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Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 3 Recap | Oathbreaker

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Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 3, Recap Podcast of “Oathbreaker” on May 8, 2016

Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino) are back to recap Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 3, “Oathbreaker”

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  • Josehoseb

    Is Arya Batman now?

  • Harriet Tubgirl

    Over/under on when we see what’s in that tower. 4 episodes?

    • Teresa Beere Johnson


    • Ali B

      Next time we see Bran I think.

  • Chris Edwards

    Is it just me or did Tommen seem to take a liking to the High Sparrow? Where is the relationship between these two characters going to go?

    • Christine Larivière

      I thought maybe he misses Tywin.

  • Brendan Fitzpatrick

    We have a #Rickoning on our hands, and he looks older than Bran. Poor kid, and poor Shaggy Dog. Dammit.

    • Teresa Beere Johnson

      I guess thats a new actor playing Rickon?

      • GeekFurious

        It’s the same exact actor.

        • Teresa Beere Johnson

          Wow hes grown eh?

  • Lance Davis

    Now that the fateful moment has finally arrived–What would Ollie’s eulogy sound like if given by Maester Cesternino?

  • Matt Dague

    What are the odds that Rickon being given to Ramsey is some kind of ploy by the Umbers similar to Littlefinger w/ Sansa? Please be fake Shaggy Dog head.

  • Dean Arata

    is there a possibility that lyanna is still alive?

  • Mark Luhn

    Rob and Josh, I just want to let you guys know that you do a fantastic job. I’m not sure how you have enough time to watch so many shows every week and then podcast and write about everything, but I’m really glad that our interests line up so well that I get to listen to you so often. Thanks for being awesome.

    • Thanks a lot, Mark. You have passed Mark the chicken in my favorite Marks.

      • Mark Luhn

        That’s an incredible honor. Thank you.

    • Teresa Beere Johnson

      I second that.

  • Coach

    If your fate is to die and resurrect, couldn’t fate choose to show you nothing during your “death” and it doesn’t necessarily mean there is “nothing” when you die?

  • Coach

    Now that Jon has died and come back, could he be headed to join some other famous risers, the white walkers?

  • SamMuray

    Ramsay vs Wun Wun coming next! 😛

  • WiglerFan4Life


  • Teresa Beere Johnson

    Where was ghost in this episode? Wouldn’t you want Ghost with you at all times from now on?

    • GeekFurious

      It’s become so silly how poorly they deal with this issue. I understand it’s a pain in the ass to make it work on the show, but figure it out. You are spending $10 million per episode! Ghost should NEVER leave Jon’s side.

      • Teresa Beere Johnson

        Even to just show him walking with Jon as he leaves would have satisfied me.

        • I wouldn’t think the writers and director did not consider showing ghost when Jon was leaving. But I thought so. It should have looked better if Ghost was with Jon in the scene.

      • TrentC

        Perhaps Ghost has become…untethered to Jon, as a result of Jon coming back from the dead?

        Ghost with ghost creates some sort of ethereal paradox..

  • Is Davos really going to be the 999th Lord Commander at the wall? I think there is no other person who can do ocontinue to do what Jon Snow has been up to.

    • Teresa Beere Johnson

      Oh I never thought of that. Davos would be awesome actually

      • Yeah, to think of his status, he’s just lost Stannis, he’s not the hand of King anymore, he lost his sons and wife(?), what else does he have left at this point? ON the other hand, he’s even more sincere and just than Jon is, In my opinion.

  • Karen Foster

    I have been a RHAP fan for a few years now, and have just recently started commenting and participating. After last night chat on the GOT recap, I think I’ll stick to youtube. I guess with more popularity the trolls inevitably follow.

    • Oh no, what happened?

      • Karen Foster

        a little name calling, and belittling. Nothing major, but not what I am used to in the RHAP world. Luckily, I’m tolerant and you have developed two great recap sites. Also, I’ve loved you since Amazon, when you did the Kasey Casem impression!!

  • Reynaldo Hernandez Aponte

    So glad that they hung out the trash at the Wall.

  • Tenley

    Isn’t Oathkeeper the name of one of the swords made from Ned Stark’s Ice? I’m not huge into the show and only barely made it into the first book, but that was my first thought at the run-together Oathbreaker.

    • famattjr

      Not an expert but I thought it might be a play on the name of Brienn’s sword-“Oathkeeeper.”

      • Tenley

        Yep, that’s the one!

  • scott peters

    Jon can join Sam for a well earned break.

  • KX

    Who do we care less about: Rickon or Tommen?

  • Toynok T.

    Your show is one of the best GOT reviews in the net!
    Josh, do you know who designed or the Tower of Joy or where the production based on? It’s fantastic. Not a ridiculously boring stereotypical rocket like medieval tower. But an elegant, magical and sad.

  • Seriously you guys were on fire with this one!!! Just HILLL ARRIOUS!!! Loved it, really I did!!!

  • famattjr

    I guess it was never discussed in the books how Ned found the tower Lyanna was being held in? Would seem pretty hard to find as the whole purpose was to hide her away someplace remote. Also, I don’t get why it would be considered dishonorable to stab Dayne in the back of the neck when it’s not considered so for 6 of them to fight 2. If during the sword fighting Dayne turned to fight one and another thrust his sword into his back-that would be more honorable? Or when Ned lost his sword-I’m sure Dayne would not have hesitated to kill him.

  • Ali B

    I feel uneasy that the Raven showed Bran that Ned lied about the fight. What is the Raven’s aim? If he can pick and choose what’s Bran sees, Bran could be misled. I don’t know how much I trust this guy.

    • TrentC

      I thought about the same thing. If he can show Bran any part of history, why would he show him that his Dad lied about one the best stories of his career? There must be a deeper reason for taking him to that moment in time.

      • He said he will teach Bran everything. I’m wondering if that ‘everything’ is literally everything or something else. On the other hand, he’s not so specifically portrayed as a villain. Of course we should acknowledge that GoT is not at all following the rules of conventional tv shows.

        • Ali B

          I think ‘everything’ = everything the Raven wants Bran to see. I thought the Raven was a pro-Stark sort of good guy until this episode but now I am suspicious. Taking Bran out of the visions at crucial points could be, as the Raven says, because it’s dangerous to stay in them. Or that could be a very handy excuse to filter the information Bran gets.

  • One of my favorite scenes from the show includes Maester Ae

  • Ali B

    Ayra developed her Jedi powers and got her eyes back in the same episode. The Ayra train is full speed ahead! How far is she from full ninja assassin credentials and how much Arya is left in A Girl? I want to see ninja Arya with Needle show up doing something extremely cool and impressive in Jon Snow’s storyline at some point.

  • Ali B

    The Hound got a couple of mentions – maybe there was a Maester hiding behind a rock after all?

    • let’s say the bros without banners spotted him and healed him. That should be cool!

  • Why was it called Tower of Joy ? Was it a sort of royal brothel ?