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Game of Thrones Book Club: Spoiler Discussion of ‘Mockingbird’

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Josh Wigler and Terri Schwartz look at the depiction of Game of Thrones Season 4, Episode 7 in comparison to George R. R. Martin’s “A Storm of Swords”

In this week’s episode, Josh and Terri discuss…

** A recent article that may or may not have spoiled an upcoming “Game of Thrones” twist. (Hint: It involves stones and hearts)

** Everything that happened in the Eyrie, from the nuances of Littlefinger killing Lysa to the metaphor of the Winterfell snow castle’s destruction

** All things Oberyn Martell and the upcoming results of his battle against The Mountain

** Bronn’s future on “Game of Thrones,” now that he’s out of Tyrion’s life

** The quick demise of Rorge and The Biter, and how that will affect both The Hound and Brienne’s stories moving forward

** What are Melisandre’s true intentions for Shireen?

** Who will die at The Wall?

** As Daenerys and Daario get it on, Josh and Terri ponder the use of nudity (specifically, the lack of “tasteful ween”) on the show this season

** Josh and Terri analyze a rumored list of characters set to appear in Season 5

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  • Josh Wigler

    Here’s the Catelyn Stark article. Maybe I’m just being a baby about spoilers, you tell me.–24–live-another-day–villainy-and-those–game-of-thrones–rumors-184022907.html

    • Zany

      What was even worse about that article was the dickhead reporter who kept probing Michelle when she clearly was uncomfortable and couldn’t talk about it, and she just kept pushing and pushing Michelle for an answer before finally giving up after 4 questions in a row.

      • Brendan Fitzpatrick

        Yeah, I blame this squarely on the shoulders of the moron, dick, of a “reporter”. if I were Michelle Fairley, i would have told him to F-off and stop asking questions.

  • Josh Wigler
  • Josh Wigler

    Leaked casting call for “Game of Thrones” season five:

  • Avery Gordon

    Another notable person that isn’t on the casting leak that you guys didn’t talk about is Quentyn Martell

    Edit: Although now that I think about it, since they are aging up Tristane to 18, could they be combining those characters?

    • Josh Wigler

      Yeah! We talked about him a bit in the last Book Club. I speculated that Quentyn is one of those characters who could get shaved from the show. This breakdown doesn’t help that theory — then again, part of the appeal of Doran is his big moment where he reveals his Quentyn plan at the end of Feast, and then you get Quentyn throughout Dance. So maybe they’re saving him for season six. But that would suck, because that means Dany in Meereen through season six.

      So, I don’t know. Again, it’s likely that there are other characters coming up that we don’t know about yet, and Quentin could (hopefully) be one of them.

      • Terri Schwartz

        Also there’s the chance Trystane and Quentyn become one person?

        • Avery Gordon

          I thought about that, especially since they are aging up Trystane to 18, but we know Quentyn dies and that would mean the merged Trystane+Quentyn would also have to die. But its still a possibility that Trystane becomes important in the books so it would be awkward having him killed off in the show.

      • Avery Gordon

        I don’t think there is anyway Quentyn gets cut. They haven’t cut a single PoV character yet, and I don’t think they are going to start now. The only PoV character I thought was maybe in danger of getting cut was Areo Hotah, but now with him being cast I really doubt any PoV character is getting the axe. Quentyn is really important for setting up the possible Dorne/Targ alliance, and showing Dany’s stubbornness by turning him down to Marry Hizdar.

        • Josh Wigler

          Areo getting the axe. I see what you did there.

  • Felipe Martinez

    Here is a thought that have been troubling me for this season. What are they gonna do with all that Tysha shenanigans? I mean, in the books Tyrion is haunted by that all the time, and ultimately that whole deception leads to a fight between Jaime and Tyrion.

    As far as I remember, even though Jaime frees Tyrion after the trial, when he confesses that Tysha was not a prostitute and that whole thing was a twisted plan for Tyrion to grow up, Tyrion actually says that he murdered Jeoffrey and they part theirs ways very resented with each other.

    In the show, they have cut off the Tysha story, so that’s my question: how do you think that is gonna play out? Do you think they will do some dialog “oww remember that prostitute you once married..” without any building up to it? Or even make Jaime and Tyrion part their ways bffs and that’s not a big deal?

    By the way, great podcast guys. Cheers from Rio 🙂

    • Zany

      They haven’t cut the story, check out S1E9 for one of the greatest scenes the show has ever done between Tyrion, Bronn and Shae.
      They’ll either show it in the Previously On segment, or try and remind viewers of her in episode 8 so it makes sense when she’s brought up in ep 10 (like how they reintroduced the Mountain one episode before the duel).

      • Felipe Martinez

        Oh, that’s right! I totally forgot about it. You’re probably right about how they are gonna do it in the show.

        Still a little bummed that they didn’t build up that story properly though. This is such a trauma in the books, in the show it seems so random… that the whole episode is overcome, and it is totally not 😐

  • hint

    Really hope Victarion/iron Islands stuff doesn’t get too much cut. I’m one of those people really low on Dorne and high on Iron Islands and Victarion is one of my favorite characters in the entire series.

    If he would get cut, then I guess it could only mean that he not really relevant in the books and like Josh said, dies early in B6. I remember I called it back when GoT premiered how I think B3 would get split into 2 seasons and B4 and B5 merged into 1 season, with slight overlap here and there, and so far everything seems to indicate that it’s where we are going. So no Vic in S5 would prolly mean no Vic in series at all.

    About going flashback with Cersei(lol I typed Cirie at first) prophecy, I highly doubt it. The show has never gone into flashbacks, ever, and it would be super confusing and weird if they did just this once. But..the character Cersei needs that prophecy thing to actually be a relevantly shown on screen, so the viewer would understand how important motivation it is for her in her actions. So I think the witch gets brought back into “current time” to replay the prophecy again, maybe by like crazy Cersei who want’s confirmation if this shit from childhood still applies or not.

    About those flashbacks in general, pretty much since Ned cell stuff making it clear that they will not go into flashbacks at all, I’ve been just convinced that they are saving all those up for the future. The show can work without them, and if the show successfully ends on high ratings, they can make the final big cash-in from the franchise by making Robert’s Rebellion full motion picture – could be an extra few hundred mil there for the taking, given the series global popularity.

    Actually this is smth I’ve been like a broken record about, yet I see very few ever mentioning that thought. So have I missed smth? Is there smth showrunners or GRRM have said long ago that I missed that it aint gonna happen?

    You guys mentioning Arya and Bravos made me think how non book-readers might get a wonderful fake-out next season with the Fake-Arya. Like if we wouldn’t see her for few eps at the start of next season, only hear through 3rd parties that she was captured and married off to Ramsey. And then the reveal of her in Bravos. I’m sure it’s smth showrunners were tempted by and put more thought into, so if they concluded that it could work on screen, I bet we will get it.

    Really hoping that The Mountains last line to Red Viper doesn’t get altered though. And hopefully that nice Iceland guy can pull that line off well.

    Actually my only problem with this Mountain that they didn’t use make-up stuff to make him look more ragged/rough/older/uglier/evil. Young, smooth and beautiful skin with like zero scars and bruises, it just looked very wrong to me. Guy has been a living killing machine since being a toddler and he looked silky clean like a princess plus the nice-guy face 😛