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Game of Thrones Season 6 Premiere Recap | The Red Woman

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Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 1, Season Premiere Recap Podcast of “The Red Woman” on April 24, 2016

Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino) are back to recap Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 1,  “The Red Woman”

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  • TrentC

    You know nothing Jon Snow!!!

  • Derreck Blaise

    Should we call tonight red wedding 2.0 in Dorne? I think the freys and the sand snakes would get along quite well. My question is where does this leave house Tyrell in the impending war between house lannister,, the sand snakes, and any potential house Martell loyalists? Even though Margaery is imprisoned I feel like long term this sets their house up quite well

  • LosPollosHermanos

    Well that was easily the worst premiere yet. Worse than S2E1 ‘The North Remembers’

    • GeekFurious

      I’d say it’s the third best premiere.

  • Brendan Fitzpatrick

    Guess the writers were listening to the fans with the Dorne Storyline…

  • Brendan Fitzpatrick

    It wasn’t the worst premiere, but certainly not the best. There was a lot I liked…But the whole episode felt short. It started 4 minutes after the hour, and ended four minutes before the hour.

    • TrentC

      Yes it came it at about 49 minutes, seemed short.

      Question – They’re surpassing Martin’s source material for this season. Did you (or anyone else) feel that some of the exchanges were more loose/somewhat more flippant or light hearted than normal?

      It’s probably just me but something about the writing seemed different out of the gate for this one.

  • Brendan Fitzpatrick

    One, Nitpicky thing. Second Season in a a row. Shouldn’t Sansa at least Acknowldege Podrick?!?! She Knows who he is, he’s her former husband’s squire for god sakes. They know eachother, and the show plays it like they’re strangers.

    • woah. i didn’t even catch that. good point

    • GeekFurious

      I didn’t think she viewed Pod as a stranger but I thought they should have had her acknowledge him.

  • LosPollosHermanos

    Wait wasn’t Trystane ON the boat with Myrcella to end last season?

    • Shevek

      Josh and Rob talk a little about this around the 57 minute mark. Their take seems to be that the sand snakes kill him aboard that boat. So the continuity error is that they were stowaways on board the boat, rather than he wasn’t aboard.

      • damnbueno

        The only problem there is that they stayed on the dock watching the boat sail away. They both watched their mother drink the antidote when her nose started bleeding.

    • Blankman

      Its entirely possible that he was or that the sand snakes accompanied him on his own boat which would make actual sense how they watched Myrcella leave from the land and then be on a boat with Trystane to kill him

    • damnbueno

      Yes, he was. And the two Martell daughters stayed on the doc in Dorn and watched their mother drink the antidote.

      How the hell did they get to the boat to kill Trystane? How did nobody see them board his boat, and how did they kill him and escape undetected?

  • Louise Johnson

    Do you want to speculate what else makes the Dothraki Top Five Baby?

    • TrentC

      You almost made me spit my drink, well done.

  • that ending was freakaaayy. red woman is the freakiest freak

  • Scott French

    Melisandre and glass candles… Very interesting

  • susan appleby

    You guys must do a podcast on The Americans it is the best show on tv right now. Seriously, everyone should watch it.

    • i want to watch it bc i love keri russell. what exactly is it about though? i vaguely know

      • susan appleby

        Two married Russian spies living as Americans in the US with their two kids and the various things that happens to them – mostly with the people they recruit as handlers.
        If you watch you should start from the beginning. Some of the important relationships on the show now mostly go back to the first season.

        • David Alexander

          Black Sails is my fave but The Americans is great as well.

          • susan appleby

            I don’t think I get that channel that has Black Sails. I will try to find it.

            But it’s a crime that Rob and Josh and Antonio, or some combination, are not podcasting at all about the Americans. The past two episodes and maybe this entire season has been filled with tension at so many levels.

            But the show earns that tension and doesn’t waste it with silly dodges or pretend cliffhangers. The monsters in this show are real, not zombies, and stuff goes wrong frequently and unexpectedly..Tension built in one episode continues right into the next.

            It’s a great show. Even watching it as an American, I know I should root against the leads and want them caught, but it is so much more complex.

    • GeekFurious

      Best? Come on. It’s a good show with great acting.

    • HomerBrannon1

      It’s not as good as Game of Thrones, but it is awesome. It’s a shame it gets such crap ratings.

  • TrentC

    I thought the premiere was good. We got to see quite a few characters and even some long awaited interactions – Sansa & Brienne finally…

    Started to really feel sorry for Arya, then remembered which show I was watching. Admiring/liking a person = death.

  • David Alexander

    Meliisandre = Maggie the frog?

  • It’s been a few years now since Dance with Dragons but yeah Jon possibly having warging ability was definitely it’s own little side story line. I hope the show hasn’t purposefully left that out purely for more of a shock factor if Jon lives on in Ghost, because they definitely wouldn’t have earned that reveal if they go that way.

  • Yark Narf

    *****Book Spoiler below*****
    Mance Raydar wasn’t burned by Melisandre, instead she glamoured Rattleshirt to look like Mance and vise versa using a glowing red ruby.. Rattleshirt gets burned while Mance, looking like Rattleshirt, travels to Winterfell and assists Theon and Jeyne.
    What if the show uses that story line and has someone (Tormund? Davos?) glamoured to look like Jon Snow to travel to Winterfell to fight the Boltons? That could satisfy Melis visions of seeing Jon fighting at the walls of Winterfell and also explain certain leaked photos while still having Jon be actually dead. Wouldn’t that suck?

  • John Santucci

    Is Ollie the Frogurt of GoT and Is it wrong to wish for a Frogurt death scene for Ollie coz I kinda feel a little guilty about wishing for this?

  • Derek_Sye

    Maybe I am disconnected from the world too because the idea that I am supposed to be a fan of the Sandsnakes is really strange to me. All they seem to do is murder children and peace loving people. Right now I find them about as detestable as any character not named Bolton on the show.

  • SamMuray

    I wonder what happened to the hounds after Brienne showed up to save the day. There were a couple of guys holding them still while the rest of Boltons getting butchered and by the end they were just vanished. 😛

    The end scene I thought meant Melisandre saying byebye, she falls asleep and Jon wakes up, life for life … something like that.

    • dapete

      The best hounds know when to high-tail it for home.

  • Shevek

    Calling Littlefinger “Team Sansa” is a little disturbing. Maybe I’m just having trouble separating the books from the show and the show hasn’t been as overtly creepy with their relationship

  • Kolohe

    Ser Alliser Thorne slowing his roll after the mutiny has a purpose (or, it can have a purpose). Immediately after the event, and still up and even after to the meeting, Thorne has all his crew on his side, and all of Jon’s inner circle against him, but the rest of the Brothers, the bulk of them, are still “undecided”.

    As of the meeting, the undecideds seem to breaking for Thorne, but it’s a tenuous thing. They’re mostly still in partial shock due to suddenness and enormity of Jon’s murder, and a lot is still on a razor’s edge. They are falling in line – or really, not speaking out against – due to the sense of the room

    If Thorne starts hacking at the counter-revolutionaries right away, and especially more or less neutral Ser Davos, that’s going to make the undecideds question the moral standing of Thorne even more than they already do.

  • Pink Pearl

    If Arya Too is the wooooorst and Olly is also the woooooorst, that kind of makes me want to ‘ship them.

    • S_Carl_Dixon

      And speaking of ships….I think I’m totally on board the Brienne & Sansa ship too!! >__<

    • Josh Wigler

      What an Olly-ver Twist!

  • Blankman

    Davos definitely heard about Shirin and Stannis dying when the red preistess returned to castle black….so the theory that Thorne wouldnt know that makes no sense.

    • dapete

      When he left, Melisandre was still in the camp and she split just before the battle. So, she’s got a pretty good idea what happened to Stannis but she can’t be sure. Since Davos is relying on her for info, he can’t know either. Also, since we never actually saw Brienne kill him…

  • S_Carl_Dixon

    I feel like Arya is going to be permanently blind….but her blindness might heighten her other senses….kind of like the Daredevil of GoT! xD Plus, she is getting a lot of ninja training too…right? >_<
    I think having her become a badass blind warrior with heightened senses is going to be so exciting to watch, especially if she ends up sitting on that Iron Throne!!
    All Hail Queen Arya!!!!

    Do you guys think we may be heading for a Sansa & Jon Snow reunion this season? Assuming Jon's getting resurrected in some way? Or is she going to arrive as Jon Snow leaves…or arrive and find out Jon's still dead…and end up having to bury and say goodbye to her brother, just to make her life suck even more!!? :'( OR She may not even get there cos they encounter White Walkers or something…..? So many things can happen with Sansa, it's great!!

    AND This season has got to be the downfall of the Boltons, right? Oh, and the death of Olly is going to be a GREAT one too….can't wait too see all them traitors get what they deserve!!! (wishful thinking, I know…..)

    You guys have to do a death draft on your feedback show too….we got to have a major death this season, right? My money is on The Tyrells – mainly Loras….I really don't see him getting out of that one with the High Sparrows! Do you guys think Margaery will be able to get free of the High Sparrows?

    Is Cersei going to lose all her children?
    Will Theon end up sacrificing himself for Sansa in any way this season to make up for his betrayal of the Starks?

    And Finally…..
    Will we get to see Hodor and Wun Wun in a scene together this season?

  • John Rumsey

    I am very interested in who was spying on Tyrion and Varys, I am sure it is some one affiliated with the Sons of the Harpy. But who is behind them? Is there a chance Xaro Xhoan Daxos got out of the vault and raised funds with his other vengeful friends from Quarth? Could they have had more hidden riches that Daenerys didn’t steal? They would have motive.

    Also being as Thoros of Myr is a Red Priest can he travel at Melisandre speedto the wall? Sent the raven or does he just need to look in to the fire?

  • Laws

    Josh was really underselling how much book-readers know this season. Anyone who’s finished ADWD knows what’s happening next for almost every character except for Cersei, Daenerys, and the people at The Wall.

    • GeekFurious

      That is IF they decide to do any of that.

    • jon dunn

      What’s happening next for Sansa? Or theon? Or brienne? Or more than a little for arya? Or more than a tiny bit for bran?

      I bet you know wayyyy more from trailers and production spoilers than you do from ADWD. Don’t get it twisted

      • Laws

        – Brienne is catching up on her book 4, Riverlands, material.
        – Arya and Bran are going to train all season w/possible twists at the end. If you’ve read, you know what their respective training sessions will entail for most of the season.
        – Theon is going to the Iron Islands. Yes, I know this from the trailers, but anyone who’s read knows 90% of what’s going to happen once he gets there.
        – Sansa is one of the few, true mysteries.

  • Irene

    Don’t you think the other big time sensitive issue regarding Jon’s impending reanimation is the fact that dead bodies need to be burned at the wall or they will turn into mindless zombies? Haven’t heard anyone talking about this but that is a fairly established rule of the world by now.

    • dapete

      A concern to be sure but I believe you need a White Walker nearby to make a wight Snow.

  • Evan D

    I would rank this as my favourite season opener — save maybe for the first season.

    First, after the moving interaction between Sansa and Brienne, I’m really intrigued by the possible directions of this particular thread. Sansa has finally become a character with depth and maturity. Five seasons of mental anguish will do that…

    Second, the Dorne-related scenes were far better than anything we saw from the same cast of characters during the previous season. With the assassination of the prince and his heir, more uncertainty will reign.

    Third, more chaos in Mareen means more great scenes from Varys and Tyrion.

    In the end, the show has hit a crucial fork on the narrative road. No place is stable or unsusceptible to upheaval: Dany is in exile, leaving an already chaotic city in the hands of two men who, despite their intelligence, are still new to their surroundings; Jon Snow’s assassination has left the Night’s Watch hopelessly divided; Dorne is obviously going to pay some kind of price for being ruled by the ruthless Sand Snakes; Kings Landing, perhaps worse than any of them, is going to be a site of civil strife and competing factions vying to outdo one another for the ultimate prize, namely control of the Westeros’ capital.

  • John Santucci

    Are we OK with the unceremonious death of legendary warrior Areo Hotah? Stabbed in the back with a knife. Also, why didn’t Trystane have any bodyguards on the boat? He’s only a prince of Dorne after all. Disappointing Dorne storyline, writing, acting. Felt kind of like leaving a movie theater early because the movie sucked.

  • John Santucci

    After touting Melisandre as a possible savior to the Jon Snow loyalists, how will Davos react after he finds out she burned his little buddy Shireen? Perhaps he won’t find out?

  • Phil The-Issues-Guy

    As always great work guys ! – i love Josh and Rob!!

  • TrentC

    So Martin releases his next book, what happens then? I realize the TV show has varied from the already published materials, but now it’s reversed. The TV show is going to kill/create/mutilate certain characters and plot points, and the next book will be out of sync. I guess we really have to treat them as separate entities, start to finish.

  • Matt Small

    Hey guys when you’re talking about how Melisandre brings back John Snow, it seems like you are totally forgetting the resurrection powers of the red priests. Remember Thoros of Myr, and how he resurrected Beric Dondarrion after the Hound carved him in half. If Thoros could bring that dude back, it seems like a few stabby-stabs in the tummy would be no big deal for the Red Woman.

  • Matt Small

    Also did anyone else notice how the bloodthirsty dogs threatening Sansa disappeared as soon as Brienne showed up? I guess HBO didn’t want to subject us to the image of the Maid of Tarth hacking up puppies?

  • Ty Bryan DeWitt

    When Yara and Theon left Pyke, who else left with them. Most of the men seemed to like Douchebag Grey joy, who else were on all these ships they took??

  • Ty Bryan DeWitt

    Do you think Brands direwolf Summer dying by whitewalkers is symbolic that ‘Winter is Coming’?