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GAME OF THRONES Book Club | Spoiler Discussion of “The Dance of Dragons”

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Listen to the Podcast

Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Terri Schwartz (@terri_schwartz) are back in action for week nine of the GAME OF THRONES BOOK CLUB season five coverage. This week, they play a little bit of catch-up on the ending of “Hardhome” before diving into episode nine, “The Dance of Dragons.” They talk about Daenerys finally flying on Drogon, Stannis Baratheon burning Shireen, and much more from the episode and how these moments might impact the future of the books. Josh and Terri also forecast some of their predictions for this week’s season finale, called “Mother’s Mercy.”

SPOILER WARNING: The GAME OF THRONES BOOK CLUB podcasts are meant for people who have read George R.R. Martin’s novels that HBO takes its cues from. Proceed with caution!

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  • swift00001

    Agree… The pacing of the story/scenes does feel off the mark this season

    • StephenDrabek

      It’s not surprising. They had to condense two books into one season, and even after cutting things like Aegon, Iron Islands, White Harbor, Riverlands, Brienne’s adventures, Quentyn, and the setup for the Siege of Meereen there were still about twelve episodes worth of material to fit into ten. We could have used more of Cersei’s reign for sure. But overall I think it was necessary. We HAD to get to those Dance with Dragons climaxes/cliffhangers or else the season wouldn’t have built up to anything.

  • Brandon Bryce

    Guys I have two things to say. I completely disagree with Terri in that D and D threw Gorge under the bus. George inconstantly throwing them under the bus. Everytime something controversial happens George responds is the TV show is the show and the books are the books. Which just is a nice way of saying dont blame me for any changes they make on the show they dont like. I’m glad that D and D told everyone George wanted to burn Shreen in the boobs. If they didnt there would be fools running their mouth again saying D and D treat women poorly again this time by burning a little girl. My second point is that the elitist attitude that book readers have with spoilers is idiotic. Unless you can find a time machine and look into the future no one knows when George is going to release the next book or the one after that. Dont blame D and D for releasing spoilers blame George. He takes to damn long to wrote his books. If he is going to let years pass between books then book readers need to understand the show needs to finish.

  • You guys are mad that D&D spoiled the book for you, but you guys just spoiled it for me, because I don’t watch those things. Well, it’s okay, I’m not angry.

  • Geoff Peterson

    Can we all get together to buy Terri a better mic so the book club discussions are nicer to listen to? The discussions are really good, but her audio quality is quite harsh.