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Game Of Thrones Book Club: Spoiler Discussion Of “The House Of Black And White”

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Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Terri Schwartz (@terri_schwartz) are back with week two of their GAME OF THRONES BOOK CLUB season five coverage, talking about the second episode of the season, “The House of Black and white.” Join Josh and Terri live to ask them your questions and send your comments about the season premiere, and what we expect to see in the episodes ahead.

SPOILER WARNING: The GAME OF THRONES BOOK CLUB podcasts are meant for people who have read George R.R. Martin’s novels that HBO takes its cues from. Proceed with caution!

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  • Good Q’s, all different to mine but I hope they all get answered. I hadn’t even considered Olly’s purpose on the show, but that would make for an even more emotional kick to the groin for the viewer than what that scene will be if he turns on LC Snow.

  • Sophia

    Shouldn’t Littlefinger be a bit more careful in making sure Sansa’s identity is kept hidden? When they first arrived at the Vale he presented her as Alayne but now it doesn’t seem to be a big issue that she’s recognised. Is he going to show his hand in the show more openly and somehow challenge Cersei? Or is showCersei simply not that concerned about Sansa and only has a prize on Tyrion’s head?

    Josh, I was laughing listening to the recap show and you saying with so much conviction that Jon Snow is Ned Stark’s bastard. 😀

    • LosPollosHermanos

      He should absolutely be careful. It’s just a weakness of the show’s portrayal.

  • LosPollosHermanos

    I totally think that Olly is going to Caesar Jon.

  • LosPollosHermanos

    and they aren’t going to answer q3, come on. Josh hasn’t even seen it.

    • GeekFurious

      He’s not going to answer it but… it doesn’t require that anyone see the third episode to answer the question.

      • Terri Schwartz

        Patience! #ep4

        • GeekFurious


          • du365

            Spoiler for you Geek–

            Your mother is pregnant.

  • I’m enjoying Book Club more than ever before atm. I think partly because I’ve been a bit disappointed with Rob’s take on what’s happening so far this season and his overall understanding of why characters are doing what they’re doing.

  • Brendan Fitzpatrick

    Yeeeeah, you guys just blew my mind with the LittleFinger theory on the necklace. Can’t believe I didn’t consider that. And it really does make so much sense. I’m on board this theory. I plus one this. I’m in.

  • Meren Roberts

    Hi Josh Wriggler, when will the normal downloadable audio version of this podcast be added to this page?