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Game of Thrones Book Club | Spoiler Discussion of Episode 604, ‘Book of the Stranger’

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Welcome to the Game of Thrones Book Club, the Post Show Recaps podcast that talks about HBO’s Emmy-winning series from the perspective of those who have read George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire novels and related material. You are listening and proceeding further at your own risk.

This week, Terri Schwartz (@Terri_Schwartz) is busy traveling around Middle-Earth, so Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) is joined by guest host Jessica Liese (@HaymakerHattie), the co-founder of Post Show Recaps’ Walking Dead Book Club. Jess gives her overall take on the current season (spoiler alert: she likes it a lot) before diving into all the specifics from this past episode, including Jon and Sansa’s reunion, crackpot theories about the Greyjoys and Targaryens, and much more — including Tormund Giantsbane and Brienne of Tarth’s blooming romance. The Good Ship GiantsBrienne is about to set sail, everyone, and Jessica Liese is your captain.

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  • EricD

    Great podcast! I’m excited that you discussed my question! I’m more or less on the same page as you, Josh; I don’t know if the Umbers definitely wrote that letter, but I believe there’s enough evidence that it can’t be ruled out. I’m also totally expecting Danaerys and the Dothraki to be boarding ships in the final episode of the season.

  • Shevek

    20 min in, Josh, I’ve heard you say Clegane-Bowl wont happen as Cersei’s trial by combat a few times now. I’m not dying to see it happen so I don’t think I’m blinded with desire or anything, but I think you’re wrong and that is how it’s going to happen. McShane is going to saunter into King’s landing to visit his old friend the High Sparrow, and happen to have just the new recruit the God’s would love to strike down Bobby Strong with. Maybe that’s a hot take, but I don’t see it being Lancel.

    Also, I’m getting into the habit of commenting a little more on here, is it poor etiquette to post mid-listen comments?

    • Shevek

      …and of course Jessica immediately says something similar after I post that…

    • Josh Wigler

      So, the names and descriptions of the next two episodes have been released, and I’m starting to come around on the Hound for Trial by Combat on the show… but this came after we recorded the podcast, so my take is now different! Wrote about it a little bit here:

  • patti renshaw

    I have a question I know bastards in the north their last name is snow but what is the last name for bastards in the south?

    • Pink Pearl

      It’s not just north versus south.

      If you’re a bastard from the area around the Vale, your last name is Stone.
      From Highgarden, it’s Flowers.
      From the Riverlands, it’s Rivers.
      From Dorne, it’s Sand (as in Illaria Sand, and the Sand Snakes).
      From King’s Landing, it’s Waters.
      From Storm’s End, it’s Storm.

      • And from the Iron Islands, Ironman

        • Pink Pearl

          Wouldn’t Iron Man be a trueborn lord of House Stark?

  • patti renshaw

    Thanks pink pearl. I have all 5 books but it’s been awhile since I read them!☺thanks for helping me☺

  • xkrang

    I think that is possible that Littlefinger wrote pink letter. I still believe in Umbers conspiracy. I know that’s dangerous but they are northerners they don’t fear and they risk.

  • xkrang

    We don’t know that she’s fireproof. Nobody said that in the show. It could be another magical event. Daenerys is prince who was promised so she can have some “god protection”. I think in the books it will be the same.

  • xkrang

    King’s Landing is interesting, I think it’s possible that’s High Sparrow’s plan to bring army to KL. Another idea that Tyrell’s want their army in KL and kill Tommen so it could be also Olenna’s plan. Or they collaborate.

  • t o m .

    i hate brienne, so boring…

  • GeekFurious

    Uhhhh… yeah, so… Terri… I never missed her more than when her fill-in said the show butchering genius with cliches is an improvement. Was this maybe an episode of Game of Thrones We Hate the Books Club? Because it felt like it.

    • Matt The Golem

      I agree with J-Liese. As a tv show, the story arcs and characters have to steadily progress or else be pruned away/killed off.

    • Pink Pearl

      Uhhh…yeah, so …I’m sorry I disagreed with you.

      • GeekFurious

        No, you came to a book club episode and crapped on the books and said super simplified versions of them equate to superior story telling. It’s very weird. I’ve respected your unique perspective in the past… this total lack of respect for GRRM is not one of those times.

  • Matt The Golem

    What if, by the time she returns to Meereen 2 of the dragons prefer Tyrion the Chain Breaker to Mommy Daenerys who made them captives?

  • susan appleby

    Congrats on the baby Jessica. So happy for you. I remember when you got married. You deserve all the happiness in the world.