that he’s come to the perfect place, that all those who have wronged him are right here in King’s Landing, that he will begin with Ser Gregor Clegane, and that he will be Tyrion’s champion! Rob and Josh feel like this is a very cathartic moment, but they also express concern regarding the strain this can put on the relations between Dorne and King’s Landing.

Arya & The Hound: Lessons on Murder 101 (21:53)

We now move on to find everyone’s favorite dastardly duo, Arya Stark and The Hound. Rob feels like Arya and The Hound act like an off and on again couple; he compares them to Rachel and Ross from Friends. Josh says that Arya realizes that The Hound is going through a lot to get her to the Eyrie. Josh points out that Arya has gone through a progression of mentors, first Syrio Forell, then Jaqen H’ghar, and that The Hound is her latest teacher in the art of killing. Rob then asks what we got out of that scene with the fatally injured commoner on the ground. Josh enjoyed the sound bite “Dying is thirsty work.” Overall Rob liked the dialogue with the dying man. Josh points out that this is the first time that Arya has seen The Hound kill a helpless man, but she finally understands the mercy kill. They then go on to discuss the scene with Rorge and Biter. Rob wants to know what kind of move that was by Biter to bite The Hound. He wonders if Biter is really a Walker, and if his intention was to bite the Hound to death. Rob is surprised by the stupidity of Rorge and Biter and calls them idiots. Rob and Josh end their talk by role playing the scenario of each of them being in the place of Rorge and Biter.

Jon Snow: Let’s Go Nuclear! (28:13)

We now go to Castle Black where we see Jon Snow arguing the need to block off the tunnel through the wall in order to keep the Wildlings out, but Alyster Thorne and Janos Slynt consult a builder who dismisses his concerns. Rob feels that at some point they need to start listening to Jon Snow. Josh replies by saying that the two guys in charge, Alyster Thorne and Janos Slynt, don’t trust him and they could be worried that Jon could be acting as a double agent for the Wildlings since he spent time with them. Rob then goes on to ask about the duties of Rangers, and why it is important for them to go North of the wall. Josh explains that it acts as a supply route to places like Craster’s Keep, and they also need access to it in order to patrol north of the Wall. “Why block off the only way north?”, Josh asks. Rob then mentions that they decide to punish Jon by having he and Sam do the graveyard shift on the Wall, but they wonder if having Sam patrol the Wall when the Wildlings are coming is the best of ideas. Josh mentions how a lot of bureaucracy is happening at the Wall right now, and Rob replies by saying that the Wall’s leader approval rating is surely down to 14% by now.

Daenerys: Do What You Do Best Then (31:42)

Across the Narrow Sea we find Daario who’s broken into Daenerys’ chambers. He attempts to court her. At first she scolds him but is eventually seduced and tells him to get naked. Rob asks if this is the first time Daario and Daenerys have been intimate together. Josh tells him there’s been a lot of flirtation up to this point, but this is their first time having sex together. Rob points out that this Dany is a far cry from the girl we first met with Khal Drogo. Josh says that she knows what she wants. They go on to make jokes about Dr. Drogo. Rob mentions how he’d like to have a woman ask him to do what he does best as Dany had asked Daario, and says that he would probably just set up their wi-fi for them. Rob and Josh also question whether Daario was doing the walk of shame or the walk of fame. In the scene Daario boasts to Ser Jorah that he’ll find Dany in a good mood this morning. Rob says that Ser Jorah acts catty towards Dany when they talk about Daario. Josh points out that Jorah has been trying for 4 seasons to court Dany, yet it has taken Daario almost no time at all to seduce her, which is an obvious source of frustration for Ser Jorah. Rob brings up the issue about Jorah selling poachers into slavery back when he was in Westeros, and they discuss that if Ned Stark had his way, Jorah would be dead. This sways Dany’s position on the matter and she instead decides to send Hizdahr zo Loraq as an ambassor to Yunkai to explain to the masters what has happened in Meereen and how they have to choose to either live in her new world or die in their old one.

Brienne & Podrick: You Can Never Give up on the Gravy! (39:58)

We now move on to to our two travellers, Brienne and Podrick, stopping at a tavern where we find Hot Pie working as baker. Rob and Josh mention how Hot Pie simply doesn’t shut up about his kidney pie. They also mention how Hot Pie is the culinary version of Hodor. Brienne goes on to ask Hot Pie if he’s seen Sansa Stark to which he immediately becomes defensive when she mentions the name Stark. When Brienne and Podrick go to leave the tavern, Podrick mentions how it may not be a good idea to mention that they’re looking for Sansa Stark since she is wanted by the Lannisters. Rob points out that it’s not a good sign when Podrick is the voice of reason. As they’re ready to leave, Hot Pie goes to them and confesses that he knows Arya Stark and directs them towards the Vale since she has an aunt that lives there. Rob says it’s a good thing that Hot Pie pointed them in the right direction, but on the other hand, Josh says that Brienne on the Wall isn’t such a bad idea. In the end Brienne and Podrick decide to take the route to the Vale.

Sansa, Why Don’t You Come Take a Look Out the Moon Door? (43:27)

Rob starts off by saying that he knows Josh loves Sansa, but Rob is losing faith in Sansa’s abilities. Rob feels like Sansa’s slapping Robin for destroying her castle was childish. Josh says in her defense that she’s finally acting her age because she feels comfortable where she is, and that it was simply a moment of weakness as a child. Josh jokingly tells Rob that he’s sure he would like to hit sweet Robin as well, to which Rob brushes it off and says he’d have better ways of dealing with him.

Then Rob and Josh go on to discuss Littlefinger’s feelings for Catelyn Stark. Rob feels like there were times where Littlefinger didn’t truly have Catelyn’s interests at heart. Josh agrees that Littlefingers’ conception of love is twisted. He suggests that  Littlefinger’s love for Catelyn led to his love for chaos. Rob gives the example of when Littlefinger suggested she release Jaime Lannister and how that was actually detrimental for her. Josh also wonders what Littlefinger truly thinks about the events of the Red Wedding. Rob sees the murder of King Joffrey as pay back for the Red Wedding. Josh agrees that it could be one of the reasons. Rob then mocks Littlefinger’s seductive techniques on Sansa whereby he tells Sansa, “You could have been my child in another life” right before he goes in to kiss her. Lastly, Rob criticizes Sansa and how she should have known better than to go near the open Moon Door where her crazy Aunt Lysa is standing.

Rob and Josh take the viewers’ questions at 53:19

Episode Summary by Jason de Lima & Jennifer Heinke

Game of Thrones Recap: Review of Season 4, Episode 7: Mockingbird

Game of Thrones Recap: Review of Season 4, Episode 7: Mockingbird

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  • jon dunn

    The point of the scene with the dying man was the Hound showing Arya that death is better than leaving that man there to suffer.

  • jon dunn

    SMH is Rob actually trying to make SANSA the bad guy in the scene?

    I think you’re watching wrong.

    • Which scene are we talking about? When she slapped a little kid in the face who stomped on her castle?

      • Zany

        It’s entirely different in the book. but not really possible into the show because everyone is aged up. Sansa spends hours and hours building Winterfell, and it’s reminiscent of the old days where all her family is alive and well. Robin *deliberately* starts smashing it up with his doll, saying that a giant is attacking Winterfell, and it yanks her back to reality where everyone she loves is dead, so she grabs his doll and it tears. In the books Robin is epileptic, so he starts having a seizure and that’s where Lysa comes in.
        So it was weird to have Sansa actually slap him, but still satisfying.

      • LosPollosHermanos

        Basically what Zany said. It’s tough in the show without getting her POV of what’s going on in her mind but the snow reminds her of Winterfell (first time she’s seen snow since leaving the North) and she spends a lot of time thinking about her family (who she thinks are ALL dead except for Jon) and different memories, it’s really one of the most beautifully written scenes in the book, every book fan knows the ‘snowcastle scene’.

        It does look a little more off because Sansa looks like she could be 25 in the show but even in the show she’s only meant to be like 14 years old. But even then, Robert is a crazy little $hit and as littlefinger said, he deserves to be slapped.

        I mean – were you outraged when Tyrion slapped a kid in episode 2 of the series? Some kids deserve to get slapped.

      • LosPollosHermanos

        Also – I know Robin is younger than Joffrey, but previously Sansa would have just taken it sitting down because Robin is the one in charge and in power there, but here she has enough volition now to slap him in the face. It’s something Arya would have done. It’s a change in her character.

      • Trixie02

        He is a creepy kid who still nurses…not his fault, but still…

  • hint

    Hey Rob. You mentioned multiple times how Tyrion as a smart guy(and Lannisters as a whole) should have seen Red Viper stepping up for him once it’s clear that the Mountain is in play. So how about you? When you saw the Mountain for the first time, did you put the 1+1 together and see where it was going? 😛

    Also I guess Bronn has learned from Tyrion that it is better pissing off The Wall than off The Mountain.

    Agree about the Melisandre comment. Idk if it was the nude scene leading up to it or what, but she looked the hottest I’ve ever seen her on this show. Really good day for Carice van Houten.

    I actually just rewatched the Lysa falling scene again and it took like 6 or 7 seconds for her in free fall until she hit the ground. For a light weight female in slightly thinner mountain air environment, it would indicate like a 500-700 feet fall according to some of the online free fall calculators I just used. Once I finished all that, I actually looked it up and it says in ice&fire wiki that the Moon-door fall is 600 feet, so looks like the show was pretty realistic in that regard.

    • Hey hint, In fairness, I felt like I saw that coming because I look at the episode titles to create my podcasts and I’ve seen that Episode 8 is called “The Red Viper and the Mountain” so I feel that was a pretty spoilery episode title for HBO.

      • hint

        I thought you were just spoiled by some troll giving u fake title names or whatever, but I looked it up and I can’t believe it’s true. It’s like naming season 1 ep9 “Ned Stark Dies” or whatever, just really really spoiler’ish.

        Actually speaking about public GoT spoilers, there was a pretty remarkeble one for this seasons Joffrey death here that made so many people super mad. For context, know that episodes air on US when it’s night-time to monday or very early monday morning in Europe. And they air in Europe TV about ~16h later when it’s monday evening here. Anyways, pretty much the largest online news outlet in Estonia had a huge headline up early monday morning titled “MEGA-SPOILER: Shocking Death in GoT” with a massive picture of dead Joffrey attached right next to it that you couldn’t miss and what was never removed. And all I wanted to check was if WW3 has started yet or not 🙁

  • Kevin

    TERRIBLE investing by the brotherhood without banners! Only a season and Hot Pie has already improved so much. Taking account his potential, I’m sure he’s worth at least triple now! Train him properly and the inn owner is going to be rich!

  • Marcelo Sparano

    Rob, the picture of the game of thrones video on your youtube channel is from SNL not GOT episode 7

    • I uploaded the wrong one at first and youtube is being a real Jon Snow about updating it.

  • jon dunn

    Littlefinger’s Creep Level: 2500…and rising

    Poor Sansa. She finally gets a moment to breathe, and this much older guy is trying to molest her…..

  • Michael

    The optimist in me believes Bronn was just looking out for himself but not actively betraying Tyrion. Remember, Tywin called for all the boats to be stopped and brought back after Joffrey died. That coupled with the order to bring her to the Tower of the Hand, I’m gonna have to trust that Bronn really did see her onto the boat and had nothing more to do with Shae after that.

  • jon dunn

    The Dragonstone scene was great and did a good amount to develop both characters. It again showed Melisandre as a master manipulator while offering some insights about her views on religion, truth, men, and the greater good.

    For Seleyse, this was a bookend to the dinner scene from (I think) episode 2. In the dinner scene we learned that she does love her husband (the tasty seagull story from during the siege) but years of being the wrong people together have left them too wide a gulf apart. The way Seleyse looks at Melisandre, the obvious ways it makes her feel inadequate, and how she uses religion as a crutch and a security blanket (while taking out her shame on her daughter) gives the character some nice, needed layering. She’s buying into what Melisandre is selling because the truth is too harsh for her to bear and, like many noble women, she’s been conditioned to bear it as her duty.

  • Inigo Montoya

    I recently watched a Vice video on YouTube called the giants of Iceland and the actor who is playing the mountain is featured as an Icelandic strongman, the video said he would be in the next series of GOT. So all season long I had been waiting for him to show up and finally he did. Wow that guy is huge. Apparently in his GOT contract he has to eat every half an hour or he will start losing weight.
    Anyway this was a great episode, even though as soon as I saw the mountain I knew that the red viper would be Tyrion’s champion. Same with the moon door as soon as Sansa walked into that room and it was open I was like shit bye bye Lysa you crazy bitch.

  • Jason

    I’m surprised there aren’t
    any Top 5’s being posted. But the correct answer is:

    1) Margaery 2) Daenerys 3) Melisandre 4) Ygritte
    (wherever she is) 5) Cersei

    And, yes, I had to Google the spelling of every
    single one of those characters.

  • sanjayP

    Since whores are usually thrown out of it, ala Lysa Aaryn, instead of a Moon Door, we could call it a Hoe Door…….

  • Guest

    Wouldn’t Cercei be in the top 5? What about Ygrette?

  • Sophia Low


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