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Game of Thrones Book Club | Spoiler Discussion of Blood of My Blood, Season 6 Episode 6

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Welcome to the Game of Thrones Book Club, the Post Show Recaps podcast that talks about HBO’s Emmy-winning series from the perspective of those who have read George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire novels and related material. You are listening and proceeding further at your own risk.

This week, Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Stephen Fishbach (@StephenFishbach) discuss the return of Benjen Stark, what Bran saw in his visions, what’s in store for Jaime and much more.

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  • susan appleby

    I agree with Stephen that Bran being the one person who causes everything would ruin the deep history of the story.
    Bran saw in the vision the suff that happened in the past,was there any hint he was seeing the future? I think there was a shadow of a dragon over Kings landing, maybe that is in the future?
    I think George R R Martin has a much more complicated and unpredictable ending in store.
    I also think that Aeron will be the next villian, and who knows maybe Dany teams up with him? It’s a shame that the villains we have now are such one dimensional characters.

    • Stephen Fishbach

      Finally we agree on something, Susan!!

      • susan appleby

        Love you bae!

    • GeekFurious

      No doubt. And GRRM won’t do it. However, D&D could do it because it simplifies the story. I am willing to bet ANY AMOUNT OF MONEY that we’re going to get another “just as they’re about to run into bad trouble, here comes a savior” this season… in 6.09. And it will be Jon and his troops about to go down when… OMG HERE COMES THE VALE!

  • xkrang

    I think Hodor scene will be totally different in the books, it will be in Nightfort I would say but who knows. But the tv show scene was still powerful. I don’t think it was all about creation of WW. We will see in season 8 probably much more story about it. They can’t reveal all in the first half of season 6. 🙂 We saw ToJ this episode in the flashback 🙂

  • xkrang

    I love Euron in the show and I think many people think he is a badass in the show. “I don’t mock the Drowned God. I’m the Drowned God. From Oldtown to Qarth, when men see my sails, they pray. I’m the storm, the first and the last and you’re in my way.” That was one of the best scenes in series. I think Euron will be main antagonist in season 7. Joffrey, Ramsey and then Euron.

  • Mike

    I think Josh is mis-remembering something from A Feast for Crows. First, we don’t actually know that Brienne has agreed to go find Jaime on behalf of LSH/Brotherhood Without Banners. It literally ends with her hanging from a noose yelling one word that isn’t revealed. I know that someone has correctly guessed that the word is “sword,” signifying her choice of hanging (rope) or finding Jaime (sword), but that’s all we know. It hasn’t progressed at all yet, and technically isn’t even canon yet. Really hoping he’s also wrong about LSH. The timing is finally right!

    • Austin

      In Dance of Dragons Brienne finds Jamie and tells him she has found Sansa,but needs his help saving her from the hound.

      • susan appleby

        They are ruining Jaime little by little.

  • GeekFurious

    Euron’s introduction was pretty good. I really had high hopes for him… but that Kingsmoot sequence was ridiculous. And it calls attention to the cliche cheese service… I mean fan service, of season 6. It’s like we’ve been indulging in the Mountain Dew version of a fine wine called A Song of Ice and Fire, and now D&D have switched us to the stripped down version of Mountain Dew and we’re now drinking Diet Mountain Dew! Why would anyone want that?! Well, apparently a lot of people because Diet Mountain Dew is tasty even though it lacks all the wonderful things that make hurting your body worth doing.

    In any event, Euron sucks just a little bit more than Diet Mountain Dew and GAME OF FAN SERVICE season 6.

    I kid… I like the season and even think some of it is terrific. But it’s still the Diet Mountain Dew of the Mountain Dew of fine wine.

    • susan appleby

      Maybe because Diet Mountain Dew is better than nothing.

      • GeekFurious

        But they had fine wine and Mountain Dew… we didn’t need to downgrade. They decided to do that. They were doing fine shipping Mountain Dew.

        • susan appleby

          There are two problems that have caused this:
          1. George RR Martin is a genius of complexity and subtlety who hates to have anything work as the typical fantasy tropes,but his genius is no longer directly fueling the plots the show runners come up with or giving them language ( I know he gave them outline or something but I don’t think he has written any scripts.)
          I expect most of the episodes will be more predictable barring any actual twists that Geirge R R Martin had already covered.
          It’s more like a typical drama now but it’s still a solid production. (See, for example: the horrible Jaimie and Cersei soap opera dialogue or Dany’s retread speech)

          2. The scope of the show is massive and I think it is incredibly difficult for them to manage the project and get the shows out. It’s a crazy level of detail for a tv show. They’ve created an entire world that just keeps expanding on them. I read that in upcoming fight scene is the biggest ever filmed for tv.

          • GeekFurious

            My problem is more that they didn’t need to make it such a cliche in season 6. They used to mash that cheese button maybe a couple of times per season. Now I think we’ve had it in every single episode multiple times where the most convenient thing happens. That’s the complete opposite of the books on which this show is based. And if they had been doing that for 6 seasons… fine. But they didn’t. And some people are actually saying “oh, this is the best season.” Because it’s dumb, predictable, and full of fan service… and that bothers me because there was no NEED to take the story telling down to the lowest level. They are yaddi-yadda’ing through MAJOR moments because they’ve either lost perspective on the tone of the show they were making or they purposely decided to toss it out. Either way, it’s only amplified when you see those great moments like the end of 6.05… which was obviously inspired by GRRM, not D&D’s creative hive mind of cheese.

            And I say this as someone who loves the show and constantly defends D&D from raging book readers. But I won’t pretend they didn’t paint themselves in this corner on their own and… seemingly on purpose.

          • susan appleby

            They have to simplify it. But they aren’t geniuses.
            I wonder if Jon and Sansa even meet in the books.
            I know that Jaimie is feed up with Circie at this point in the books, that moment of the two of them together was the height of cheese for this show. I can’t see George ever writing those bad lines.

          • GeekFurious

            I am fine with them simplifying it. But I DO think they are “geniuses” in their realm. I expect better from them. But yes, without GRRM’s uber genius leading their focus, it’s clear the time constraints are watering down intellectual creativity.

            And no, I don’t think George will be doing any of this –and I mean ANY of it- the way we’ve seen D&D do them. Just reading that Damphair chapter reminded me the difference between D&D and GRRM. It’s a Wikipedia entry vs the real thing.

          • susan appleby

            Yeah, I was using the word genius loosely. I just think their storytelling is well wrapped and well produced above average storytelling.
            The last episode is a perfect example. The entire Ramsey Bolton storyline from last season to now is poor to just terrible. Jaime is a lost character who just seems to go from place to place with no growth. Cersei, she seems the same after the death of two children and her walk of shame. It’s hard to believe that she is so incompetent but was the cause of so much trouble.

  • susan appleby

    Why aren’t the post show recap vote for the podcast awards that Rob and Josg are doing showing up on the site?

    I have some thoughts on the walking dead v game of thrones crossover. Plus people may be missing out.

  • Rob Punton

    Guys seriously you and fishbok are amazing. Id love to see you guys in a threesome with Rob. Or Fishbok as a regular contributor really ups the academics component in the best of geeky ways. A+ guys. No offence intended on visual reference lol

  • Here’s a rough speculation on next week’s episode 8. Will Septon Ray be brought back to life after what has happened to him, ultimately replacing the role of Lady Stoneheart?
    Here are my reasons:
    (1) Why Ian McShance? Is he done with a single episode? I think that’s insane for the show to ditch him like this.
    (2) Isn’t it a little late to re-introduce Lady Catelyn? I mean we were just intoroduced to an awesome character Septon Ray whom we immediately feel sympathy for.
    (3) Considering the way this show has introduced the coldhand, with a little twist (although there were my theories pointing that), it may also be possible to change a little bit of plots around Lady Stoneheart.