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Game of Thrones | Season 6, Episode 7 Recap – The Broken Man

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Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 7, Recap Podcast of “The Broken Man” on June 5, 2016

Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino) are back to recap Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 7, “The Broken Man”

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  • susan appleby

    So who dies tonight?
    I’ve got no ideas but I’m sticking to my idea that Jaimie and Cersei aren’t alive together again. Maybe it’s just that cliched scene but it seemed off to me.

  • Gonzalo Palma Body

    So, what is Sansa’s ultimate plan after taking Winterfell? Is it to become herself Queen of the North?

    • susan appleby

      I think she wants Jon to be King if they can’t save Rickon. Jon wants to unite the north against the threat. I think they discussed this in the podcast.

  • Brendan Fitzpatrick

    So…is the best story for Arya not being dead, for her to be healed by Jaquen Hagaar, and bring that whole season journey full circle?

  • Edwin G Ortiz

    I’m willing to bet money that the Arya story has a major twist. It seems like it’s going no where. I bet that Arya is the Waif and she has the Fight Club syndrome where she sees the Waif but the Waif is really her. I can picture a scene where the Waif finishes Arya off and then takes her face off to reveal Arya.

    • susan appleby

      Like Luke in Star Wars? I’m dubious but it’s a clever idea.

  • James

    Is Jaquen going to kill the waif for making Arya suffer?

  • susan appleby

    In chat, the famous speech from the book about the broken man was mentioned because the show omitted it. It’s a different setting and character giving the speech but it’s really powerful. A shame Ian McShane didn’t get to deliver it.

    Here is a link if you want to read it:

  • TrentC

    Good episode and recap, thanks Rob and Maester Mazzaro.

    The scene with Ariana Grande Mormont made me laugh out loud. Loved seeing The Hound, Bronn, Edmure, Blackfish and Wun Wun again.

    How come Ayra doesn’t carry Needle around with her?

    And shame shame shame on the Ian McShane one episode cameo.

    • Ali B

      He did much better than Richard E Grant! (rightly so, of course).

  • Asher Forrester

    I like Rob’s take on how Gendry can show up this season – I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s the one that finds Arya and helps patch her wounds up! That would be another awesome and emotional reunion~ Gendry and Arya was another great pairing in GoT, and hopefully they will also eventually stumble upon the Hound and make it an even more awesome threesome!! xDD

    So many reunions and returning characters this season: from Rickon & Osha, to Benjen and now the Hound…..Gendry has to be next, right?

    • I was joking… but I guess it’s not really much crazier than Benjen Stark appearing at the right moment to save Bran.

      • amberbrainwaves

        Is this a good place to drop my Benjen theory that only exists as a way to excuse Benjen’s highly fortuitous timing?

        • amberbrainwaves

          If not I’ll delete this post.

          …I believe that Benjen is actually not on the side of the Raven like he said, but was actually sent by the Night King to get Bran to cross the wall and break the wall’s charm (like he did at the Raven Cave). The Night King post-arm touch knows who Bran is and knows that in his mindless horde he has Benjen; so he sends Benjen to “save” Bran from the wights therefore solidifying his “allegiance” to Bran and making Bran feel secure. This would explain why the Raven didn’t send Benjen to guide/help Bran on the trip up to the Raven Cave…and also help explain the highly theatrical timing of Benjen’s rescue. BUT…this is all assuming the Night King is capable of this level of scheming and theatricality.

  • Rob Punton

    Without upsetting the applecart. Fishbok was amazing with Josh in the bookclub. Really love to see stephen brought in as a regular contributor or back up team member on GOT. He is such an insightful intelligent chap that i felt he really adds to the program. Great episode. Long live the Mountain and me thinks his soon to be very pissed off murderous ways !! Great job guys. Post show quickly becoming my prefered podcast site A+

  • kane

    is it just me or did this episode feel like it should’ve been an early season 5 episode just replace Sansa and Jon with stannis replace the hound with Brienne and there u go arya scene without the stabbing and the ship thing could’ve worked perfectly as an introduction to braavos scene ..

  • Ali B

    Hope Arya managed to put her gold in a nice secure pocket before she ditched over the bridge.

  • Ali B

    Are there enough people prepared to fight the white walkers, given this means weakening themselves for the game of throne? I think Cersei, Walder Fray, little finger, sweet robin, Ramsay etc would leave the white walker battle for someone else in the hope the someone elses win but are then all the weaker and riper for takeover. And if the white walkers aren’t defeated, well death is better than not being in power anyway.

  • SamMuray

    Cocksuckers didn’t let him last one episode! 😛

  • SamMuray

    Just checked back episode 5 and Melisandre did ride with Jon and others out of Castle Black, so she should be around I guess.

  • Jauney

    What if the Arya that got stabbed was actually Jaqen H’ghar, making the the Waif did as she was instructed? Mainly, not making Arya suffer. I mean, there is no way Arya would be that oblivious and not constantly on her toes, right? Why was she not carrying Needle? She was also walking like Jaqen as well, including walking through the streets with her hands behind her back – as Jaqen constantly does – as well as standing like him on the bridge overlooking the Titan of Braavos. Thoughts?

    • Colick

      But then, is Jaqen H’ghar alive? Way back in the episode where Arya gets the coin for Braavos, the Faceless man says “Jaqen H’gar is dead”..

      Also, are Faceless Men able to use the faces of the living, I thought they only could use the faces of dead people in the Hall Of Faces?

  • Colick

    Could it turn out that when Brienne arrives at Riverrun (to get aid from the Tully’s) and meets with (her “friend”) Jaime that she can convince him to turn his army against Ramsey Bolton?

    Jaime’s hand was chopped off by Locke, who was serving house Bolton at the time. Although Jaime comes to help the Frey’s to get their (by Tywin) promised Riverrun, his regard of the Frey’s seems low in this episode.

    Furthermore, Petyr Baelish is offered Harrenhal and Tywin made him Lord Paramount of the Riverlands. Because of this, House Frey is a vassal to House Baelish. Sansa seems to have reconsidered and asks Baelish’s support with the army of the Vale in the letter that she wrote at the end of this episode. This would make House Frey a subordinate power and (sacrificing a large part of the Lannister army to) taking Riverrun a lower priority!

    • PMK

      I like your thinking…I have a little twist on the idea written above

    • Brendan Fitzpatrick

      That was my thought as well, that it’d be pretty cool if Brienne was able to convince Jaime to keep his Oath to Catelyn, and aid Sansa at Winterfell. The Lannister army is about 8thousand strong, and would turn the odds in the favor of the Starks…

  • Its Me

    Will the Hound hunt down Brienne and Arya? There’s so much hype on cleganebowl but wouldn’t his hate be pretty high for them as well?

    • susan appleby

      Hmm. Good question. He hates the brotherhood guys worse though.

  • Its Me

    What exactly is it that drives the white walkers? They don’t seem like walking dead walkers because they can resist eating brains. Is it just to fulfill the children’s original purpose of killing all the men? Leaf should’ve installed a kill switch.

    • susan appleby

      I’m not sure anyone knows what drives them.

  • Its Me

    Can you do a bit of a grounding please:

    -Who is Lyanna Mormont to Jorah? Little sis, niece?

    – how long was theon under ramsay’s control? Yara mentioned a bad couple years? Has that much time passed? And how long has Sansa been married to Ramsay?

    -is wun wun the only giant left?

    -lastly, can you give us a crash course in the diff religions? What should we know about the old gods, the new gods, the lord of light, any others?


    • susan appleby

      I can only answer one: Lyanna is his cousin.

      No idea how much time has passed since Ned was killed in Season one: a few years?

      There are good wikis out there that have the religions explained but I haven’t looked into the religions.

  • PMK

    Wouldn’t it be so cool if Jamie asks for another parley with Blackfish and speaks across the moat with Brienne at his side along with the Freys.

    Jamie then announces that the Red Wedding was a travesty of honor and justice and all the work of his evil father. He then turns on the Freys and slaughters the Frey sons and then asks Blackfish and House Tully to join the Lannister Army in a siege of The Twins to remove the Freys. The Army of House Arryn with Littlefinger in lead joins in the siege of The Twins. Once defeating the Freys, the three armies move north to join John Snow and his forces to finally settle the score with The Psycho Ramsey Bolton.

    We forget that King Tommen is not the heir of House Lannister but the heir of House Baratheon. Baratheon and Stark are the original alliance. And defeating Psycho Bolton puts Sansa back in her ancestral homeland and as the first Queen of the North and the alliance between Baratheon-Stark is resurrected.

    • Colick

      Interesting idea also, can’t wait to see how it plays out! I think everybody likes to see the two Frey sons and Walder get a good punishment for the Red Wedding..
      Only 3 episodes left seems a bit short however to finish a siege of The Twins and final battle with Psycho Ramsey?