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Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 2, Recap Podcast of “Home” on May 1, 2016

Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino) are back to recap Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 2, “Home”

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  • Yark Narf

    Everyone but Ghost left the room before Jon respawned so no one actually knows the Rez worked. Is this plot point for a reason? Does Jon go on a side quest by himself, or does he just rejoin his adventuring party and continue with the game?

  • Hi I don’t know if you guys are aware I tried to log in your chatroom under facebook, google and twitter its only working under ChatWing Currently…

  • Sarah Freeman

    Considering how many people have died up to this point, why are Davos and Co only *now* asking Melisandre about resurrection? What’s so special about Jon Snow as far as any of them are concerned?

    • Belle

      I was wondering the same

    • damnbueno

      Snow shouldn’t have meant much to Davos, but all of the others were Snow’s close friends who lobbied for him to become commander.

    • Dan C

      Well the notable people that have died in their storyline (Renly, Shireen, Mance) have died because of Melisandre/Stannis. She’s not bringing them back.

  • Andrew

    The ‘present’ for Ramsay next week has to be Rickon right?

    • J-me not Hi-me

      Oh God. Please no.

  • Andrew

    How the heck do the dragons get out from the temple!? Escape hatch?

  • MustardCannon

    What. An. Episode!
    Did you guys notice Tyrions hair looked a lot more blonde than ever when releasing the dragons? Did D&D do this intentionally to hint at his Targaryen lineage?? Oh and HORDOR!

  • Brendan Fitzpatrick

    Dear god, so much to talk about. WunWun the Giant, making pancakes,. Ser Robert Strong, also making pancakes. Bye Bye Balon. Roose Out, Ramsey in. Jon is…..baaack?!?!? But is he truly Jon? We don’t know….for sure.

  • Joe Sloma

    How will Thorne et al react to Jon’s resurrection? What exactly is the backstory of this new Greyjoy? And–most importantly–will Varys throw a jab or an upper cut at Tyrion?

  • Dean Arata

    is it just me or is there just too many story lines this season? i feel like they need to consolidate

    • Actually I happened to think as you do even back in Season 4 or something. It will be a hard task for them to build up the narrative with SO many things to say.

  • Paul

    RIP Bruce Bolton

    • Wontime

      Bruce was a helluva guy

      • Paul

        I know, hopefully they can get Walter Frey to deliver the eulogy at the funeral.

        • Christine Larivière

          Bruce is dead? I’ll get a new one.

    • HomerBrannon1

      Yeah let me fight back the tears.

  • I almost teared up when I saw little Ned, Benjen, and LYANNA!!!!!! It’s so good to see them in altogether in the show even though 2 of them are dead and 1 is missing now.

  • Nodetails

    Soo…double exit interview with Roose Bolton and Balon Greyjoy?

    Can we voicemail in questions?

    • damnbueno

      It was a bad week to be a Game Of Thrones Patriarch.

  • David Alexander

    If I don’t see a YT video of the last minute of the ep cut with Back in black, I hit the sack…. I will be highly dissapointed.

  • John Santucci

    I’m a little disappointed that there was no shot of Ollie (and Thorne for that matter) in the ice cells of Castle Black.

    • HomerBrannon1

      I’m sure Ollie has already made Thorne his prison b**ch.

  • TrentC

    Holy Walt!

    So how old is Bran now, 28?

    Great episode and recap, thanks.

    • damnbueno

      That would make Rikkon (wherever he is) about 25 then, right?

      • TrentC

        And conversely, the guy who plays Jojen is going to look 12 until he’s 94.

        Walt was an unfortunate by-product of the Lost producers thinking they could stretch seasons to 27 ^*%$%! months without repercussions. Oooooh don’t get me started.

        • damnbueno

          Their bigger mistake was casting a 12-year old to play a 10-year old. Sure the kid could act, and there’s no way to predict when anyone’s growth spurt is gonna kick in, but that decision was asking for it.

          Who knew he’d grow into a power forward though?

          • TrentC

            I read the actor who played Walt had a growth spurt of something like 26 inches over one year.

            Long leggedy Bran looked a little funny as well last episode. Did you notice the long shot when Hodor picked him up? Probably used a stunt double to save Hodor’s back.

  • HomerBrannon1

    I guess Amanda Peet isn’t divorcing David Benioff now. I thought she’d be on the market.

  • Christine Larivière

    If Jon’s first word is “Hodor” then we know what happened to Willis.

    • damnbueno

      Maybe its the Smoke Monster only pretending to be Jon Snow.

    • TrentC

      I was hoping Jon would growl like the dog for the rest of his extended life.

      Melisandre – D’OH!

      • Christine Larivière

        I thought the wolf would die and he’d wake, but both he and the wolf live.
        I like the thought of Wolfman Jon, though.

  • Shevek

    Moment of the episode for me: a minute into Melisandre’s resurrection ritual my wife perfectly impersonates the whole Billy Crystal scene from Princess Bride.

    “He’s only mostly dead”

  • John Santucci

    Now that resurrection is all the rage on Game of Thrones, is there still a chance that we see Lady Stoneheart enter the TV Show story? Also, are we all keen on knowing what happened to Hodor that severely handicapped his vocabulary? Would a fight between Wun-Wun and Zombie Mountain be worth seeing?

  • Dan C

    Was anyone else reminded of Harry and Dumbledore looking at memories through the pensieve, in regards to Bran’s storyline?

  • Fernando Castro

    We saw Bran have a vision of the past, or was it? Although he wasn’t seen by others in the past, is there any chance this show is getting “LOST” on us and Bran is actually traveling through time?! Maybe in the penultimate season, Bran gets the whole gang to come back with him to pretend to be members of House Dharma?

  • John Santucci

    Is Zombie Mountain patrolling the streets of King’s Landing enforcing some kind of no smack-talking about Cersei command and is this really a good way for him to spend his time?

  • Angie

    Great recap guys! While Jon’s resurrection scene was filled with tension and at least attempted to draw out the inevitable, at the end of the episode, I felt a little underwhelmed. I was more engaged with Ramsay’s scenes and the trajectory for his character; specifically his eventual death. I’m ashamed to admit that I really really want to see him die and I want it to be painstakingly slow and gratuitous. If he gets the Joffrey treatment I will be disappointed. (Two minutes of blue face for the guy who sport hunted Roz in his bedroom was merciful) We’re in Bellatrix Lestrange territory with Ramsay (Potter fans knew she had to die and debated after OOP which character most deserved to kill her and I’m wondering the same about Ramsay) he’s dealt pain and death to nearly every character on the show. Who do you think deserves to kill him? Personally, I think it will be Sansa, but this might just be wishful thinking.

  • Ali B

    I think Ayra is going to get her eyes back which is good news. But part of me feels a little bit disappointed she never got better at fighting using The Force. Seems like something a ninja assassin might be able to do.

  • S_Carl_Dixon

    A Reeksurrection?? xDD It would be awesome if Theon goes back to Winterfell and exact revenge on the Boltons pretending to be Reek, right? Even though I would prefer Sansa to be the one to go back and kill Ramsey – maybe with Jon Snow by her side?

  • S_Carl_Dixon

    Ramsey better get castrated and tortured (like what he did to Reek) before he gets fed to the mad dogs!! >__<

  • S_Carl_Dixon

    Who would win between Wun Wun vs Hodor vs Mounster (aka The Mountain)? I’d imagine Wun Wun would just trample them all to mush right? LOL.

    I was really cheering for Wun Wun to step on Olly when the wildlings attacked Castle Black!! That would have topped the Archer pancake moment~~ xDDD

  • S_Carl_Dixon

    What about Jon Snow vs Ramsey Snow this season??
    The Battle of the Bastards?

  • S_Carl_Dixon

    Any theories on Hodor’s backstory?
    Could he have overheard some deep dark secret about the Starks that got him somehow condemned to forever speaking hodor? Could he be the only living person that knows about the secret to Jon Snow’s parentage, and that’s why he can never speak properly again?
    Dam….the mystery of Hodor is now one of the BEST storylines this season!!! >_<

  • Rob Kuczmarski

    Rob, what happened to your voice? Sounds like you’ve been smashed against a wall and are gurgling blood

    • S_Carl_Dixon

      Yeah….sounds like doing this podcast an hour later might not have helped either….both Josh & Rob seemed pretty tired and about to pass out~~ xDD

  • c cat

    Rob is wrong Olly is the hero of GoT. After watching his whole family get murdered he joined the NW to make a difference. He killed Ygritte who Jon broke his oath for. After Jon let the murderers past the wall Olly did the right thing and killed him for it. And when they came back on Sunday he was the only one who tried to do the right thing and fight back. I hope the first thing next ep is Olly putting another knife in Jon. Get on the bandwaggon now because Olly is the hero and will be on the Iron Throne in season 7.

  • S_Carl_Dixon

    What’s gonna happen to the 2 dragons Rhaegal & Viserion now that they are freed by Tyrion? Will they find their mother and save her from the Dothrakis or will they just meet up with wherever the seven kingdoms Drogon is and fly off into the sunset?