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Game of Thrones | Season 6, Episode 5 Recap – The Door

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Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 5, Recap Podcast of “The Door” on May 22, 2016

Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino) are back to recap Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 5, “The Door”

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  • Scott French

    So will Bran’s place in the overall storyline to just be a distraction for the Night’s King and his Army while the major players for Westeros (Dany, Jon, etc…) gather their forces? A sacrificial lamb to buy them some time?

    • susan appleby

      But Bran has that knowledge no one else has. He can’t just be a diversion. But I also don’t see him surviving long.

      • Scott French

        If Bran dies then his knowledge gained was just for us

  • Brendan Fitzpatrick

    So, Jaquen’s hit for Arya is a set up/test right? The Actress Jaquen has Arya attempting to assassinate is playing Cercei in the play, a name on Arya’s list. That’s way too much of a coincidence to not be a test of Arya’s commitment to the faceless men.

    • Petzl

      It’s only a test because she’s being asked to kill an ostensibly innocent person, “undeserving” of assassination. I don’t see how her being the Cercei-actress would affect anything.

      • Brendan Fitzpatrick

        Because it’s a psychological test as well. The play is about events she witnessed, including her father’s execution at the hands of Joffrey. And the specific person she’s being asked to kill is playing the part of someone on her list. It’s very, very relevant to testing if Arya is truly no one, or is still Arya Stark.

        • @Wharfrat1625

          I really think the test is in part, whether or not she kills fake Ned. Watching the bastardized portrayal of her father got her all kinds of pissed off. The question to me is if she spares Cersei, kills Ned and returns to Jaqen saying the many faced god got his death, what does he care who it is.

          • Brendan Fitzpatrick

            That’s a good call.
            I didn’t think about that.

          • @Wharfrat1625

            You can see her entire demeanor visibly shift when Ned comes on stage. And I think it’s clear from what Cersei said earlier that she’s the one paying to have the actress killed. I’m all in on this theory. Flag planted!

          • susan appleby

            I don’t think Arya is going to kill any of them. Not sure where she goes after this?

    • Brian

      It is a test, but there’s more to it. I think the Faceless Men were hired by Cersei herself (through Qyburn) to kill this actress playing Cersei. In the last episode she made it clear to Qyburn that anybody, anywhere who was mocking her was to be punished. I think Arya will reluctantly go through with the assignment, then find out after the fact that she was, in fact, working for Cersei to kill an innocent person, leading to a break with the Faceless Men. I’m just not sure if she’ll take Needle and run, or if she’ll use Needle to kill a few people on her way out.

      • TrentC

        This seems like a good theory.

      • Am I the only one who actually wishes Arya to work as fulltime faceless men? It will open the possibility for Arya to visit all of interesting places.

      • Buck Hondo

        I really like that theory. Brilliant!

      • susan appleby

        No. I think Arya is too much like Ned Stark to kill an innocent person for no reason.

  • Scott French

    Is Night’s King now a sympathetic character if he was turned against his will by the Children of the Forest?

    • Was he the one who was stabbed by the children of the forest in the episode? Or was it just a random guy? Anyway, I do agree that the night’s king’s charater is heavily built in this season.

      • Scott French

        That was my take. The show tends to simplify things and I can see them doing a single leader origin story for The Others

        • Here’s my take: what if Bran gets stabbed? Ughhhhh I don’t know…

  • Paul

    I’m more upset about Summer then Hodor TBH

    • Honestly I never guessed Summer would jump into that hoards of wights! That was a brutal, brutal moment..

    • Mimi

      I have to think that show is going somewhere with the dire wolves, right? They’ve made a point to show the deaths of Summer and Shaggy. This leads mento think Ghost or Nymeria, whichever survives, is significant.

  • Paul

    I hate any form of time travel. All it does is create a Paradox that can never be properly explained.

    • susan appleby

      My friends used to say NO TIEM TRAVEL regarding a story- just like that and spelt that way.

    • GeekFurious

      A paradox CAN be explained, provided it uses logic (what happened always happened). An illogical paradox would be changing something after knowing it was going to happen and that it then creating the world you were already in. Like the logic behind most time travel movies. In this instance, this was ALWAYS going to happen. Because nothing else could ever happen.

      • Paul

        So in the first instance of his life Hodor became Hodor by some other non Bran related incident?

        • I think this matter is related to how we view the time itself. What if time is more than past, present and future? Can we add more dimensions into it? It’s very clear that GRRM is playing with it and somehow in his own way incorporated it into greenseeing.

          • Brendan Fitzpatrick

            No, Hodor became Hodor because Bran always went back to that place and time and made Hodor. Everything that happened, always happened. Time is a flat circle. it’s the same time travel rules as Lost.

          • Paul

            So then everything every character does is already pre-determined?

          • Martin Hess

            there is no free will and everything has already happened. bummer. it was inevitable that i would be disappointed by the bran story line.

          • Brendan Fitzpatrick

            Sort of…What it more means, is that you can’t change the past, because everthing that happened in the past, always happened that way. If you went back to the past and effected something, like Bran did, that always happened.

          • Paul

            But if the theory is that “time is a closed circle/loop”, which is required in order to avoid all paradoxes, then all the ink is dry (past, present & future).

            It can’t be both ways, and if the ink really is dry, then all the major events in these character’s lives are already determined. The characters are just living out a script of their life.

          • TrentC

            This has happened before and will happen again….time is a flat circle…

            *BSG and True Detective drop in one post talking about GoT.

          • If the universe should continue to recur, then your theory makes sense. I think that is one possibility.

          • Time is a flat circle? What does that really mean?

  • susan appleby

    So before the show started in chat we were wondering, how many people from season one will survive the series?

    In my pessimistic view, I don’t see any of the making it. I foresee all this political maneuvering ending up meaning nothing as the whole place is destroyed. Sort of like with the flood the destroyed everything on earth and the Noah’s Ark story. But probably not by flood.

    So what characters do you guys think will survive from season one? I’ve been convinced that possibly Arya survives for the external reason that GRRM wife made him promise not to kill her. We’ve already lost so many people.

    • Midge Marly

      Problem with GRRM’s promise is that he doesn’t control what plays out on the show. I hope Arya makes it too. And Tyrion!

  • Why are these red priestesses all beautiful and attractive? And now we saw she is also wearing that huge necklace, is it safe to assume that she is at least hundreds of years old?

    • realtrinilostgirl2007

      i asked myself the same thing too.

  • SamMuray

    When I think of the last season first thing that comes to my mind is the creepy Gray Worm + Missandei scenes and this season is full of super rushed stories with cheesy dialogues. Not that I’m not enjoying the show, I could watch Bran flashbacks or Tormund staring at Brienne whole day, just the disappointment’s starting to outweigh the joy for me!

  • Derek_Sye

    I feel pretty strongly that this was the single best episode of GoT ever.

  • we saw young hodor twice in this season and #holdthedoor happened. We saw benjen twice(!) so far, and he gotta show up pretty soon!

  • Jason

    Yara: I am a warrior, I am Iron Born, I am your rightful queen! I may not be a man, but I’ll be…
    Iron born (chorus): Someone else! Someone else! Someone else!
    Euron: I’m someone else!
    Aeron: He’s right!
    Euron: We don’t need a thinker, we need a doer! Someone who’ll act without considering the consequences!

    • Brendan Fitzpatrick

      No Eye-Patch, no go for me. Show Euron fails.

  • TP222

    NooooooDor!!!!!!!!!! and Summer. 🙁

  • SJ

    I just started the show, but have to ask: Josh, if you’re already at Kevin’s is there any chance of a Captain America recap?

    • Josh Wigler

      Unfortunately, nope. Even though I’m staying with him right now, our schedules haven’t lined up to sit down and actually podcast, and we’re a bit too far away from Cap now for the podcast. Hope you understand!

      • SJ

        I figured it was a long shot, but I had to ask. I love the superhero podcasts the two of you have done, and look forward to any future ones if they work for you both schedule wise. Thanks for all the podcasts!

  • Lauren O

    Do we think that Coldhands will make an appearance to help Bran?

    • Brian

      Yeah we do.

      • Brendan Fitzpatrick

        Yeah, that was my thought too, but I asked it for Book Club instead of here cause I wasn’t sure if Rob knew what that meant yet…

  • Pat Anderson

    Little Finger is pulling all the strings. He played Sansa again tonight.

  • Asher Forrester

    Is this Arya “Test” foreshadowing Cersei’s potential demise in the hands of Arya???

    • J-me not Hi-me

      From your lips to GRRM’s ears.

  • unfaithfullyyours

    Three things —
    One: Was that the last Child of the Forest? If so, didn’t she give up the ghost a little too easily???
    Two: What’s the over under on The Wall coming down by the end of the season, and if THAT happens —
    Three: — will winter spread south like a river, and how many (if any) of the dead characters will rise as wights and fight with the White Walkers?

  • TrentC

    Ramsay will make a flag out of Rickon by the time Jon and Sansa arrive.

    And love the continuous fymaxwell leering at Brienne and her reactions.

  • jon dunn

    I’m a little surprised that Rob didn’t understand what Arya’s test was. It was clearly outlined by the show. She has to kill this clearly kind person to truly be ‘No One’. Will she do it? If she does, she truly will have shed the Arya Stark she was before.

    • Midge Marly

      I’m thinking the actress in the play is a ‘faceless girl’ too!

      • Or she’s the rival of some actress who paid to kill her off.
        Jealousy, ya know…

    • I thought you were talking about Robb 😉

  • TrentC

    A few observations..

    1. Hold da phone. We didn’t actually see Hodor die on screen. What if he decided to run away or became a beloved White Walker Hodor?

    2. Little Finger gave a cryptic hint regarding Jon and Sansa’s relationship when he strongly suggested that she get her own army and not rely on his.

    3. Didn’t the vast majority of the White Walkers look less white than normal? As they travel south, will the horde start to resemble TWD walkers and have to invest in some SPF 50 sunscreen?

  • J-me not Hi-me

    With regards to Bran’s control over Hodor in various periods of time:

    1) Are we sure that Bran warged into Willas? Bran’s eyes were clear in the the green dream after all. My guess is that Bran being warged into Hodor in the present created a link between Willas and Bran in the past, and that that link broke young Willas’ mind.

    2) According to my husband, Hodor’s eyes go clear as he’s holding the door closed, meaning that Bran is no longer controlling him and he’s holding the door/sacrificing himself of his own free will. I refuse to watch the scene again, so someone else will have to verify if this is accurate.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go curl up in a ball and cry forever.

    • interesting, yeah, the whole scene was a little confusing, but I kind of thought so. After all, Bran and present Hodor does not seem to be warging or warged into. Wylis, also, at the end of the whole sequence, does not look like being warged into. (which implies Hodor is at hisself at the end of the episode) Bran cannot warg into present Hodor while greenseeing, instead he warged into Wylis to grab a control of present Hodor.. scary stuff!

      • @Wharfrat1625

        I’ve seen it in a few places this week that Hodor wasn’t being
        controlled by Bran, and that he was making those choices himself in that
        moment. Bran snapped him up into action and than acted as a conduit for Meera’s words. The whole thing is the epitome of a Mereneese knot and I love.

    • Brendan Fitzpatrick

      Yeah, my understanding is he basically “Warged Through Time” because he was already GreenSeeing, and broke the space time continuum…

      • TrentC

        So if we believe the time is a flat circle thing and that Bran will always warg into Hodor from the past, that means Bran has and always will, screw Hodor into a lifetime of servitude.

        He effectively will always cause that seizure when Hodor was a young lad and still able to speak. Seems like total benefits for Bran, notsogreat for Hodor.

        • Wow, that is, whatever happened in Winterfell, Bran will be able to engage into any moments through young Wylis.. Wow wow wow..

        • J-me not Hi-me

          What happened to Wylis is definitely heart breaking, but he was going to have a lifetime of servitude anyway, don’t you think? Nan even says something about him always being a stable boy.

          • TrentC

            I guess it’s the lifestyle comparisons….stable boy vs hauling around someone on your back/protecting him/doing things for Bran …I don’t know, seems the stable boy life at least came with a full vocabulary and some free will 🙂

    • susan appleby

      You need to read the intevirw Josh had in THR with the actor.

      He explains that he wasn’t being warged when he ran down the tunnel because he was terrified, and anyway, Meera was the one screaming “hold the door.”

      It’s likely that Bran did something that connected the young Hodor with the time of his death and it broke his brain.

      Note: I don’t understand any of these concepts myself so I could be completely wrong or we could even be saying the same thing.

      PS. I agree that the murder of Hodor is likely the final nail in the coffin of innocence on GoT. Everyone else is out for themselves and for power. Hodor just wanted to care for Bran.

      PSS. I am nowhere convinced that Bran is a force for good. He is selfish and a risk taker. He probably cares about his family and Winterfell, but little else. I can see him becoming a cruel person. Guess I’m just not a fan.

      • J-me not Hi-me

        Thanks for the link. We were saying the same thing, or at least this was a much clearer version of what I was trying to say. 🙂

  • susan appleby

    I just want to add the GRR Martin is a brilliant writer and intricate plot developer. His story telling is truly innovative and complex.

  • Mimi

    I’d love it if Benjen shows up to help Bran. I checked the weights army during Bran’s solo visit and didn’t see him among the ranks.

  • susan appleby

    So this is my list of season one characters that are already dead:
    Jon Snow (resurrected)
    Cate Lynn
    Benjen Stark (?)
    John Aaron
    Lysa Aaron
    Jory Cassel
    Roderick Cassel, master of arms at winterfell
    Maester Luwin
    Syrio Forel
    Three eyed Raven

    Cerseis husband Robert Baratheon
    Renly Baratheon

    Richard Karstock

    Danys brother
    Danny’s husband Khal Drogo
    Danys unborn child
    Mirri Maz Dur
    Various Dany guys

    Jore Mormont

    The hound(?)
    The mountain (resurrected?)

    Tywin Lannister

    Alistair Thorne
    Various members of the night watch in battle

    Mentioned in season one:
    Stanis Baratheon

    Season one characters that are still alive:
    Sansa Stark
    Arya Stark
    Rickon Stark
    Bran Stark
    Jon Snow (resurrected)
    Robyn Aaron
    Peter Balish : little finger
    (Bengen Stark?)



    Walder Frey

    Gendry Baratheon

    Theon Greyjoy

    Jaqen H’gar

    Jorah Mormont

    The hound(?)
    The mountain – (resurrected)

    • Who’s John Aaron? Paul Aaron’s father?

      • susan appleby

        Sorry. I spelled it wrong.
        He is the Hand of the King that started this entire mess by figuring out that Cersies kids were fathered by Jamie. His murder by his wife Robyn (at Littlefingers manipulation) is what gets Ned to go to Kings Landing.

        Of course Littlefinger later pushes her out the moon door.

        • I know. i was just teasing you. ;D
          I was referring to Aaron Paul, Walter White’s buddy.

  • RIP summer.
    Now that summer’s gone, winter should come really soon. Be prepared!

  • Asher Forrester

    Do you guys think the Night’s King is looking to recruit Bran to become one of them and have Bran rule by his side, because they saw and sensed how powerful he was?

    AND with all this power of warging into humans past, present, and future….we find out this episode that White Walkers were once human too….does this mean Bran also has the power to warg into a White Walker…and potentially the Night’s King? Is that why they so desperately want either Bran on their side OR Kill Him Off as soon as possible?

  • So if Bran can warg while warging, and he could interact with the Night’s King while warging, why couldn’t he (or the Three-Eyed Raven, or Leaf, or one of the other Children) just go back to when the Children of the Forest made the first White Walker and stop them? Or warg into that White Walker and have them jump on an obsidian blade? Then the biggest problem facing Westeros would just be the high price of a pot of the brown in Flea Bottom.

    • Coach

      I think its more of a thing where things that happened always happen. We are just now finding out the how and why. Not that they are changing history.

    • susan appleby

      I don’t think he can just stop something like that where a whole people is involved.After what he did with Hodor, I hope he is more careful.

    • Christine Larivière

      The whole thing with Summer dying against the Night’s King and her killing the man who changes into an undead creature reminds me of Beltaine v. Samhain where it was a natural cycle. There is much Celtic/Druid myth/folklore built into the story. Ice has won, but Fire will strike back. The tree was shown changing from autumn to winter. There were bonfires at the event which parallels Samhain, a celebration to protect from the dead spirits.

      I think I get the whole Bran thing but it would be a spoiler.

  • Coach

    Couldn’t Sansa, Davos, and Jon have just settled everything with a 20 sided dice?

    • Brendan Fitzpatrick

      It’s Ok, Davos still has armies stationed in the Ukraine!

  • Ty Bryan DeWitt

    When Yara and Theon left Pyke, who else left with them. Most of the men seemed to like Douchebag Grey joy, who else were on all these ships they took??

  • Ty Bryan DeWitt

    Do you think Summer dying by whitewalkers is symbolic and that ‘Winter is here?’

    • Asher Forrester

      Yeah….but Autumn still has to arrive first…xD

  • I’m really worried about Brienne as well. In the previous episode, Little
    finger said he will join the Freys. Edmure may still be kept as a
    hostage at the Twins. If so, is there any possibility that those two
    houses somehow reconciliated and fight against the Bolton as allies? Probably; knowing that Ramsay kill Walda Frey, but it still seems unlikely to me. Sansa needs to learn more!!!

  • Ty Bryan DeWitt

    Wouldn’t it be kick ass if Brand could warg into one of Dany’s Dragons and kick some whitewalkers ass.

  • Here’s my take on Sansa keeping a secret from Jon Snow. When little finger said `half brother’, I think Sansa by then knew he’s trying to screw with her. I mean what does it matter if Jon is a half brother or a full brother? Sansa lost all her family and she knows Jon is more trustworthy (Brienne also points out that). She grew up with him, she should know that. And she has a heart to make clothes for Jon! When I saw she lied to him, I thought that was a badass move from Sansa. She does not want Jon to worry about everything but she decisively chooses what to and not to tell. Especially she doesn’t want to share everything with Starks knowing that how awful they are at making political moves. She has her own agenda. She already has several cards on her hand – Jon, Davos, Brienne, wildlings, blackfish, and little finger. She is still learning though. She should be careful enough not to trust everything.

  • If someone could answer this question, I would be grateful.
    What was the purpose of taking Bran again in the past in Winterfell, knowing that the Night’s King was heading to them? Is the three eyed raven dumb or did I missed something?

    • J-me not Hi-me

      I think the Three-Eyed Raven (Crow) took Bran to where he needed to be to make Hodor. Not only does Bran not make it out of the tree without Hodor holding the door, but he never would have made it to the tree in the first place.

      • As for “making”, Hodor, he could have make him anytime before this event. And since Hodor exists. Then the timing isn’t that crutial.
        Now, for keeping the door, Bran could have warged in Hodor to hold the door. Which he did one way or another.

        I still think the timing for this green seeing in the past was a total waste of time, unless there is something behind this that wasn’t explained. And I am expecting from both David to give us a good reason behind this massacre the three eyed raven has allowed.

    • @Wharfrat1625

      I took that as the Raven showing him the kind of impact he can actually have on moments in the past. And following the whatever happened happened premise, it was critical the the Raven bring him there in that moment to ensure it plays out the way is always had, with Bran effectively creating Hodor so Hodor would always be there to take him to the raven so that he could go back and create Hodor so Hodor would always be there to………

  • sahara4

    How can the Night’s King walk through fire? Does that mean fire breathing dragons cannot kill the White Walkers?

  • Ana Horvat

    How much influence does GRRM has on parts of the show that have gone further than the books? Has he given them an outline where to go with each story? Or are the show writers picking their own destinations with each character? How does it work now?

    • Buck Hondo

      An interview with Weiss and Benioff on suggests that they are in ongoing conversations with GRRM and he’s giving them the bullet points they need. They talked about their reaction when he told them about Hodor’s origin and death.

  • Buck Hondo

    Hodor’s death sequence was so similar to the death of Charlie on “Lost,” it’s easy to see director Jack Bender’s fingerprints. The violin overlay is hauntingly reminiscent of that terrible moment when Charlie drowned, and the emotional response (for me) was the same.

    • Midge Marly

      Wow, that is so true and I’m glad you mentioned it. Definitely see directors traits in both.

    • susan appleby

      Charlie drowns?

      • Buck Hondo

        He does. And Bruce Willis is a ghost the whole time.

  • Is it possible that the Three eyed raven didn’t die, but merged into Bran?
    He disappeared into smoke when the Night’s King touched him, like a Jedi.

  • susan appleby

    As for the time travel aspect, personally I would like to see the future if I had a choice, or even the present, as Bran is woefully uninformed about where his family are.
    But, I think it’s a great device for introducing facts about the past expeditiously.

  • susan appleby

    So I have a question..can someone possibly please explain where all the armies and navies are in Westeros. I’ve tried unsuccessfully to find a map. I have the sense there are a large number of experienced soldiers but I don’t have a clue where they are.
    I think knowing where the armies and navies are is going to matter starting next week.
    How big is that Sparrow guys army? How about Jaime? Where did Stanis army go? how many will stay in Winterfell to fight Jon?

    • Brendan Fitzpatrick

      Hey susan, I tried to do some googling and find a current map, but only thing I could find was based on where things are in the books atm, not on the show. I can give you a basic run-down. The Lannister/King’s Army is split between being in King’s Landing, and around Casterly Rock, The Lannister’s home. You have, The Armies of The Reach led by the Tyrell’s who are the 2nd largest army in Westeros, and are currenlty on their way in to KL. We don’t know for sure how many “Sparrows” the HS has, but we can assume it’s rather large, at least 1,000 otherwise they would not be able to overwhelm and intimdate the city guard or the Lannister forces currently stationed there in KL. You have The Army of The Vale (LittleFinger) Which is currently the largest Army in Westeros which LF tried to give to Sansa and she turned down. They are currently headed Towards Winterfell, we think. The Largest Navy, is the Navy that belongs to The IronBorn/Greyjoys, which Yara and Theon just stole, and are riding off to parts unsure. The Wildling Army Plus Stannis’ leftovers currently around The Wall, number only aroudn 3,000. The Bolton’s, Karstark’s and Umber’s together number around 10,000 at Winterfell. When/If Jon is able to recruit from un-sided Nothern Houses Plus House Tully (the Blackfish), he may be able to match that 10,000, but will take a lot of recruiting. Ok, did I miss anyone?

      • susan appleby

        Thanks so much. Given that the war is ongoing and a main focus of the show, I am trying to get an idea of the military positions.
        It look like Jon and Sansa are outnumbered. I don’t have a good feeling about this.

      • susan appleby

        I think you missed Dany.

  • Renee Margaux

    I’m a new listener and love the podcasts. I have not read the books.

    Here’s my take on time traveling in Season 6.

    Bran is not time traveling in the traditional sense (i.e.Looper, Doctor Who, HG Wells Time Machine). Night’s King aside, Bran is not seen and barely, if at all, heard.

    I think that Bran ‘ghosts’ around within the time stream and now it seems that he can bring the past and ‘now’ together, to a singularmoment: Wylis and Hodor are linked thru Bran ‘now’ due to the simultaneous wargs. That and the fact that Wylis saw / felt Hodor’s struggle at the door broke him.

    Two last quick things: 1) perhaps the Night’s King can see Bran since he
    was made on the Weirwood tree Bran is Greenseeing under, NK’s blood is on and in the tree roots? 2) Littlefinger’s final words to Sansa upon exit …half-brother. Did he really think he was casting doubt on Jon’s loyalty to Sansa or was it something else? And is that why Sansa kept the origin of the Blackfish intel secret?

    • susan appleby

      I thought he was hinting that he knew Jon isn’t her half brother but what do I know. I think he was getting her to think about who Jons parents really are – no one knows who the mother is.

  • Jermyn Snow

    Is Bran the new ticking time bomb?

    Magic was keeping Bran and company safe while in the cave until he was touched by the Night King. It’s said that the wall contains a lot of ancient magic to help ward of the white walkers. Is Bran going to unintentionally unravel the magic at the wall by passing through it with the icescale that the Night King put on his arm?

  • susan appleby

    Did Littlefinger expect Sansa to die there? What did he gain by leaving Sansa there?

  • Ty Bryan DeWitt

    Do you think we will find out about the white walker baby they made in Season 4?

  • Ty Bryan DeWitt

    Maybe far fetched theory. If Bran can go into the past and change things. If Bran can still visit the past, without the tree, do you think he goes to the past to build the wall and is Bran the Builder?

  • John Rumsey

    I am not sure why people are questioning Meera Reed’s killing of the White Walker. We know that dragon glass or obsidian is in short supply. However Sam gave the Bran’s travel party some as they went north of the wall. It seems simple that Meera would use one of those spear heads. The Children of the Forrest have tricks but to my knowledge they do not have a bunch of dragon glass spears.

  • Ty Bryan DeWitt

    In response to the feedback show question that either Josh or Rob asked. The question was something along the lines of “What benefit is there if Yara and Dany team up?” I think it’s an amazing pair up. Yara said in her speech “They (other holds in Westeros) don’t take us seriously. They don’t see us as powerful.” If Yara helps Dany get across the sea and fight along side her. The Greyjoys could end up getting a lot of power when Dany takes over. As payment for giving her ships and more of an army.