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Game Of Thrones Book Club | Season Six And The Winds Of Winter Delay

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Listen to the Podcast

You wanted an update? Here’s the update… and you will like it!

After a six month hiatus, Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Terri Schwartz (@terri_schwartz) have reopened the Game of Thrones Book Club podcast for business! They’re breaking the dragon-glass in case of emergency, because we are most certainly in emergency mode: George R.R. Martin has officially confirmed that the sixth book in his A Song of Ice and Fire series, The Winds of Winter, won’t arrive before season six of the show.

Josh and Terri unpack what the news means, how season six will be the first time book readers don’t have advance knowledge of the story, whether or not those viewers should consider tuning out of Thrones, and more. Plus, Josh and Terri talk about the season six marketing campaign thus far, focusing heavily on Jon Snow and Bran Stark. They briefly touch on some season six casting news, and forecast where they see the show going in the new year. And as is their wont, they ramble all over the place, meandering through this podcast just as Brienne of Tarth meanders through A Feast For Crows. Hey, it’s been six months; give them a little bit of rope, will ya?

Let us know your take on the return of the Book Club, and let us know what you want to hear in future editions of the podcast.

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The Game of Thrones Season 6 Teaser Trailer

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  • Brendan Fitzpatrick

    If McShane IS playing the Elder Brother and it is Clegane in the Clegane is a reborn Brother Theory, at least it will give Brienne something fun to do this season…I’m just hoping she doesn’t do quite as much wandering around doing nothing as she did last season and does in Feast. I’m hoping the season is really just heavy on Flashback fun times, and light on the over-advancing of the plot ahead of the books.

  • GeekFurious

    Stop trying to make Strong Belwas happen!

    I kid. You can go ahead and keep trying.

    Great to hear you two again! I’m was more upset that you hadn’t done a podcast in six months than in Winds not coming out before the show. Sure, I would have loved to have read the book first but I read books 1 & 2 after seeing the show and I love those books far more than the show.

    The show is already different enough that no matter what they do it will be at least somewhat different in the book, if not entirely different. Plus, spoilers only ruin the first experience with a story line… but many of us enjoy the show and books over and over and over. So what happens and how it happens matters more than that it happened and that we were surprised.

    This coming season has me excited for ALL the story lines, even the ones I don’t care so much about in the books (cough Dany cough). And the fact that I don’t know what is coming because the book isn’t out is probably the biggest reason for that.


  • Tom Palmer

    Did anyone watch Full Metal Alchemist? That anime was started before the manga was finished, so it ended with an original ending, and then 6 years later they made Brotherhood based on the manga’s ending. Both series were excellent, and started from a similar place before having drastically different endings. I enjoyed both series, and consider both to be different things.

  • Paul

    Game of Thrones Book? Club, or Game of Thrones Bookless Club

  • Andrew

    I have one simple thought. I equate Bran to Ben/Richard from Lost.

    I think Bran will be our key to getting answers about the “mythology” of Westeros if that makes sense. The history of the white walkers/more information about the life north of the wall etc. I think the show will use Bran to explain things to non book readers.

    I agree with you guys when you said we might see flashbacks through Bran. I think we might see Bran being “trained” and in that “training” he’s told major things like possibly confirming Jon Snow’s parents, etc. Or maybe he’ll be the one to reveal that to Jon Snow eventually. Or they’ll use Bran to “wink” to book readers and say “hey, you guys are on the right track thinking x”

    Similiar to what they did that with Stannis last season about R+L=J

  • susan appleby

    The biggest problem with the show runners taking over the story is that George RR Maryin is a masterful storyteller. The show writers are good but nowhere near his level of genius.

    • GeekFurious

      They are all excellent story tellers but I can agree that D&D have made what I consider to be needless changes from the books that haven’t in any way improved the show’s story.

      • susan appleby

        Now that I’ve read the books I feel there is a very strong argument that the show has fundamentally changed characters. They just don’t compare to the story telling brilliance of George RR Martin. I can’t think of any change they have made that improved the story or the characters.

        • GeekFurious

          Well, I understand why they’ve combined some characters. And I take them at their word that they dispensed with some characters entirely and gave other characters those beats in order to streamline the story telling. I just don’t agree it was necessary. The audience didn’t know what was going on in season 1 when you introduced a ton. The audience only grew as character numbers increased. So their argument that they needed to bring that number down… AS VIEWERSHIP INCREASED, flies in the face of their own logic. If anything, the audience seemed to like when new characters were introduced. The show runners had conditioned them to it.

  • HomerBrannon1

    Nice to see the podcast that is dead may never die.

    I loved George’s “Winds of Winter” announcement, it was so Game of Thrones. Everyone was excited because we thought the book was coming, and then we were stabbed in the gut. I find it hard to believe George didn’t think the show would ever catch up. I guess he really did think “AFOC” and “ADWD” would take up three seasons.

    I’m almost certain Jon wargs into Ghost before he dies in the books. I bet they change that in the show, because we’ve never seen any evidence he can warg, unlike the books where he does it all the time.

  • Thanks for the show! For me personally I watched Season 1 and 2 before reading all of the books in prep for Season 3. I can easily separate the two and I’m equally attached to both sets of characters, so I am fine with seeing what happens in HBO Land before Book Land.