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Game of Thrones | Season 6, Episode 6 Recap – Blood of My Blood

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Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 6, Recap Podcast of “Blood of my Blood” on May 29, 2016

Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino) are back to recap Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 6, “Blood of my Blood”

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  • susan appleby

    So who dies tonight? Any major characters?

    • GeekFurious

      Go for broke… the king!

      • susan appleby

        Tommen ??

  • Como Shepherd

    Could Bran become powerful enough to warg into the Night King?

    • Matt The Golem

      Or if not that, could Bran become powerful enough to control the wights and turn them against the Night King? (Did Brandon the Builder use this ability to have the wights build the Wall?)

  • dryercat

    Hi- so I keep thinking about how they are going to kill the Whitewalkers. I keep hoping the dragons will burn them all- and on last weeks episode – The Door- there was a scene where the children of the forest made a fire ring to keep the white walkers out of the tree. I noticed the head white walkers could walk through the fire but all the others had to go around the fire. Which just enhances my theory that fire will kill these white walkers. Just a thought thanks.
    Jen – House of Severson

    • Alex Kidwell

      I think you’re just confusing White Walkers with wights. White Walkers are mystical creatures and seem unaffected by fire. Wights are the reanimated corpses of humans, and are clearly susceptible to burning.

      • dryercat

        Thank you for clarifying. I did not know they had different names.

    • Steelegrave

      First of all there are White Walkers and there are Wraiths. Wraiths are dead raised after being killed by White Walkers. White Walkers are something else, they are not undead.

      What’s going to kill the White Walkers is all the Valaryian steel the people up north are collecting. That’s why Sam stole Heartsbane from his father’s home. Jon has Longclaw and Brienne has Oathkeeper.

      Dragon fire will kill the Wraiths. Valaryian steel will kill the White Walkers.

  • Andrew of Joseph

    Can we talk about how Hornhill is like, the most awesome castle in Westeros? Aren’t the Tarlys supposed to be a lesser house? That place blows Winterfell out of the blackwater!

  • Karen Foster

    What will Arya do now? After she kills the waif, will she run away with the theatre? Time to leave Bravos?

    • Karen Foster

      Even though Antonio disagreed with me, I believe Arya will kill the waif and head out with the theatre. Waif’s downfall will be much like the many others, i.e., of her own doing. By training Arya while she was blind, she improved Arya’s skills until they were fairly equal. That only works if the Waif can see. That’s why Arya hides in the dark. Arya totally has the upper hand in the dark. I think that’s good enough fot the Many-faced gods and Arya doesn’t know anyone but Lady Crane. Maybe it’s not her plan; but I could ee her witness the roupe packing up or run into them on both of their ways out of the city.

  • Paul

    I love me some Riverlands actions, I’m so excited they are going back to it. It’s one big portion of the Westeros (and the book plot) that has been missing for a long time.

    So much hype for the Blackfish.

    • susan appleby

      So can someone confirm: Sansa and Jon are pro Blackfish but Jaime is anti Blackfish and pro Frey? I can’t tell who is on whose side.

      • Yes. Brynden ‘Blackfish’ Tully is Catlyn, Edmure & Lysa’s uncle and so is family to Sansa. Jaime is pro Frey as he was the one that orchestrated the Red Wedding under Tywin’s orders. When Roose kills Robb, the original line in the books was “Jaime Lannister sends his regards”.

        • susan appleby

          Thanks. So now I have to hope Jaime loses but that seems unlikely. Who will help Sansa and Jon? They have no power and no army. Ugh they have just been victims of evil people forever.

  • Swamp Fox

    Gonna skip this one without Rob. I’m guessing Antonio will just rehash all the points Sepinwall made in his recap article anyway. Same reason I quit the Better Call Saul podcasts.

    • susan appleby

      They were very good. I don’t know who that is or his article so I can’t say if they repeated it.

    • Derek_Sye

      You skipped the podcast but still took the time to write this whiny little comment…

    • @Wharfrat1625

      You’re off base here. Mazzaro is on point. The guy is super insightful and has a much more interesting perspective than just reiterating Sepinwall which you would know had you listened to the content before judging it.

  • kane

    Arya has a special thing called plot armor she has an advantage over the entire faceless order with IT

    • susan appleby

      No one is safe on this show. What is Aryas motivation now? Where will she go on her own? She could be assassinated eventually. I find it hard to see her future. Maybe she goes back to begging. lol.

      • kane

        nope you are completely wrong no one is safe in the books but the show has thrown all logic out the window and whatever advances the plot no matter how illogical and out of character it is .. just happens

        • susan appleby

          So where do you think Arya goes now? Not really seeing her purpose here.

          • kane

            she’s probably gonna kill the waif and go back to westeros she could escape without killing her and have a faceless assassin or the waif her self chase her back to westeros either way she’s most definitely going back

          • Steelegrave

            She’s got lots of Frey’s to kill. There is a reason we revisited Walder Frey in this episode.

          • kane

            that would be wrong for so many reasons but cool to see .. i guess this is what the show is all about this season fan wish-fulfillment they literally made a fan a theory into a story line i’m surprised the asoiaf subreddit isn’t asking for a cut of the money from HBO .. lol

          • Steelegrave

            Why? Because you’re applying modern sensibilities to a medieval fantasy work of fiction? Arya’s entire story arc is about becoming the Angel of Vengence. From her very beginning she goes to bed reciting the names of those she is going to kill. Let’s forget for a minute that her Direwolf, Nymeria, is rolling through the Riverlands with a huge pack of wolves hunting Freys while Arya wargs into her. Let’s forget that her undead mother is hanging Frey’s from trees and that Stark-loyalist Northern Lords are making Frey Pie.

            What would be wrong for so many reasons is having Arya travel halfway across the world to go through hellish training with the world’s greatest assassins and then not become an assassin. That’s disservice to the character. It’s not fan theory, if you read the books there are so many inferences to just this happening its plainly obvious.

          • kane

            dude .. I’m talking about the show she just got trained in fighting with a stick and nothing else in the books she collects info and does train to become an assassin in the show I don’t see her becoming one just not enough training in hiding info collecting and remember when faceless men kill they make it look like its an accident that’s why they’re so expensive don’t forget what happened to her when she wore a face without the faceless permission at the end of season 5 if she goes on her vengeance spree now she will fail and get caught she needs more training and I think she’s not yet done with the faceless I think beating the waif is part of the test it must be it has to be or her story in the show at least wouldn’t make sense

          • Steelegrave

            Okay most of the stories on the show don’t make sense, They make completely irrational jumps in logic to hit plot points. The one area I give them a bit of latitude on is the matter of time. You can’t have 2 books worth of Arya training, people are already tired of that story. Even George wanted to have a 5 year jump, mostly because of Arya and Bran but he couldn’t make it work with the other characters. I agree its probably 10 years before she is adept, but they don’t have that kind of time. That’s one of the things I don’t mind about the show. They need to progress the story. They did their diligence, we got a Rocky-like training montage, we saw her progress. We have to assume they don’t send an untrained agent to carry out a job. It was either a graduation test or her 1st job after graduating, which means either way Jaqen considers her ready.

  • susan appleby

    So I’m thinking it doesn’t go well for Cersei. If she loses does that mean Tommen is known as a product of incest and loses the throne? If so, how does Tommen react? Does Cersei face death?

    I had the feeling that Jaimie and Cersei might not see each other again. But I’m probably wrong. If she is in mortal danger then Jaime will return.

    I’m over Dany. I don’t feel she has actually done anything well – except for hatching the dragons. I have no faith in her. She is not the hero I expected her to be and she doesn’t seem to have grown much in the past few seasons.

    People in chat disagreed with me but I don’t think Tyrion wants to attack Kings Landing and Jaime, if he’s there . Tyrion got his revenge by murdering his father and Shae. I’m not sure where he is going next but I see conflict with Dany.

    Same as Dany with Bran. Other than flashbacks, he doesn’t interest me and he will probably ruin other lives in the process.

    My interest is in the story and I’m generally cheering for the Starks, Sam and Brienne. I’m feeling that these obvious villians like Ramsey and Walder Frey lose complexity.

    I don’t have any sense of the size of the armies or the location. Could moving out Jaimes army be a diversion to leave Kings Landing vulnerable to someone else? Will John and Sansa be able to defeat Ramsey?

    • Matt The Golem

      I agree with you that some of the ‘obvious’ directions plots are going will not pan out the way we expect. And as Daario says Danerys is a conqueror, not a throne-sitting queen. Not everyone in Westeros will be happy with her trying to steamroller her way to being their ruler.
      Besides all that: power corrupts, and she might become as mad as her uncle when things don’t go her way.

      • Steelegrave

        Her father was mad King Aerys not her uncle.

  • susan appleby

    Death predictions from my below comment:
    Rickon (obvi), Tommen, Cersei, The Mountain resurrected, maybe Walder Frey.
    We are going into two battles Riverlands and Winterfell, so lots of dead other characters I don’t know or remember… maybe Jaime? I think Jaime will make it to next season?

    • Austin

      I’m torn on Rickon. He hasn’t done anything and could easily be killed off. On the other hand he hasn’t done anything so people wouldn’t care about his death as much. I could easily envision Rickon ending up the lord of Winterfell while Bran lives as hermit like the 3 eyed raven.

      Tommen and Cersei absolutely are dead because of the prophesy. The Mountain will die in some type of battle. Walder Frey’s death is coming soon, definitely before the end of the season. Jamie I think is safe until next season. I know this show kills off big characters, but I feel Jamie is too important to kill off before the final season. I think Jamie has a 50% chance of making it to the end.

      I think Ramsay will die this die this season probally in episode 9. I think the blackfish will get killed at some point. I also envision a hero dying at at the battle of Winterfell. Probally Tormund Giantsbane.

  • Sabine Gronau

    Question for the feedback show: After this episode I’m quite certain that the “valonquar” who kills Cersey will be Tommen, the “younger brother”. Do you agree?
    (Love your podcasts! Keep up the great work!)

    • susan appleby

      Wow. I thought I was the only one who sees them both dying. I can see Tommen killing Cersei if he knows he is the product of incest.

    • kane

      remember the dany vision from the end of season 2 kings landing will be in ruins so both of them are going to most certainly die

    • Austin

      I am almost positive that Jamie is going to kill Cersei in the end.I don’t know the reason yet, but I really think that’s the route it’s going. Also I believe the prophesy is that she will outlive all of her children.

      • Sabine Gronau

        You are right. I forgot that Cersei is meant to see the golden shrouds on her childrens dead bodies. So this is probably how it’s going to play out: The High Sparrow manipulates Cersei and Tommen to “fight” each other and somehow Tommen gets killed. Jamie might blame Cersei for this and…
        Well, that could happen.
        Just imagine what a terrible twist it would be if Cersei had to choose between her own life and her sons and it turns out that she loves herself more than anything

  • susan appleby

    Vote for Post Show recaps in People’s Choice and Tv & Film
    You have to verify your vote.

    • Christine Larivière

      Thanks for the reminder!

  • John Stephens

    In the recap you guys were talking about how Sam’s scenes really only lead to Sam getting his hands on Heartsbane, but Sam’s sister made a comment about how Lord Umber taught his daughters how to hunt, Do you think it was a throw away line or maybe a hint at a Umber conspiracy that’ll help Rickon?

  • Mimi

    How awesome are the women on GOT?

    Dany: Fire, dragons, men, soldiers. She’s got it all.
    Margery: the hand that rocks the cradle. She got herself out of prison, gets her family’s army in Kings Landing, she’s won the hearts of the people by (fake) aligning with the High Sparrow, Jaime’s influence has been removed leaving Cercei isolated, and she’s got Tommen firmly in hand. She’s got moves on moves,
    Arya: I’m thinking she was faking the waif and us out with her last poor practice session. She’s been tutored by the best in advance killing and subterfuge. What an asset when she gets back to Westeros. There is no doubt in my mind who comes out on top in her next fight.
    Sansa: the woman who has gone through maybe the worst personal treatment at the hands of the sickest characters, and she’s come out stronger and tougher. And now she is starting to move the pieces of her plan into place,

    On the other hand, we have Cercei, who is sure the Mountain will be her salvation. To quote another strong woman, Abi-Maria, “I don’t know about that.”

  • timleanda

    Don’t know If this has been thrown out but people have been hoping for a Clegane bowl during the trial by fire and in the books it is alluded to that the hound has joined the faith and is leading a quiet monkish life. Soooooo if that comes about in the show maybe he could be called upon to represent the faith in the combat??? Clegane bowl baby

  • Ali B

    I love this show. But this season there has been some self referential stuff that really jars. It takes me out of being submerged in Westeros and reminds it’s a telly programme. Things like when Jon said to Sansa that he wasn’t much fun sulking in the corner when they were young. Or Briane described Jon as brooding. Or the actress talked to Ayra about her eyebrows. These all felt out of character or out of place to me, a knowing reflection of how we all talk about the programme as viewers. I feel like I’m being over sensitive and nit picking but i haven’t felt this at all s1-5. Because it’s happened a few times this season I can’t let myself overlook it somehow, it’s kind of distracting. But I know Rob and Josh actively liked the Brooding line so this is probably just my problem.

  • Ali B

    Did anyone else wish that when Ayra blew the candle out we heard her reciting her list? Maybe with Ayra 2 on it (temporarily).

  • Steelegrave

    You guys were talking about Margery and the Sparrow and questioning her end game. She doesn’t need an endgame, she won the game. The game was between her and Cersei for control of Tommen. By siding with the Sparrow, she saved the Tyrell’s from killing countless sparrows and commoners and destroying their reputation. This was obviously Cersei’s plan to discredit the younger queen by having her family storm Baelor’s Sept. Margery stopped that, gained a powerful ally and complete control of Tommen. As we see by Tommen canning his uncle/dad. That branch of the Lannisters have no control over the throne now.

  • Matt The Golem

    What would Cersei do if The Sparrow puts up Tommen for the Trial By Combat?

    • Steelegrave

      The champion has to accept and volunteer. You can’t just name somebody.

    • The guy can’t fight a fly. How can he champion someone for a trial? .
      this is GOT on LSD.

  • timleanda

    Don’t know If this has been thrown out but people have been hoping for a Clegane bowl during the trial by fire and in the books it is alluded to that the hound has joined the faith and is leading a quiet monkish life. Soooooo if that comes about in the show maybe he could be called upon to represent the faith in the combat??? Clegane bowl baby

  • o4ka47

    I hated Sam’s dad in the books and I hate him even more in the show.

  • Lot of Deus Ex Machina this episode…

    • GeekFurious

      “this season”

      • It seems like the are “forcing” events towards a certain direction.

  • GeekFurious

    Watching the video and… I think you guys got hacked by Edward Snowden’s little brother.

  • Did Benjen become a Reverse white walker ? He said that the Children have put a dragon glass shard in his heart to save him after he was attacked by the white walkers.

    • Paul

      I think he’s like half man half white walker. But the CoTF managed to save him before the full transformation.

      • I see…
        He reminded me of Ghost rider when he dropped his inflamed Flail.

  • Really enjoyed that guys, so nice to hear what Antonio thinks, he really does break it down for me in just the way I need to hear!! Hope for more and anxiously awaiting more Mr. Robot!!!! <3

  • John Santucci

    Cersei, it seems, will soon endure a trial-by-combat and name Ser Robert Strong, aka the mountain as her champion. Aside from winning this trial, what exactly would happen if she lost? And what does she win? With the Lannister’s power waning after Tommen’s pact with the Faith Militant, does a victory really do anything for Cersei and the Lannisters? Why not skip the whole trial by combat? Also, is it possible that the Faith Militant’s Champion for this Trial might be the Mountain’s little brother? Lately, it seems the show is giving the fans what they want, so could Cleganebowl 1 be in the offing?

  • Shevek

    So I’m listening to Josh talk about “what happened happened” week after week this season, and how George R. R. Martin was a big lost fan. Thinking about how the books were started long before Lost but continues to develop post-Lost. All of these things have clearly driven me insane. So here’s my “Song of Ice & Fire inspired Lost inspired Game of Thrones”:


    Season 1 Walt has some similar powers starting to be teased as Season 1/Book 1 Bran (Lost clearly changed gears for Walt when the kid grew up)

    House Targaryen = Dharma Initiative

    House Stark = Most of the initial main cast

    House Lannister = The Post Dharma Others

    3 Eyed Crow = Jacob (Bran becomes to the Crow, as Hugo becomes the new Jacob)

    The Great Other = Man in Black

    I’m not saying that these hold true for the whole series or are beat-by-beat clones, I’ve just been running wild with the theory in my head trying to figure out any other possible connections that could be made, even if they’re a stretch.

    Tell me I’m crazy.