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Game of Thrones Feedback: The Broken Man with Stephen Fishbach | Season 6, Episode 7

Game of Thrones 2016: Season 6, Episode 7 Feedback Show - The Broken Man

Game of Thrones 2016: Season 6, Episode 7 Feedback Show – The Broken Man

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Feedback Show for Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 7, “The Broken Man” from June 5, 2016

Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino) and Stephen Fishbach (@StephenFishbach) are back to respond to your feedback from Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 7, “The Broken Man”.

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  • susan appleby

    Hmm. I’m going with Arya is still in hiding and Jaquen was testing the waif. We know that Arya is much more careful.
    I dunno.

  • C05EDEN

    Rob, You are great on these podcasts but you are so bad at predicting GoT! Literally like 75% of the things that you say could NEVER happen, happen within like three episodes. Its uncanny. That being said, I think having a GoT expert/optimist/theorist on the podcast alongside a more realist/pessimist makes for great podcasting entertainment… Devoted listener here!

    • susan appleby

      Didn’t he say Rickon would die? I have Rickon dying this season as well as Cersei, Tommen and Ramsey as well as various soldiers.

      • C05EDEN

        Sure, that could be in the 25% of things he gets right… But off the top of my head I can remember him saying the Greyjoys would never go to Mereen, Davos and Mel would never address Shereen’s death, Benjen, etc. etc. And there are others… and now Arya? There is definitely something fishy going on. Different hair, clothes, posture, attitude, and no Needle? I suspect that was not really Arya.

        • susan appleby

          You are absolutely right. It’s possible that Rob doesn’t have the greatest mind for fictional shows after watching so much reality tv! But it does make for a fun podcast.

        • Ti

          Arya was having a dream sequence in the cave after blowing out the candle. Different hair, clothes, walks like a rich person, no needle, and she’s seen the face the waif used to attack her. She will wake up at the beginning of Ep 8, and the real chase/fight will ensue!

      • GeekFurious

        Cersei won’t die this season because she has to live with yet another major mistake. But the rest are all probably goners this season. I think we are going to get the Mad Queen in season 7.

        • susan appleby

          My feeling about Cersei was based on that totally odd scene of goodbye with Jaime. I got the feeling they would never see each other again. No other basis for it!

      • TrentC

        Some predictions…

        Tommen dies because of the prophecy Cersie received about outliving all three of her kids. The High Sparrow was far too interested in Margaery having an heir…and having one quickly. The High Sparrow will choose a surprise champion to fight the Mountain, can he choose Tommen?

        Arya will be okay.

        Brienne may fight Jaime. Her oath is to Sansa and Sansa knows the Lannisters have killed members of her family.

        The Hound was more pissed off about Ian McShane’s death than I was. He will join the Brotherhood Without Banners, because they did not kill off McShane’s group as was implied.

        Benjen arrived ‘just in time’ to save Bran, because the three eyed raven tipped him off as to where and when Bran would be. Benjen along with Jon, will have an advantage against the White Walkers because of their supernatural natures. Bran will help both of them realize their potential.

        Dany and the dragons will roast thousands of White Walkers, probably at the end of season seven.

        Hodor is not dead. (completely)

  • Paul

    How was there no talk in the Arya theories about the picture going around that looks like Arya walks past herself on the bridge (in her Oyster seilling outfit). She was also wearing this same outfit in episode 6 when she went to dig up needle.

    • susan appleby

      I haven’t seen these and I’ve looked a bit for insight into the preview.

  • Paul

    Also, Syrio Forel showing up just in the nick of time to save Arya would not be as ridiculous as Gendry showing up.

    Someone will die the next episode.

    • GeekFurious


      A ton of people will die in the next episode. Like… a ton. LIKE A TON. Like half the cast!

  • Rob Punton

    If you build it they will come. Great show with fishbok. You guys will have to do this more regularly. I think this might be even more entertaining than the know it alls. That’s setting the bar high. If im wrong just make me work the salt mine on alpha centuri. Thx Danny B.

  • Austin

    Technically Bran is first in line for Winterfell so RIckon really doesn’t muck up anything for the story. I mean yea he’s out of the picture for now, but eventually he has to interact with the other characters again.
    Also I think Bran the builder should be portrayed by Donald Trump

    • Laws

      Sure, except that everyone thinks Bran is dead.

      • Austin

        That’s why I said technically. Like I said he’s coming back into the picture. Besides a large group of the people up north know he’s alive since Sam told Jon and Theon told the Boltons.

  • kane

    if the hound kills all the brotherhood just to get them out of the story I’m going to stop watching the show

  • Question: did the waif let Arya live or is she bad enough to miss her target?
    Why calling her before tabbing her?
    Why didn’t she slither he throat instead of stabbing her randomly ?

    • TrentC

      I saw the same thing during that scene. How come the Waif didn’t pursue Arya after she did the little roll off the bridge getaway move?

      As you mention, the Waif talks to Ayra first in the disguise of the old woman. Why not just slit her throat?

      Strange behavior for an assassin just to watch their target swim away without knowing if the wounds are lethal.

      On the Maybe-Arya side of things, I noticed her posture and seeming indifference to any threats while walking around the city. Sure seems out of place considering Arya knows she’s a fugitive from perhaps the worst enemies in the world…

  • Mimi

    Stephen, I get the love for Richard E. Grant. However, I feel you are sleeping on the actress playing Lady Crane. The fabulous Essie Davis stars in Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries and in The Babadook. She deserves props as well for what she brings to the role.

  • Joel Rainey

    The Boltons are the enemy of the Kingdom it was Littlefingers plan to gain control of the north he gave them Sansa as a gift to form an aliance with the Boltons only to sell them out to Cerci in the Kings law as of right now the warden of the north is no other than……….Littlefinger

  • Laws

    When Rob and Stephan are awkwardly trying to figure out on the fly whether the Riverlands are one of the seven kingdoms (yes…) and they can’t hear you screaming at them.

    • Laws

      (Great show. Love it when Stephan comes on for PSR. You guys should do a theories segment from now on.)