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LIVE at 4 pm ET / 1 pm PM when Josh Wigler hosts a SPOILER FILLED of Game of Thrones Season 4 Book Club to discuss the latest ramifications of Game of Thrones Season 4, Episode 4: Oathkeeper.

In this podcast Josh and Terri Shwartz discuss all things SPOILER related from the most recent Game of Thrones episode and how the latest developments correspond to what takes place in the George R.R. Martin series of book.


Game of Thrones Book Club: Spoiler Discussion of Season 4, Episode 4 - Oathkeeper

Game of Thrones Book Club: Spoiler Discussion of Season 4, Episode 4 – Oathkeeper

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  • Josh Wigler

    Here’s my article on what the White Walker ending means for GOT going forward:

    And here’s Terri’s story on the Night’s King:

  • Rory

    Josh one thing you and Rob didn’t mention last show was that Jon now knows Bran & Rickon are alive. (It was glossed over on the show). What ramifications will that have for Jon’s storyline moving forward? (Particularly the stuff in A Dance with Dragons.)

    • Josh Wigler

      We talked about that a bit here. I’m curious. Especially with Jon moving toward Craster’s now. Does he run into Bran directly? Does he just let Bran keep going North? Does he pick him up and drag him back to the Wall? And does somebody stop him from getting there? Or are they ships in the night, again?

      Really having trouble figuring out where this story’s going. Terri’s more into the Craster story than I am, but I’m keeping an open mind. Let’s see what’s up next week.

      Glad you liked the book club! Not sure if we’ll do it every week, but I’m sure we’ll do it again.

      • Rory

        Yep loved the book club. Terri’s excitement was infectious and it was fun to have the reddit theories discussed. Glad you mentioned the prophesy issue. These mysteries are a huge part of the books and it’s sad to see them left out at the expense of gratuitous boobage.

        Just curious as to why Terri mentioned Aegon and the Night’s King in the same sentence early on. Is there a connection I missed with Aegon V and the Night’s King?

        Btw Josh your misdirection with Rob about Varys last episode was great.

        • Zany

          She was talking about big ‘holy shit’ moments for bookreaders, one of which is the revelation that Aegon VI is alive (I’m personally onboard with the Blackfyre theory).

          What misdirection are you talking about? I remember them saying that Varys has been really underused this season (1/4 episodes is criminal) but that’s it. All I can remember from ASOS is that he testifies in the trial and then dresses as the jailer.

          In future editions I’d love to see some other theories discussed. I’ve always loved the Jojenpaste one, but I’m also a big fan of Frey Pies, Cleganebowl, and that the Green Grace is the Harpy (there’s a fantastic essay on Dany’s Mereen subplot in ADWD I recommend you all check out).

          • Josh Wigler

            I think Rob asked me why Varys hasn’t helped Tyrion yet and I was all “yeah good question bro :X”

      • Mr.Hendrix

        I’m really hoping this is when they introduce Coldhands. It makes so much sense, but I doubt they’ll do it.

  • susan appleby

    I missed this and didn’t get any questions in.

  • susan appleby

    Extra extra coverage. So fantastic!!! I haven’t read the books but I want to know what happens….

    • Josh Wigler

      Susan, if you can muster up the willpower, I highly recommend avoiding this one. Don’t spoil the story for yourself. The reveals, the twists, the surprises — they’re so good. You want to experience it all in its purest form, which is not tubby ol’ me spoiling the whole thing for ya.

      If you’re really itching to listen, then I recommend power-reading the books. I blasted through the first four in three or so weeks. I’m also a bit of a psychopath with this kind of thing. (See: binge-rewatching all eight seasons of 24 in less than two months.)

  • Jonas L

    Hey Josh, just wanted to say you and Terry did a fantastic job. I love your recaps with Rob but as a book reader there is so much more you can talk about in terms of ramifications of differences. Especially after the last few episodes, where a lot has differed from the books, even mentioning to people who are only watching the show, that the Bran part is drasticly changed might spoil them. So having you talk about the things i was thinking about the whole time was really great. Hope this wasnt the last Book Club you do.
    Greetings from Germany

    • Josh Wigler

      Really appreciate that, Jonas! Thanks!

  • Michael Eales

    Hi Josh,
    another admirer here of the podcast and particularly enjoyed this one as I enjoy the chance to discuss the books and to hear your theories, especially the Jojen paste theory which is one I hadn’t heard before but now thinking about it could be very plausible. Although if this does turn out to be true it makes it seem that maybe the 3 eyed raven could not be trusted and potentially leading Bran to be an asset for the Others. Would definitely love to hear you do another Book club soon.
    Thanks from the UK

    • Josh Wigler

      Evil Three-Eyed Raven is a pet theory of mine…

  • Aubrie

    “It’s gotten huge. We needed this!” Love that you keep up the survivor/game of thrones crossover jokes even when Rob isn’t your co-host! 🙂

  • EricD

    Hey Josh, great job with this. Rob’s GoT podcasts are great, but as a fan of the books I have an itch those spoiler-free podcasts just can’t scratch.

    If you do this again, I would love to see more general GoT discussion, rather than just talking about how the books relate to the most recent episodes. I would love to hear your thoughts on where Aegon’s story is headed, what Bran’s ultimate purpose will be, and what material from the books Season 5 of GoT will consist of. Thanks!

  • sanjayP

    LOVED THIS! so much deeper insight on ambiguous storylines like Coldhands and the Night’s King and really observant with the whole white walker ceremony.

  • Thank you for this! As a book reader (with friends who are not caught up to book 5) I’ve been dying to discuss fellow book readers views on the current season and what it means for the future. Looking forward to round 2!