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GAME OF THRONES Book Club | Spoiler Discussion Of “Mother’s Mercy”

Listen to the Podcast


Listen to the Podcast

Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Terri Schwartz (@terri_schwartz) are back this week for the final GAME OF THRONES BOOK CLUB of their regular season five coverage. At last, the show and the books have caught up with one another … well, mostly. Josh and Terri run down the stories that still have some book material left in them following “Mother’s Mercy,” the season finale. They also talk about theories behind Jon’s resurrection, Kit Harington and the producers’ comments about Jon’s “death,” and how to handle the Wall next season with or without Jon Snow. Beyond Jon, the conversation focuses on Stannis Baratheon’s up-in-the-air fate, the disappointment of Dorne, the future of Theon and Sansa, and much more.

Although this is the last Book Club of the proper season, Josh and Terri will return in the coming months with plenty of off-season coverage. For the Book Club Watch!

SPOILER WARNING: The GAME OF THRONES BOOK CLUB podcasts are meant for people who have read George R.R. Martin’s novels that HBO takes its cues from. Proceed with caution!

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  • swift00001

    If u pay attention to the shot when sansa/theon jump, they are at the same height as bran and the distance he fell because there’s a similar tower to the left of them. Sooo in conclusion thats a life threatening drop. Yes there’s also snow in the equation now. 4 the record IMO that was a shitty cliffhanger bc u know they’re not dead, cmon lets get real

  • Wigs was fired up! Loved it. This season has really inspired me to want to do a 3rd re-read of the books. I don’t mean that in a negative way associated to the show, but the show has gone so rogue that I want George’s story with all its glorious details at the front of my mind at all times in case I start mixing details of the show into the book story.

    I tried the Roy Dotrice Audio Books about a year ago intending to do about an hour every night before bed, and thought maybe my ears would pick up details that my eyes didn’t, ended up always falling asleep 10-15 mins in. Does anyone have any suggestins on a different method of doing a re-read?

  • Rubicon

    Josh, Terri, great season of Bookclub!

    • susan appleby

      I’m still happy for Terry that she got to visit the set. Their enthusiasm and dedication to the show keeps me interested. Usually I tune out of dark and depressing shows.

      • Terri Schwartz

        Thanks! I’m so glad I got to see Arya’s stuff. Her storyline and Cersei’s tied for my favorites this season.

    • Manuel Mattsson
  • jon dunn

    I’ve always been a huge show defender but this was the year it went OFF the rails.

    Very few of the stories or arcs made sense, and there is reason so many show only watchers have so many questions about what happened.

  • waggen

    Is it safe to listen now when the show has catched up with the books?

    • susan appleby

      They discuss that. Their conclusion is yes, there isn’t much left in the books that hasn’t been covered. A lot of this podcast is their fan fiction on what might happen next.

    • HomerBrannon1

      You know, after thinking about it, I bet they could squeeze about 50 percent of season 6 from Feast for Crows and Dance with Dragons. Still have the Greyjoy stuff, Davos going to Manderleys, Brienne in the Riverlands (please show the Hound and Gendry), pie fight at Winterfell. Although guess it depends on how many seasons they do. I still think they’ll go eight season.

    • GeekFurious

      Around the 43 minute mark they start talking about a possibly major spoiler that hasn’t happened yet in the show but ends the 5th book.

      • waggen

        Thank you Susan and GeekFurious for your help! I will start listening to it then and hopfully i can live with the eventual small spoiler of one characters story line…

    • Manuel Mattsson
  • susan appleby

    Whatever happens with Jon, it has to be resolved early in the season. I agree with Josh about that part. The tv audience would riot if they were kept in the dark for an entire season.HBO would never agree with that.

    I kind of wish the show had gone slower and not tried to surpass the books in plot. The show falls apart when it tries to create its own thing, at the very least it becomes more predictable and overt instead of subtle, surprising and complex.

    Completely agree that there is really no one to cheer for and that the entire season has been dark.

  • Rory

    Do you guys think there was much point including the Maggy the Frog prophecy this season? We didn’t get Margaery (the younger queen – supposedly) at all in the last few episodes, the Valonquar wasn’t mentioned…the only relevant point was Myrcella’s death, and by that point most of the show watchers would have forgotten about the e1 intro anyway. Don’t get me wrong, as a book reader I was glad to see it. But it just seems an odd scene to include from the show’s perspective.

    Also, the show may have largely caught up to the books, but there are some large bits of backstory missing. For example, on the show Bran is the only Stark warg. Taking about Jon/Arya/Rickon being wargs is a spoiler for show watchers.

    • Terri Schwartz

      I think the point was showing how much it motivates Cersei to protect her children (being clingy with Tommen, sending Jaime to get Myrcella) and also explain why she hates Margaery so much. It worked for me, especially with the finale showing a younger, more beautiful queen usurping her (so we think) and Myrcella dying. It actually was one of the more subtle moments of a blunt season, in my mind.

  • Joel Rainey

    It seems to me that the kings blood sacrifice will resurect John in both book and show.The difference will be that in the book John will warg into Ghost for a bit until Mel can get the ok to sacrifice Shireen. I guess there was not enough time in the show to follow that story line wich is why they didn’t go into the wahrging stuff and sped up to finishing Stannis’s story arc this season.

  • Manuel Mattsson