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Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 8, Recap Podcast of “No One” on June 12, 2016

Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino) are back to recap Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 8, “No One”

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  • susan appleby

    So, I can’t watch tonight so even though I’m late I have t seen anything.
    My guesses for deaths though not all episode:
    Faith militant extras and the lover boy of Cersei
    High Sparrow
    “Shame Nun”
    Maybe Marjorie, as impt characters die without warning here.
    Marjorie’s brother (?)
    Marjorie’s uncle (?)

    Maybe Kevan Lannister takes the throne… Maybe Jaime? Does Jaime de after Cersei?

    • susan appleby

      Only got one. Sticking to my list for next week but adding Kevan. I think the entire ruling structure of kings landing is going, Marjorie and all. It won’t matter anymore.
      No idea what Jamie will do.
      I think Varys knows about the wildfire in Kings Landing and wants to get some. Not sure though.

      • Ali B

        2? Blackfish and Waif?

  • jon dunn

    Damn, easily the worst episode of the season.

    oh well, have high hopes for next two weeks.

  • Paul

    The writing is terrible this season. Wigler is either in denial or just lying because of his Hollywood Reporter gig.

    • Josh Wigler

      I am digging the season a lot more than I’m not, but I have not universally praised it. Tonight alone, I said I didn’t dig the Riverrun story, and also said I’m not sure why we spent 18 episodes in Braavos. I enjoy Game of Thrones much more often than I don’t enjoy it, but there are definitely story lines I’ve criticized, and have criticized in the past. If you want to call that “denial” or a “lie,” okie doke.

      • susan appleby

        I just think you are overly positive on this bad episode , the writing and the pacing compared to your usual takes on other shows with similar issues.
        At the same time, I appreciate your positive attitude and enthusiasm. That way when you finally agree something is bad ( the strain) we know it was incredibly awful and unwatchable.

        • Josh Wigler

          Fair enough! It’s certainly no STRIGOI.

          • TrentC

            Some people may be straining to understand that reference.

            I agree, maybe not the best episode but there were some good things in there. A bad episode of GoT is still better than some of the other stuff out there.

            They have about 100 moving pieces in the show, hard to get the right timing and tone for everything.

            And to answer – What did Arya get after 18 episodes? The ability to kill a deadly assassin in the dark while wounded. I imagine we’ll see quite a different Arya when she gets back home 🙂

            thanks for the recap guys

          • susan appleby

            Lol. I see what you did there.

            All joking aside I do appreciate Josh is positive and cheerful. No one wants to listen to an endless podcast of people moaning about how bad the show is. If you listen again he is critical of things in the episode but he doesn’t berate the show about it.

            I think the problems with this episode stem from last episode, if that makes sense. We were kind of set up to expect a bigger battle with Jamie and the Blackfish, and a bigger fight with the mountain against the sparrows guys, a bigger discussion with Brienne and Jaimie ( he went to all that trouble to equip her for a fools errand? That doesn’t make sense. Maybe he just wanted her gone out of Cersies sight)and something way different with Arya after her terrible wounds.

            I mean can everyone come back from fatal wounds, even without magic? Look at the Hound and Arya back to back episodes. It strains credibility, because we have expected that people die from the wounds they have recieved the past seasons of the show. Now we have to wonder and it undermines the level of risk.

            Still think we are going to see a lot more death this season.

            PS. Arya also got well away from people who knew who she was, which is what I wish had happened to Sansa. She learned a lot about poison too.

          • TrentC

            Agreed on all points. There seems to be a division or a wall so to speak when it comes to this season. They’re bringing back some old characters, while at the same time hurrying, or compressing some current events that feel like they should be more fleshed out.

            It seems to me that since the TV series has eclipsed the books this season, that the writing for the TV show has changed. Are they in a hurry with some end goal we don’t know about? Different people writing the screenplays?

            The Arya/Waif scene could have played out in so many different, delicious ways but I guess it’s like Rob said. Sometimes a straight line is okay too. The Waif really did remind me of the Terminator movies in her pursuit though.

            I’ve just finished the first book (in five days, testament to Martin) and understand the books vary from the TV show. I’m curious to see where the TV screenplays go from here and will Martin have influence over the future plots like he did during the Hodor episode.

          • susan appleby

            The pursuit reminded me of an early Jckie Chan cheesy comedy.

          • Ali B

            Completely agree with everything you say in para 4 above. The realism is one of the things that really elevated GoT and, while I don’t mind the magic bits, Ayra’s recovery was too much. Why not just give her a lesser wound? On the other hand I loved The Hound in this episode and I’m really glad he’s back so I am a hypocrite :p

          • TrentC

            What I didn’t like prefaced that episode when the Waif first met Arya on the bridge. Accomplished assassin, seems to hate Ayra, pokes her a couple of times, gives her non life threatening injuries, watches Arya roll into the water, lets her leave.

            Please hand in your union assassin card at the door, thank you!

          • Will she open her own house of Black and White, and start off her face collection ?

          • TrentC

            Yes it will become an affordable franchise like Dominos.

            3 coppers for a medium size beating or 1 silver for a large two topping killing.

          • ;D

          • GeekFurious

            Pizza boy…

    • Raphaël Beaudoin

      Terrible writing or not, it’s fun to watch. Might be the worst season, we’ll know after the finale. Still, the worst of GoT is way better than most show.

      By the way, it’s a recap podcast and a feedback postcast, not a review podcast. It might be me alone, but I want light-hearted fun from Josh and Rob, they are good at exactly that. Josh being overly positive and funny is why this is a great show : if I wan’t more bitching on how this season is terrible, i’ll read and listen to everything else on the internet.

      • It’s not by any standard a terrible season. Each episode seems too short for me. Which is a good sign.
        there are weak writing here and there of course, but nothing too distracting.

        • Paul

          I actually liked the first 5 episodes of this season much more then S5. But the storytelling and pacing for episodes 6-8 has been brutal.

          • I know what you mean.

  • Kristen Shaver

    Is it possible Arya stole the faces from the wall she recognized like cat so instead of lady stone heart there is a vengeful Arya with her mom’s face?

    • susan appleby

      Who knows? Can Arya still face shift as a dropout of that stupid Assasins school that we have seen badly train two Assasins.

  • Wontime

    They sh!t the bed with arya’s storyline

    • Paul

      And the Riverlands storyline which had absolutely no real purpose.

      • Wontime

        Bunk beds, sh!t them both

        • susan appleby

          Please add Tyrion to this list. Even releasing the dragons, they still haven’t let the dungeon.

      • susan appleby

        The purpose is getting Jsimie away from Kings Lsnding when it’s all going down with Cersei. Also getting a “final” Jamie and Brienne. I didnt forget Jaimie is ruthless but maybe other people had hope he was better.
        I wish she kept her sword though.

        • Ali B

          She did keep the sword though?

          • susan appleby

            I was wrong there.

        • Rosa

          This Riverlands rationale is persuasive. It adds to a theory I’ve been developing that Cersei’s descent into madness will culminate in wild fire (or some scorched earth attempt) and that Jaimie will have to intervene again, this time slaying the king’s mother. Possible?

          • Paul

            But why does Jamie have to go to the Riverlands for Cersei to go crazy? Really the only reason I can think of for this storyline is that Jamie is going to die soon, and they wanted him to have a final scene with Brienne.

          • Rosa

            Did the Riverlands victory without (much) bloodshed establish Jamie as a valuer of life? Was his conversation with Edmure mostly rhetorical, to avoid a battle and many casualties? Has he become disillusioned with this game of thrones? Become more aligned with the plight of humanity than the plights of the Lannisters?

            I’m not sure about any of this, I’m just basing this proposition on the fact that Jamie’s impact here was letting live. I wonder what would have happened if he had encountered Blackfish?

      • The purpose was to kill off black fish.

        • Paul

          Off camera of course. If this was the reason they could have just told us through a raven to King’s Landing.

          • Yep. But you can’t fill a 15 mn shooting with a raven’s message.

            I don’t like how Black fish was depicted in this episode. Stubborn, I can deal with it, but stupid and suicidal ?

    • susan appleby

      Been terrible.

    • GeekFurious

      I went back to this podcast just to hear Josh freak out when I mentioned it in my comment. 🙂

  • kane

    wow this is the most rushed season in the history of television … D&D yu suck

  • Derek_Sye

    This was a really bad episode on so many levels. This season has been a rollercoaster of quality. Lets hope they can close out the season with some better episodes, because I don’t want to go into the break with a bad taste in my mouth.

    • susan appleby

      Pretty much down since Jon snow came back and Sansa escaped .

    • Petzl

      What are you talking about?

      We got another 10 minutes of Tyrion making smalltalk with Grey Worm and Missandei! If only they could do a full 57 minutes of just this type of Meereen living room kaffeeklatsch.

  • Jayden James

    Beric – “Lots of people are Azor Ahai”
    Hound – “Yeah, lots of cunts”

    Hound is Azor Ahai. Buy it or not at all?

  • susan appleby

    Ugh. These two are banal story tellers. Might as well as not watched.

  • Agent__Zigzag

    Love the Occam’s needle reference/joke! Reminds me when on either a Post Show Recaps or RHAP podcast mention Chekhov. I was just happy I understood both references. Bringing the highbrow humor like nowhere else on the web, TV, or Podcasts.

    • Christine Larivière

      Chekhov’s moon door is a favorite.

  • Sabine Gronau

    Hey guys, I´m wondering what the high sparrows ultimate goal is. If there is no trial by combat, Cersei will probably be found guilty by the faith. Doesn´t that also involve the charge of incest? And thus prove that Tommen is a child of incest and therefore illegitimate as king? Why would the high sparrow want that? To overthrow the empire altogether and win the game of thrones himself? Questions and questions… Thanks for discussing 🙂

    • susan appleby

      These are great questions.

      I doubt that Cersei will agree to attend any trial so she will be guilty by default.

      I think he wants to destroy the monarchy because of his deep hatred for them. I think he thinks he can run things because of his support from the little people. Not really sure though.

      Would be hilarious if Littlefinger was behind the sparrows.

      • Raphaël Beaudoin

        The incest she is accused of is with Lancel, not Jaimei tho. Short of a big reveal during the trial, that won’t hurt the legitimacy of Tommen per se.

        • An incest is only a mother-son, father-daughter or sister-brother sexual intercourse.
          Cousins can marry each other.

          • Raphaël Beaudoin

            I mean, I get that, but that is still the accusation Cersei is facing as of right now and why Jaime is free.

          • If I remember well, I think the accusation was adultery, not incest.

    • The High Sparrow in a strong remedy to cure the highborns from their 7deadly sins. But just like any strong remedy, he will get rid of the disease as well as of the body that bears it.

  • SamMuray

    Yeah I don’t like the on and off pace of this season, most stories are poorly rushed IMO.

    As for Arya’s story, at least my impression was that she got much more than self awareness from her time (18 episodes!) in Braavos. She knows how to take a face and how to use one, how to kill someone (even a knight such as Meryn Trant), so she leaves Braavos a Faceless Man. And I believe it when Jaqen H’ghar says “The girl is finally no one” and the look on his face after Arya says that she’s Arya Stark and going home and the smile suggests that he expected it all along or at least it didn’t come as a surprise.

    • susan appleby

      Thanks for explaining that to me. I wish they had explained it more because that smile and nod was t enough. I need some things spelled out to me. Where are all the speeches?

  • miamihi77

    Jaime may have duped Edmure with that baby story. IF there even is a baby, would Walder Frey allow the Lannisters to kill his grandson? Edmure is and always was a complete waste. But the real purpose of the Riverrun story line IMO is to get Jaime out of King’s Landing to allow Cersei to descend into madness.

    • susan appleby

      Agreed. The HS needed Jaimie out and just as important, his army.

  • Ali B

    ‘Who’s idea was it to discontinue trial by combat?’ I think the sparrows who saw zombie mountain pull that guy’s head off suggested it. ASAP.

    • susan appleby

      I think it was the High Sparrows plan all along but he had to get Jaime and his army out first. No onewho had seen the mountain following Cersei around would have agreed to give her trial by combat.

      My thinking is the High sparrow hates all the monarchy and plans to destroy it all, Tommen included. The problem is we aren’t getting enough glimpses into his thinking so it’s annoying as a viewer.

      • Ali B

        It was kind of a joke. Obviously not a very good one!

        • susan appleby

          No it’s a good joke. I was concentrating on trying to figure out the pieces of what is happening in Kings landing. The show is leaving big gaps for people to follow like Tomen abandoning his mother, though I think it’s because he believes the system will find her innocent. I’m sure he doesn’t believe the incest charges.

  • Sam S.

    This show just has too many characters and storylines and too little time to address them all in a satisfying way.

    • Ali B

      Too little time definitely but too many characters – Nooooo, they’re all important!

  • dryercat

    As far as the preview for episode 9 when seeing John on the battle field, he looks so defeated. I see loss on his face and sadness, do you think Ramsay killed Rickon an has him flayed upside down on a X?

    • susan appleby

      I think Ramsey has killed or will kill Rickon, but he will torture Jon and Sansa with it first. I think if Rickon was dead Jon would be fighting with rage like he has done before.

  • Asher Forrester

    I think we should just all REJOICE & do a happy dance that we are seemingly done with the House of Black and White…..and can finally move forward with Arya’s storyline….cos I don’t think I could have dealt with more ninja assassin pointless trainings of this so-called faceless men/women/people nonsense…LOL….Hopefully this new skill she’s acquired from all of it will now make her more capable of exacting vengeance!!! Otherwise this entire purpose would definitely have been pointless~ >__<

    We need her back with the Hound or even Brienne ASAP!!!!!!

    • SamMuray

      I didn’t mind Braavos, or maybe it’s because I hate King’s Landing so much that other parts didn’t bother me much!

      Unless she borrows one of Dany’s dragons, I doubt she’ll make it to Westeros that fast!

      She’ll probably encounter Nymeria first 😛

      Next episode is gonna be all Wun Wun trampling Boltons! 😀

      • Asher Forrester

        It depends on how far behind Arya’s timeline is compared to that of Jon Snow & Sansa’s…..the showrunners have said that all the stories have come to a point where they are not occurring at the same time…so it can still be possible….haha…I’m still trying to remain hopeful with this one….cos how amazing will it be to have all the Starks back together by the end of the Season in Winterfell, right?? >___< (except for maybe Theon…..but he doesn't really consider himself a Stark….so….he doesn't count….in my eyes…LOL)

        If not then Nymeria would be the next best thing!!! Can't wait for that reunion~~ Don't think I'll be able to hold my tears when that happens….. (if ever….. T^T)

        Yeah~!! Wun Wun for the Iron Throne!!!!! xD

  • In the next episode, Cersei will kill Tommen. She has to.

    • Raphaël Beaudoin

      she might accidently kill Tommen, pretty sure she won’t do it on purpose. It’s against everything she is as a character, even more so after the big speech on how she would do absolutly everything to protect her family last episode.

      • Each time she tries to protect someone, she ends up killing him.

  • Spencer Watson

    I think the previous effort to bring Cersei to the Sept of Baelor was, in fact, an attempt to remove Robert Strong from thepicture. The High Sparrow knew about this hulking monster that followed Cersei around knew that it would be in the way of a conviction. He had to know she wouldn’t go willingly to the Sept of Baelor and Cersei herself mentioned that asking her to leave the Red Keep was against the Sparrow’s promise. Further, the Sparrow send a squad of goons for the task fully armed. When Robert Strong stepped in between Cersei and the Faith Militant it was the Faith Militant who struck first. I think when his first plan to remove Cersei’s “trial by combat out” failed he chose a new tactic of influencing Tommen to simply remove trial by combat in the future.

  • Curtis Davis

    Does Dany really get to be pissed that she came back to a mess? She kinda disappeared on them, for months, right in the middle of a shit storm.

  • Curtis Davis

    Does Dany really get to be pissed that she came back to a mess? She kind of left them, for months, in the middle of a shit storm.

    • Ali B

      I think, even if Tyrion understands Dany had no control over Drogon after he picked her up, that’s definitely the tack he should go with when he has to explain the slave stuff.