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Game of Thrones | Season 6, Episode 4 Recap – Book of the Stranger

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Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 4, Recap Podcast of “Book of the Stranger” on May 15, 2016

Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino) are back to recap Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 4, “Book of the Stranger”

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  • Brendan Fitzpatrick

    How was Davos only THIS episode asking Mel about Stannis, and Shireen? What have they been talking about the the last 4 weeks? The weather?

    • haha!

    • He has probably asked the same question the last four weeks, and Melisandre has ignored his question the same way each time. Should we watch this once a week ?

    • Bael_The_Bard

      What 4 weeks? It’s been like 2 days since Jon died at the Wall

  • realtrinilostgirl2007

    The tyrian post of seven years is similar to when the British ended slavery in its empire in the West Indies. They allowed a number of years of the plantations to end slavery and then at the end of the period the africans on the plantations were free. We all know George Martin likes to take inspiration from real life.

  • dapete

    Happiest GoT ep ever! So excited for Tormund and Brienne. I’ll bet she winds up leading the fight against the White Walkers.

  • Christine Larivière

    As soon as I see Sam and now Robin, I immediately think of Josh.

  • famattjr

    Re your comments-I don’t think Jaime & Cersei are trying to get Tyrell forces in necessarily because Lannister forces are weak-but because they can’t get Tommen to commit them. They tell The Hand to refrain from having his forces interfere with Tyrell raid on the Sparrows. Bypassing Tommen. Also funny to discuss possible use of “gasoline” around the Khals. Yes-they use that gas for their dune buggies. Obviously those big torches are fed by something very flammable (are they UL approved?) and I think they were the only source of flame.

    • David Alexander

      What happened to Tywins army?

      • Austin

        Tywin’s army are the Lannister forces which I now assume are under Kevan’s control since he seems like the rightful heir since Jamie gave up all rights by joining the kings guard and Tyrion is a wanted murderer.
        I don’t know where they are. They are probally scattered across Westeros and holding down territories.

  • Rob Kuczmarski

    Isn’t the trip from Winterfell to the Wall more like a month? Maybe not, trying to remember from when Benjen and Jon and Tyrion did it in the first season.

    • dapete

      It’s best not to try fitting the goings on at Castle Black into any logical timeline. They’re all over the yard. Literally.

  • A.Claire

    I actually want Rickon to have a role in killing Ramsay Bolton. Given that he’s the only one among the Stark siblings who currently doesn’t really have a role plus Robin has more airtime than him. I really hope he isn’t going to be killed.

    • Rickon will not die. Kids don’t die in GOT.
      Wait! forget what I just said…

  • J-me not Hi-me

    While I was certainly sorry to see Osha go, especially so soon after returning, I have to say I was also somewhat relieved. Given Ramsey’s proclivities, stabbed in the neck and dying quickly is pretty much a best-case scenario.

  • Joey

    It seems like Daario and Jorah’s role was killing the gaurd and barring the door.

    • And kneeling before the naked Khaleesi.

  • Totally Offside

    So I’m guessing that Ramsey didn’t write that letter to John. It was the Umbers. They want him to take out Ramsey and take back Winterfell for the Starks. The whole “giving Ricon to Rasey” thing was part of the plan. They don’t really care what happens to Ricon as long as John takes out Ramsey.

  • Gal Baum

    Can you please add the link to the mp3 file?

  • My question is: What kind of help Astapor and Yunkai masters are providing to Mereen masters to support their insurrection ?

  • Ruben Kruger

    lmao. LOVE all the subtle survivor references. Thanks for an awesome podcast guys

  • Angie

    I’m assuming that Brienne will die this season, maybe fighting at Winterfell, maybe when she formally challenges Melisandre about the blood magic, maybe when she and Tormund declare their feelings for one another (Probably in the minutes after this happens ala Jon/Ygritte. Brienne has no purpose now that she’s brought Sansa to Jon, and we’ve seen what happens to people who mess with the Red Priestess.

  • TrentC

    It probably won’t happen but I would like to see multiple armies descend on Winterfell, Pyke people among them, and somehow in the scuffle Theon faces Ramsey and kills him.

    Also, Daenery’s nudity looked like it was faked to me. I’ve reviewed the tape multiple times for the ruling.

    • Yep. Emilia Clarke has signed a no-nudity clause since Season 2. They used a double for this scene and superimposed her face, the same way they did with Lena Headey’s walk of shame.

      • famattjr

        The no nudity was at her option-she could not be forced into it but here she felt it was necessary. She’s stated it was her.

        • Could you provide a link please?

          • Asher Forrester
          • thanks.

            Well… her “this is all me, all proud, all strong..” contradicts the “The production took pains to shoot Clarke’s portion of the scene on a private “closed set”

            If she was so comfortable to do this nude scene, why not doing it with her Dothraki fellows in Spain ?

            I didn’t understand also this part : “Taking off my clothes is not the easiest thing, but with the magic of the effects, I don’t have to do a season 1 and go on a cliff and do it,” What does that really mean ?

          • Asher Forrester

            I think what “this is all me” means her baring all for the entire world to see on TV instead of hiring a body double…..and I don’t think she said she was comfortable being nude in front of many people….that’s why it was a closed set. “all proud, all strong” is probably about the scene itself, and how powerful it was…plus just being naked in front of the camera is a scary thing to take on, right?

            And, I think in Season 1 it was not a closed set….so she had to go outside to shoot the nude scene….whereas this time she could do it privately and have the special effects people make her look like she was outside for all to see….when she wasn’t actually there in person.

          • Don’t you think it’s a paradoxical attitude to feel uncomfortable to get naked in front of a dozen people, when you know the scene will be seen by million people ?

          • Asher Forrester

            The difference is having hundreds of people and cameras staring at you while you’re naked outside, compared to only having a camera and possibly a few people in a closed and safe environment….I’d for sure feel a lot more comfortable without dozens of wandering eyes staring at me!!

            As for the millions of people watching in front of their TVs…..well….that’s still safer than being naked in front of all those Dothrakis….LOL

          • the problem is: these dozens of eyes will watch you once, while these millions eyes behind their tv will watch you over and over.

          • Asher Forrester

            Haha….that’s not really her problem is it??

          • I don’t know. If I’m fine with the idea that million people will stare at my balls on their 60′ tv, I will not have any problem at showing them to the world. ;D

          • Asher Forrester

            I think you’re missing the point here…..does it even matter how and where and why she got naked? How is this even a discussion? Haha

          • You right. I’m all in to stare at her boobs (when my wife is away).

            Boobs aside, do you have any theory on what kind of help Astapor and Yunkai masters are providing Mereen to support the masters insurrection? I see none.

          • Asher Forrester

            Maybe money and man power?? Haha….I have no idea…Rob & Josh might have a better theory~~
            However, this plan from Tyrion kinda sucks, right?…LOL….Hopefully Drogon and the Other Dragons make an appearance next episode and blow them all to ashes!! >___<

          • I think Tyrion is a cunning strategist. While his proposal seems unfair, it’s the best deal he could have to buy him time. You need to give people an alternative when you wnat to take from them a gain.
            When you push a wounded beast into a narrow corner, it will become very very dangerous. Better to shoot it when it is looking elsewhere.

          • Asher Forrester

            True!! Let’s just hope his plan doesn’t backfire on him…and ends up getting shot at first…7 years is a really long time for things to go horribly wrong!

    • Asher Forrester

      I think it was the CGI of the fire and the way it was all put together that made it look fake…..but I’m sure you’ll be glad to know that it was all Emilia Clarke, no body double!! >__< Time for even more multiple viewings, am I right? LOL

      • TrentC

        More research!!

  • Katy Maher Ptaszynski

    Tin foil hat on – is there any chance Rickon will somehow terminate Ramsay? We don’t exactly know where Rickon and Osha were spending time – maybe they bumped into Syrio Forel or Sandor Clegane, and he received some training? Maybe it’s time for Ramsay to receive a Rickoning.

  • Fernando Castro

    If Jon Snow leaves Castle Black and Sir Davos/Melisandre follow behind, I feel like all of Edd’s and the Night Watch’s plot armor will walk out the gates as well. If the White Walkers attack soon, are Edd and Castle Black as good as dead, or can the Wall hold?

  • Joel Rainey

    I think we just saw Littlefinger make his first huge mistake on this show.The Royces are a very old and proud family who are also related to the Starks.When Littlefinger finds out that Rickon is still alive and that Jon is raising the northern houses to save him you have to think he makes a move that will make Sansa react to him negatively.Without Robin there to give him his power i have to believe Royce will act based on what Sansa wants to happen I have a feeling that Lord Balish dies in the north

  • Asher Forrester

    Osha’s death was really sad amidst all the happiness….would have liked her to maybe injure Ramsey with a stab wound or something….just so she could go out with a bang!

    What would be the most satisfying Ramsey Death Scene? Dying in the hands of Rickon, Sansa, Jon Snow, Theon/Reek, or getting pancaked by Wun-Wun???

    I really want it to be a combination of Theon and Sansa – hopefully the Greyjoys will come join the massacre of the Boltons!! >_<

  • Jasper Stone

    Thinking end game here, now that Dany has the Dothraki on her side, what good are they against the White Walkers other than being future recruits for the undead army? Without the proper weaponry, 100,000 Dothraki could fall to a single White Walker. Is it possible that a kiss of dragon fire is all that it would take to turn the normal Dothraki steel into Valyrian steel?