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Game of Thrones Book Club | Spoiler Discussion of Episode 601, ‘The Red Woman’

Listen to the Podcast

Listen to the Podcast

Who is Coldhands? Look no further than the Game of Thrones Book Club for the answer!

(Well… an answer.)

Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Terri Schwartz (@Terri_Schwartz) return with their first official podcast of the Game of Thrones on-season, talking about the premiere episode of season six, “The Red Woman,” from the perspective of viewers who have also read the books.

But… isn’t this supposed to be the season without any book material to talk about? Not exactly. Josh and Terri discuss subject matter from the books that might still make it onto the show this season, and also are here to provide an outlet for readers of George R.R. Martin’s novels looking to bond together during this unprecedented time in the fandom.

Over the course of the podcast, Josh and Terri recount their time at the Game of Thrones season six premiere in Hollywood earlier this month, their theories about Jon Snow, the ramifications of Melisandre’s major reveal, the huge changes in the Dorne storyline, and much more.

The Game of Thrones Book Club records every Tuesday afternoon. Send your questions along by then by clicking here, e-mailing us at [email protected], or by tweeting at Josh and Terri on Twitter.

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  • Brendan Fitzpatrick

    Welcome back book club! I think I can retire now, I don’t think I can top PodSquad and Doraneese Knot as names for things.

  • Paul

    So now that the season has started what is everyone’s guess for when TWoW will drop?

    It really hurts to watch this season before reading the book.

    • Brendan Fitzpatrick

      It doesn’t bother me too much. I’ve reconcilled that the two are different in my head, like comic book movies, and comics. I actually, don’t think we get TWOW until AFTER GoT is completely finished, so 2018…ish.

  • GeekFurious

    Haven’t listened yet but if they don’t answer my question AND TAKE IT SERIOUSLY, I will unsubscribe and never listen again!

    Well, I’ll listen but I’ll be super mad!

    Well, I’ll be like a little bit miffed.


  • GeekFurious

    Alright, I am listening and responding as I listen.

    1. “Boner killer” is the kind of comment you expect from “The Walking Dead” fanboys. Granted, now that the GOT show runners are dumbing the show down, we’re maybe a season away from “Walking Dead” level stupidity.

    2. Edd will be glamoured by Mel and he will fight as Jon Snow after Ramsay threatens to kill Rickon if Jon doesn’t face him.

    3. Mel IS at the Wall in the books, Josh!

    4. When the scene with Mel in the tub with Selyse in the room originally came out, people DID suggest that Mel didn’t have the glamour on. However, when she took the amulet off in this latest episode, she didn’t drop the glamour immediately. So, at least on the show, it’s about more than just taking it off.

    5. I’ve been saying for a while that Mel has no idea how her magic works. People have called me dumb for saying it… but I thought it the second she told Thoros of Myr that he shouldn’t have the power of resurrection. She has no clue how this stuff works!

    6. The Brienne scene with Sansa was beautiful fan service that GRRM would never do in a trillion years. So, I loved it… and rolled my eyes at the same time.

    7. Sansa is a great character with self-absorbed human emotions and a real journey. I love her more in the books but she’s also excellent on the show… and demanding she be in a constant control of her journey is to ask for an unrealistic character journey you see every TV hack write. That’s the kind of junk the guys writing the Dorne plot would deliver. I say that because there is no way the same people writing the rest of the show are writing the Dorne plot. It has to be their kids… or pets, or something. Maybe they’re basing the Dorne plot on paw prints.

    Anyway, Sansa… her game is to NOT GET HERSELF KILLED while gaining knowledge and eventual power. She’s the best survivor in the bunch.

    8. With respect to Sansa declining Brienne’s offer in the previous season, I always took it that she knew Littlefinger would have Brienne killed so she was trying to save her life by telling her off and not because she thought she could do it without her.

    9. I called the “Sansa will take the Lady Stoneheart” story-line last year, you bastages! GIMME MY CREDIT! AHHHH! And Brienne will definitely end up going to Riverrun per Sansa’s orders. Done deal. It is known.

    10. Dorne… can the Sand Snakes assassinate this discussion? Though, since it’s still going… Ellaria is taking over the Arianne story. It is known.

    11. They need to nail the Greyjoy story-line this year… NAIL IT.

    12. When the Whitewalkers/Others break through, Theon will rally the kingdom to his side as the last remaining king and ride into battle with the Queen in the North. It is known.

    13. Jorah found the ring because there was a MASSSSSSSIVE CIRCLE around the spot. An idiot could have found that ring. There’s nothing amazing about him finding it. The joke about him finding it existed for 10 months prior to people seeing the circle of hoof-prints. Even I made that joke. Then I saw the episode and was like “Oh, you guys set it up well.”

    14. I love Arya in the books. I love her on the show but… the last couple of episodes with her have kind of turned me slightly off to her scenes. But I’m sure they’ll get me back on board soon enough.

    15. FUCK PROPHECY! That’s the heart of the novels. People believe in prophecy so they do everything to make prophecy happen, or see prophecy in everything that happens.

    16. Kick D&D’s ass, Terri! They’ve really fumbled Jaime’s arc for too long. Hopefully his Riverland journey will make him more like… Jaime.

    17. R+L=J… and M+G+DE=NJ (Mel+Glamour+DolorousEdd=NotJon). It is known.

  • BearMustaine

    Maybe John will come back as a conscious white walker like Coldhands, His Targaryen blood will stop his body from being burnt like Daenerys in Karl drogo furneal pire in the earlier book. The show can’t spring John warging on us now.

  • They make a perfect couple. Even Google approves it.