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Game of Thrones | Season 6, Episode 9 Recap – The Battle of the Bastards

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Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 9, Recap Podcast of “Battle of the Bastards” on June 19, 2016

Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino) are back to recap Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 9, “Battle of the Bastards”

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  • susan appleby

    Who dies tonight?
    Before the season ends I’m in on:

    Won Won
    Walder Frey and Frey sons now Arya is on the loose
    The Mountain somehow because I don’t see him outliving Cersei
    Loras (?)
    High Sparrow

    Really hope I’m wrong on a few of these.

  • Caitlin Ash

    UGH hopefully HBO now gets it together sometime before your live stream because I STILL am unable to stream the episode 🙁

  • Brian Hough

    If you’re going out on the battlefield to negotiate, intimidate or ‘sabre-rattle’ with your adversary, shouldn’t you include the giant in your entourage?

    • nope. You keep your aces in your sleeve.

  • Paul

    I can’t believe Davos and Tormund both lived through that. It was a great episode, but a little “too good to be true” the way everything ended up for the good guys.

    • susan appleby

      Rickon was the person they were fighting for and he was brutally murdered. I don’t see this as too good to be true after all the losses they’ve suffered.
      It’s more a factor of Ramsey being insane than anything else.

  • susan appleby

    I miss Jaimie when he’s not important. But I loved all of Mureen for the first time in all the seasons.
    Sansa did well too.

  • Dean Arata

    who was the finals mvp? wun wun or jon snow?

    • Eric Esparolini
      • @Wharfrat1625


    • Ali B

      I love Wun Wun … But I did think he could have done more in the battle. Stamp a way through the shields or something. Run up to the archers and stamp on them. Just do some stamping! But he was definitely the MVP in the taking of Winterfell section.

      • John Robertson

        Right, where was his tree trunk? That would have made short work of the shield wall.

        • Ali B

          Blimmin’ Jon Snow didn’t even remember to get WunWun a tree trunk. Ramsey wd have had WunWun kitted out in armour.

  • TrentC

    Saving Private Snow…outstanding.

    • Christine Larivière

      Didn’t he see “Apocalypto”? Zigzag, Rickon and head for the jungle! Don’t run in a straight path.

      • TrentC

        Apocalypto, great movie and instructional manual. Poor Rickon didn’t even deviate one step to the left or right.

  • Derek_Sye

    Ramsay Bolton got a little too close to being a comical villain for me. I think GoT is at its best when dealing with characters who inhabit the grey area between good and evil. I am glad this storyline is over so that we can get some more nuanced content.

    • Raphaël Beaudoin

      I agree that GoT is great at being grey. But, just like real life, while most people are neither good or bad, some are really shitty and we kinda need those in the show. Remember Joffrey?

      • Derek_Sye

        Listen to me carefully as this is more important than any silly television show. I think you may have seen too many dramas and started to blur the lines between fact and fiction. There are undeniably people in real life who do horrible things, but even those people are not one-dimensional. They have experiences that shape their world and layers to their character that go beyond the horrible things they do. The world is never black and white. It is all grey.

        Regarding Ramsay’s place in the narrative. You are simply making my point for me. Joffrey and Ramsay are essentially the same character. No moral ambiguity, no nuance, just mustache twirling evil for the sake of evil. Even if one character of this type is useful for garnering an emotional reaction from the audience, going back to that same trope again is just lazy.

        • Raphaël Beaudoin

          If your point is that GoT is not exactly like the real world moral wise, I guess I agree and I guess I just don’t care. It’s a show after all and it’s great at being just that.

  • CiCi

    Sansa told Jon straight out- I do not know battle tactics, but I know Ramsey. He plays games with people. Do NOT do what he wants you to do. That is what she offered him. Literally, next scene, Jon is doing exactly what Ramsey wants him to do re Rickon. He abandons his whole tactical plan to “do the right thing.” A stupid stark move. Sansa does not know Jon that well, she trusts no one after what she has been through, and she has no idea if LF and the Vale will arrive on time. She had a lot of reasons to hold back. Everyone wants a 1) perfect Sansa, and 2) who trust the almighty Jon Snow right off the bat, no questions asked. That is unrealistic. Finally, Jon and Sansa are yet to have a conversation about this whole thing so we do not even know what Sansa’s reasoning was.

    • susan appleby

      Agree. The viewers knew Littlefinger would show up because of the story but Sansa can’t hope to predict or control what he does.

  • kane

    so still no one want’s to answer me how the vale knights took moat callin without the boltons knowledge okay I give up then…. great action and a great episode

  • TrentC

    Wun Wun & done.

  • Martin Hess

    Dany bested the masters once more. Does anything really change for the other Slaver’s Bay cities, though? If there is another round of liberating in front of us I am throwing myself off the pyramid balcony.

  • famattjr

    In all the years that at least Jamie and Tyrion (and probably Tywin when he was Hand) knew that there was still wildfire stored under King’s Landing, they never took any steps to have it removed? Fire inspectors not doing their jobs?

    • susan appleby

      It’s incredibly volatile and dangerous to move isn’t it? Maybe it was safer to leave it?

      • TrentC

        According to the books even the empty clay pots that once held it are still volatile. Like old nitro I guess.

  • Asher Forrester

    Would have loved if Sansa was the one who strangled the last life out of Ramsey, that would have satisfied the hell out of me!…..But for her to just stand there and watch while his own dogs ate him alive and then walked away with a smile on her face was even more powerful than I could have imagined!! >_< Never felt so much joy and satisfaction in such a horrifying scene ever! LOL.

    • John Robertson


    • TrentC

      Yes the smile was good. Don’t mess with the Stark women..

      • Asher Forrester

        How about don’t mess with the Starks period. >_<

        (well….except for maybe Rickon – poor boy….just couldn't catch a lucky break….why's he the only Stark that got left out…Bran's got magical powers, Arya's a badass ninja assassin, Sansa's unbreakable, Jon got brought back to life….Robb is dead but he was at least King of the North for some time…..couldn't Rickon at least be a direwolf whisperer or something, and summoned Ghost or Nymeria to come save his life?? Just so sad~~ RIP Rickon! You may not have had any screen time this entire series….but you will still be missed!!! (_ _)

        • Ali B

          Rickon had the same dream as Bran in s1 or 2, maybe he was magic too and never realised. Poor guy.

      • susan appleby

        Catelyn was pretty much an idiot.

        • TrentC

          I liked Catelyn and thought she was one of the most grounded female characters on the show.

        • She wasn’t an idiot, she was a mother who was ready to burn the world to ashes to protect her children.

          Did she do stupid things ? Sure thing. But who didn’t do stupid things in his life when being emotional. at least she had solid arguments to do so.

          She was one of the strongest characters of the show.

  • Asher Forrester

    Do you think Sansa now would want to be Queen of Winterfell or even the
    North? And who do you think the people will stand behind and support?
    Sansa or Jon?

    I ship Jon & Sansa too~~~Get me on-board now!!! xD However, The Jon & Sansa ship will only make sense if she becomes Queen of Winterfell and would need someone as strong as Jon by her side to marry – Jon would fit that role perfectly, right? But other than that….do you see potential romance between the two? Personally, I haven’t felt any chemistry between them to suggest that…..I feel more sparks with her and Littlefinger…LOL…

    And wouldn’t it make more sense, if Sansa becomes Queen of Winterfell, to eventually marry/align with Petyr Baelish who’s now Lord of the Vale? Winterfell needs as many alliances as possible now if they want to rise back up from the Bolton’s reign!!

    As for Sansa being pregnant……wouldn’t the perfect time to reveal it be before Ramsey got eaten alive – to know that he’s got a child on the way that he will
    now never get to meet?? That would have been icing on top of the cake… if she’s not said anything at this point….it’s probably very unlikely….plus hasn’t it been quite some time since he raped her….if she was pregnant…she should be showing by now, right? I don’t think a pregnancy storyline is where we are going for Sansa….feels like if they do that it will only serve more as shock effect and horror than anything else….there’s really no good point for her to be pregnant…..hasn’t Sansa suffered enough?? LOL

    • TrentC

      Jon and Sansa? Holy House Targaryen

      • Asher Forrester

        Rob’s the one who mentioned it and shipped them….not me!! xDD

  • Christine Larivière

    I think Sansa’s jump from the wall would end a pregnancy for most.

    • susan appleby

      Also a lot of time has elapsed.

    • I remember a case where a guy has punched his wife heavily in her belly.. She didn’t loose her baby.

      • Christine Larivière

        Poor mother and baby! There are always exceptions but miscarriages in the first trimester are not that rare.

        • Men who beat their wives should be flayed alive and hang up upside down on a cross.
          This monster was drunk. He said to the police that he couldn’t remember what happened. Alcohol is a good ally.

  • So Ramsay shoots the final blow to Wun Wun who was already dying anyway and no longer a threat instead of shooting Jon in the head where he had the clearest shot he could ever possibly hope for. So then there’s Jon and Tormund in the courtyard with dozens of Bolton archers surrounding them in the battlements who had not yet been bombarded with the North/Vale soldiers, and Ramsay decides he wants to fight 1 on 1? He chooses against a 2 on 20ish advantage despite being a character who wisely always takes any advantage he can get? What. The. Eff?

    • GeekFurious

      Stop making sense, Matt! STOP IT!

      • Coming off the heels of your big post last week, it sort of reinforces that although the show theatrically looks amazing and the directing of these battle sequences has been brilliant for sure, the writing doesn’t match it and we’ll just have to wait an extra few years for it to be told properly.

        • GeekFurious

          I would say “plotting” since they still write great dialogue (sometimes) and set up pretty fantastic action scenes. It’s just the plot in season 6 has thinned out so much the show is barely recognizable as GAME OF THRONES except in that it has all the same characters and locations and most of the same actors.

          • @Wharfrat1625

            It’s just become more apparent than ever that these guys priority is to make a TV show, not necessarily to tell the greatest possible story. In my eyes, all the major failings in the plotting have been in the decisions that lead to very typical dramatic TV moments. I am straight up dying to read GRRM’s depiction at this point and that is to me, the greatest achievement of this season. It stands as a true reminder of how well that man can weave a tale.

          • Could not have said it any better

          • susan appleby

            I said before several times, they aren’t genius story tellers, but they are good at predictable stuff. In the books Sansa isn’t even married to Ramsey so it’s all made up.

            I wouldn’t be surprised if the method of Rickons death is GRRM though.

    • kane

      1- yes wun wun was already dying but he could’ve got in and Ser Patrek’ed Ramsey if he hadn’t shot him and killed him
      2- jon’s acceptance and attack on Ramsey was out of anger for Rickon I don’t think he was in the clearest state of mind ..
      ur just reading too much into it it was a cool scene they could’ve had all of that not happen and just have Ramsey die on the battlefield but they wanted it to be a little cool there’s nothing wrong with that

    • Raphaël Beaudoin

      Jon : 1v1 fight, winner take all?

      Ramsay : ahahah no, my army is the greatest ever. Can’t lose.

      *No more army, archers are being thrown off the walls by the wildlings charging in through the broken doors. No escape.

      Ramsay : 1v1, still in?

      That’s it. He could have shot Jon at some point, yes. For what purpose tho? He knows he is toasted at this point. Killing Jon Snow probably means dieing on the spot to the rage of a wildling.

    • The duel he requested at the end was a desperate attempt to save his life, because he knew that his “quiver was empty”, so to speak.
      As for why he killed Wun Wun instead of killing Jon, it was a clumsy writing.
      I would have wrote this scene differently.

      • TrentC

        Or is Ramsay a pragmatic fighter? When backed in the proverbial corner you get rid of the worst threat first. Then you start eliminating what’s left.

        If I saw a giant and a mid sized human running at me, I blow my load on the giant for sure (so to speak..)

        • Makes sense. But then, When you have to shoot, shoot! don’t talk. Or so said a very wise man in his bathtube.

          • TrentC

            I think he knew his time to die was close. Ramsay is a cool customer though, always trying to get into his opponent’s head. I do wonder about what happened to his archers though. Seemed like once Jon and Wun Wun got in, they just vanished.

            in his ‘bathtube’? I won’t touch that comment lol!

          • I was quoting a beloved character from The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. ( Eli Walach, RIP) ;D

          • TrentC

            Nice one…admittedly it went waaay over my head. And I love the old Clint movies too.

  • John Robertson

    I was really thinking that this was the best episode ever until…the whole body wall scene. I’m pretty sure that it is impossible for bodies to pile up like that without either a being against an object like a wall or cut down by heavy direct sustained machine gun fire, not indirect arrow fire. It was as goofy as the Waif 1000 scene from last episode!

  • Teresa Beere Johnson

    Really missed Ghost – and its funny Melisandre is also kind of emo now as opposed to being so strong and confident now

    • Ali B

      Yes! She’s gone from knowingest know it all to I haven’t got a clue what the plan is.

  • susan appleby

    Im shipping Sansa and Littlefinger. He’s one of my picks to survive the series. Though it’s possible he loses everything so all his manipulations were pointless.

    • LosPollosHermanos

      Um gross?

      • susan appleby

        Who do you think can help Sansa survive until the end of the series? I feel Arya can manage because she is still hidden but Sansa is there as a figurehead. I’m trying to figure out how Sansa might survive.

  • Paul Borges

    Every time the camera cuts to Josh I can’t help but think of the “Lost In Translation” movie poster.

    • Josh Wigler


  • GeekFurious

    To be fair, Rickon running in a straight line isn’t what killed him. Ramsay missed all those shots (on purpose). Rickon trying to get to his brother, who was riding toward him, hand stretched out to grab his, gave Ramsay the perfect line-up for his final shot.

    • susan appleby

      So tragic. I feel Josh and Rob under reported the tragic murder of a child in their excitement to discuss the battles.

      Rickons death is definitely going to matter to the story.

      • GeekFurious

        They sometimes seem to dismiss things as not being important… that clearly are. And then a few days later Josh will cover that exact thing on the Book Club with more analysis. So, perhaps he’s trying not to spoil show-only viewers with deeper analysis. No idea.

        • Josh Wigler

          In our defense! Covering this show, and pretty much any show, live right after an episode has aired (or 1.5 hours after it airs; and in those cases I’m on air literally five minutes after writing two recaps) requires some mental gymnastics in terms of processing and regurgitating information in an entertaining way, so sometimes we’re dismissive about a thing that we’ll have better reflections on a few days later.

          • susan appleby

            That’s completely fair. I think Rickons death was maybe overshadowed by the remainder of the episode.

            Possibly, I wasmore affected by Rickon than some other viewers. He never had any agency in his short life and died in terror while trying to get to his older brother. Makes me sad.

      • Josh Wigler

        Definitely tragic. And while I do think Rickon’s death is going to matter to the story, I think it will probably only matter cumulatively, not him as an individual. As in, his death adds to the weight of Eddard, Catelyn and Robb being dead — the Starks dwindling in numbers. I’m not expecting heavy meditation specifically on Rickon’s death beyond Jon and Sansa in the next episode (or a few more in the early going of S7), and the moments where Arya + Bran learn the news as well.

        • susan appleby

          I think Rickons death is going to matter in terms of who is heir to Winterfell. The ruler of Winterfell is going to be crucial to the story going forward.
          The show really neglected him.

    • But running in zigzag would have helped.

      • GeekFurious

        It would make even more sense to stop and go, stop and go. It would make it almost impossible for the shooter to judge where you were going to be.

        • I have a new strategy : running in zigzag combined with a random stop and go

          • TrentC

            Run in zig zag, random stop and go.. and head for the forested area on the left.

          • run in zigzag, random stop and go and head for the forested area on the left while dodging every now and then.

          • TrentC

            plus a subtle head fake every three steps…

          • ;D

            I think we can wrap it up. Even Blackfish will give up.

          • TrentC

            Pansy! There’s always another move to try…

            Run in zig zag, random stop and go, head for the forested area on the left, while dodging every now and then, plus a subtle head fake every three steps, then a quick shoulder roll.

          • Stop it. I don’t want my boss to hear me laughing out loud. ;D

          • TrentC

            Do you think after the first arrow hit the ground beside him, would it have paid off to turn around and look at what’s coming?

            Or is that just asking for a horrible eye socket shot in the face?

            There’s another hokey pokey dodge move in there while looking back at Ramsay, but out of respect for your job I won’t sing it.

          • TrentC
          • Girls are so sweet. Walder Frey wouldn’t disagree with me.

          • I’ll laugh up my sleeve and try to mask my laughter with some coughs and door slams.

  • susan appleby

    Just FYI: HBO has some good behind the scene videos of the battles. All of the shots with Kit Harrington and horses are real, including the charge of 40 horses.

  • TrentC

    The other side of the Father’s Day scene, how about Dany, Yara and Sansa all becoming queens? If everyone assumes that Bran is dead isn’t Sansa the next true born heir in line?

    So the Littlefinger/Sansa pairing that Rob was mentioning isn’t so far fetched. He realized Rickon was probably going to be killed. Talk about being three steps ahead…

  • Angie

    Ha, rewatching last night’s episode and realized that Sansa rode away from parley before Ramsay made the comment about not feeding his dogs for seven days.

  • Asher Forrester

    Is this episode just too good to be true? It’s like the Purple Wedding but 100 times more satisfying!! xDD A very un-episode-9-like turn of events…..and does that mean we are to expect devastation in next week’s finale?

    Will next week’s Season 6 Finale be the most depressing one yet….cos the only way to counteract all this joy and happiness we are feeling right now is to hit us when we least expect it….right?

  • Phil The-Issues-Guy

    Another excellent review good sirs!

  • JCMac610

    I would love it if you guys discussed what I am about to say on the feedback show. Sorry it is a long one. I would love to know what your thoughts are on this.

    This episode was absolutely amazing, but the Knights of the Vale showing up in the knick of time was expected and cheesy, which makes me believe it isn’t what it seems. I don’t believe George R. R. Martin would allow something so corny and typical Hollywood through. Littlefinger has that whole scene at the Vale earlier this season, where he talks Robin into helping Sansa, but we never get a scene where he tells them no and then tells them “I got a letter. We ride!” He would have looked like an idiot and lost all credibility. He knew Sansa and Jon would never get the numbers they needed to fight Ramsey. Did he know the Tulley’s would be held up by the Lannisters and Freys? Maybe, maybe not. The Knights of the Vale marched out and they waited. He let the Stark and Bolton armies fight to the death and came out just when all hope was lost for the Starks. Littlefinger is smart and cunning. He knew what he was doing. Sansa and Jon owe him now. They desperately need his help. They have no army and they need to unite the North.

    Him playing it up so loudly that he wants Sansa (finale promo) when he married her off to Ramsey… Since when does Littlefinger not know gossip? I think he knew Ramsey was a monster, Jon would come in and save her or she would flee to Jon, and that he would swoop in like the Knight in Shining Armor and save them both. Where was he while Sansa was with the Boltons? Maybe he talked the Umbers into handing over Rickon, so like Ramsey wanted, there would no longer be a true male heir anymore for Winterfell. He could use Robb Stark’s mistakes and tell the Umbers to join the Bolton’s or they would never be safe. They’ve had Rickon all this time and now they hand him over? Right after Sansa bolts and daddy Bolton is dead? The Umbers didn’t care much for Ramsey. They wouldn’t bend a knee. They were fighting for him because they kinda had to survive and adapt.

    War was inevidible because obviously the Starks want their home back. She would think he is in love with her and she would think she has one over on him, but no one has one over on Littlefinger. He didn’t go from loving her mother to loving her. A promise the Knights of the Vale army is Winterfells would likely mean Sansa marrying Littlefinger and then he would be King of the North. He is ambitious. No way he got her letter and road the Knights out at that point. They were preparing for battle ever since Littlefinger told them to. He is brilliant when it comes to creating chaos.

    Sansa should take a note from her aunt’s book and see that Littlefinger made her aunt think he loved her and so they killed her husband and then he married her and pushed her out of a moondoor while securing Sansa’s trust at the same time… Sansa is screwed if she doesn’t keep her composure and keep Littlefinger at arms length. She and Jon don’t communicate well. I don’t know. This isn’t looking good for the Starks.

  • J-me not Hi-me

    It’s too bad Ramsey is so incredibly evil, as I think he’s the best general we’ve seen on the show.

  • Asher Forrester

    Not that great to be a giant this season…is it?….First Hodor and now Wun-Wun??? I’m already dreading what’s gonna happen in the category of “EXCELLENCE IN HODOR AWARD” at the Throners this year?? T^T

  • Dan C

    I was sad for Rickon. I was holding out for the hope that he could be the next Tommen in going to from nonexistent to having a role. And I would have loved a Rickon-Bran bro hug reunion at some point.

    • susan appleby

      On the other hand, Tommen may not survive this season either.

  • Would have loved to see some mention of the total freakout on Twitter last night when what appears to have been a large number of HBO Now subscribers couldn’t watch the episode for almost an hour! The most hyped episode only and there we were, unable to watch it for what seemed like an eternity! Took HBO almost 45 minutes to even acknowledge there was a problem, which didn’t help any!!

  • This episode looked like it was directed by Mel Gibson.

  • Megan

    Rob going from “Stop it…stop…” regarding Jonsa a few episodes ago to full on shipping it now is the most hilarious thing to come from this episode! Great job Rob and Josh! Can’t wait to hear your finale coverage!

  • Raphaël Beaudoin

    My only real complaint about this episode is how shitty the battle preparation was from Jon’s side. Expected Jon to not be great at it, but I had a lot of hope for Davos as a general! I think the book might deliver way more on that side tho.

  • Kristen Shaver

    Sansa probably didn’t tell anyone about little finger coming to help because she doesn’t trust him. It would be better to not expect him and have them save the day rather than make a battle plan involving them and little finger never showing up.

    • Kyle William Ellis

      i like to think of a Sansa having a good idea they were coming, but after Jon forcing a battle before she felt they were ready, and not being included in the battleplans, just stopped trusting Jon Snow with her input and pulled an audible

      • susan appleby

        Would you count on Littlefinger if you were Sansa? He’s completely self serving.

        • Andiamo

          Sansa is definitely not naive to Littlefinger’s nature. I think she could count on him because he’s self serving. I’m just curious what she offered him in the letter, or what arrangement they made, that would ensure that he would show.

  • Kyle William Ellis

    I kind of have a darker sense of Sansa after tonight. While watching her ride up with Little Finger and the Knights of the Vale, I kind of felt that she knew that Jon’s army had 0 chance of winning. She was dismissed when she said they needed to wait til they gathered more troops, she was not really included in any planning, and the one thing she told Jon was don’t do what he wants you to do, and as Ramsay released Rickon, Jon didn’t listen to that either. I feel after being dismissed and disregarded here and somewhat throughout the season, that she was going to take fate into her own hands. I don’t think Rob is right when he accused her of not having an idea, i think she is just fed up of going along with everybody else’s plans, and thought, instead of giving you this army I have on my way, just to underestimate Ramsay and fail, I’ll let you do whatever your plan is, and when both sides are weakened and the Bolton’s army is preparing to finish thngs off, show up with my army and end it. Sansa is on a mission to take back Winterfell, get revenge on Ramsay, and I really don’t think she cared if the army of wildings, or even Jon Snow dies to get it back. I think the influences of Little Finger and Ramsay are already a part of her, and I can see a darker side of her emerging, possibly leading to her death just as it has for so many.

    • Andiamo

      Sansa has understandably become pretty ruthless/practical in her move towards self-preservation. I agree with you that it was her plan to hold back the Vale army and turn the entire battle into a trap for Ramsay.

      I’m not sure that she didn’t care whether or not Jon died, but she wasn’t going to let his stubbornness get in the way of her victory. She warned Jon that they had to be one step ahead of Ramsay’s tactic of laying traps for people. She also told Jon to give up on the goal of saving RIckon because Ramsay was never going to let it happen. I think she would’ve preferred Jon to be on her side, but she would rather win without him than knowingly lose by his side. Sansa’s days of relying on other people or choosing loyalty at her own expense are over.

    • Ali B

      Yep. I don’t know if the battle was Sansa’s master plan. It seems very in character for Littlefinger to say he wd only commit troops at the end. But I think Sansa either planned or agreed to it, knowing it would be a slaughter for Jon’s army and possibly Jon himself. She was pragmatic about there being no chance to save Rickon and I think also she believed that any means would justify the end of defeating Ramsay and re-claiming Winterfell.

  • susan appleby

    Can someone answer: is Tyrion single now? Does he know about Sansa and Ramsay? Would news go that far? Will he at least find out about them taking back Winterfell?

  • susan appleby

    PS. Dragons!!

  • SamMuray

    The action scenes were super amazing, the story was too straightforward to my liking though, things happened exactly the way they were expected!

    And where was Ghost?

  • Asher Forrester

    I’m kind of over people calling Rickon stupid and dumb for running in a straight line…..I’d like to see you being in the same situation and try running for your life zig-zag-ing and all that…..I’d probably be all weak in the knees and fall flat on my face before I can even start running….especially after being locked up for god knows how long without any proper nutritions and stuff…..LOL….

    • susan appleby

      Agree. Rickon deserves much more compassion. He’s a little boy. And it wouldn’t have mattered because Ramsey is an expert marksman. Damn him.

    • Nathaniel Turner DuBois

      You gotta zig zag. There is no excuse for Rickon.

  • Fernando Castro

    Place your bets. Will the season finale be on par with Episode 9 like the last couple of seasons, or will we see an epilogue-style finale like seasons 1-3 with not a whole lot happening?

    • susan appleby

      I’m betting it’s as big with more unexpected twists, though possibly a cliffhanger because the show runners can be such obvious dolts,.

  • Fernando Castro

    Everything points to Dani heading to Westeros soon, but we know she cares about Meereen and other cities of Slaver’s Bay. If she leaves and takes the whole gang with her, what do we think the fate of Essos would be? Part of me wonders if right before she plans to sail or fly off, she might step back and have that cliche line where she says, “I don’t need to go home. I’ve been home all along.”

  • Laws

    Terri Schwartz popularized the wildfire theory…

    People have been talking about that since Dance came out.

    • susan appleby

      Josh just talking up his friend. That’s ok with me.

  • susan appleby

    I’m thinking we were generally too harsh on the Braavos storyline. Arya now knows a lot about poison. That’s the first thing I thought of when I saw a dinner party in the trailer. The dinner party was almost shot for shot of the Red Wedding.
    But why is Jaime there when he wants to get back home?

  • TrentC

    It’s too bad that Wun Wun and Sansa didn’t hook up. They could use some giant Stark offspring in the upcoming battles 🙁

  • Sandman

    It’s worth pointing out that Sansa has adapted/evolved to play the life and death games all the other Starks failed to understand. Ned lost his head for doing the right thing; Rob and Cat were indirectly killed by Rob’s decision to execute Karstark (Forcing Rob to break bread with a notorious oathbreaker for his army); and Bran unknowingly sent Rickon to his death under the impression that the Umbers would always remain loyal to the Starks.

    • susan appleby

      The thing is that she warned Jon and he didn’t listen. Why doesn’t anyone blame him for being heedless. He was going to rush out to Rickon no matter what Sansa did or told him.
      Also, everyone says how untrustworthy Littlefinger is. How could Sansa know he would arrive with his army? I think if she had gotten confirmation from him, she would have told Jon.

  • GeekFurious

    Did you all notice that Jaime & Jon both give very similar options to their opponents? And in the end, both of their enemies die because of a Bolton?