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Game of Thrones Deep Dive: Season 7, Episode 2 | Stormborn

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Game of Thrones: Deep Dive Season 7 Episode 2 Podcast for “Stormborn”, from HBO on July 23rd, 2017

Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino) are back for a second helping of Game of Thrones, covering all the major plot points following the airing of the second episode of season 7 of HBO’s hit fantasy drama series ‘Game of Thrones’, “Stormborn”.

Please feel free to leave your comments/questions/feedback in the comments section below, or tweet us using the hashtag #PSRecaps. Join us again next week for more in-depth analysis of the winner and losers in “the Game of Ice & Fire”.

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  • J-me not Hi-me

    I’m thinking Theon goes back to Dragonstone to report what happened and then…I have no idea. He kind of HAS no where to go.

  • Yark Narf

    Great podcast (as always). Super happy for Josh getting such amazing access to Westeros and it’s denizens this season.
    I was critical of some of the elements of this season after Sunday. Having time to consider more and after hearing some persuasive arguments, I can now see how it can wrap up nicely. But as Josh said, there is also the feel it could do a Lost thing or maybe start to get a little sloppy or rely too much on big set-pieces over tight story.
    I’m taking my “Survivor” fan approach to how GoT ends; I don’t really care how it turns out, as long as it’s good.
    I suspect we’ve seen the major lurches in plot to get from A to B and the next few episode will be amazing now that all the players are in place and both sides are relatively equal.
    – I agree with you about Arya and Nymeria. They both can’t go home. They’re both wild things now. But o/c Chekhovs Direwolf will appear again soon for something cool.
    – I think what you guys kind of dismissed re-Theon is what will actually happen. I think the set-up is the obvious one: Theon rescues Yara the same way she once rescued him. Yes it’s totally on-the-nose but I bet that’s how it goes.
    – With Sam/Jorah I agree that it’s a great pair. Jorah probably knows Dragonstone as well as any man alive. That could help. Jon could pardon him for his crimes and nullify Ned’s sentence of banishment. Jorah vs Randyll Tarly would be a pretty epic old-school sword fight.
    – How about the fact that Jon will probably get a raven next week telling him that Bran is alive. “Hey Jon. I’m alive. lol. @ castle black. Hows your Aunt Daenerys doin? (oops spoiler). Let’s talk.”

  • TrentC

    I’m happy that Josh brought up his take on the Arya/Nymeria scene. When she said – That’s not you, the first thing I thought of was that Arya couldn’t go home to the Stark family and be the little girl they once knew. And I see Yark Narf has posted the same thought *shakes fist at Ser Narf*.

    I also enjoyed the Theon moment. 99% of other shows would have him make the heroic bid to rescue Yara, either succeeding or failing in the attempt. Instead he bails and literally abandons ship. A nice touch of character realism.

    I’m re-reading the books and in book two, somewhere around pages 600-700, they do mention the dual prophecy of prince or princess and I believe it’s the first time we hear about it. I don’t have the exact quote because I read it around 2 am, apologies. The three headed dragon is mentioned as well. I’m not onboard with the Tyrion Targaryen theory, yet the third person in the potential triad would likely be unique so who knows?

    As Josh so aptly described, clearing the elephants in the room was necessary for some of the characters. Like other posters have mentioned, I’m a little bit more passive and non critical of events from last week. I’m sure the GoT writers can (but may not) explain how information is being learned and the motivations behind some of the their actions.

    One random thought – If Sam makes the ointment out of dragon glass and that somehow becomes impervious dragonglass skin on Jorah…get ready for me to fanboy hard on Jorah becoming a walking weapon to defend Dany and possibly defeat the Night King by becoming a human crossbow bolt! ( I didn’t say it was a logical thought..)

    As always love the recaps, thanks.

    • SaraMadridista

      I do think it would been such unrealistic move if Theon actually saved Yara to be quite honest, I do like that he jumped off ship too, he is messed up, him saving Yara would been weird considering how his character have been for 5 seasons now.
      He always been a coward deep down too.

    • Yark Narf

      Re: Prince or Princess. Thanks. I’ll take your word on that. I read the books years ago but, honestly, I don’t know how people keep all the details straight. Sevens bless them for it, though, I certainly get it all mixed up.
      I’d love if Jorah became an unkillable, scaley, puss-oozing, Westerosi Deadpool. Probably it’ll just mean an extra few hours in the make-up chair for Iain Glenn.
      Agree, Theon had to jump off that ship. Anything doesn’t work.

  • realtrinilostgirl2007

    So in the episode in the scene between sam and the archmaester, Sam was telling him that he needs better titles for his books, they need to be like a poem. Now we already seen that the the ball thing in the sky is in the citadel and now sam is giving advice on book titles, does this confirms that sam is the one writing the song of ice and fire. Also i do believe grey worm has the pillar and no stones. so better off than then. the next tease is Hotpie telling Arya she is pretty and we know a certain person (gendry) also gave Arya this compliment, so does this mean that he is going to meet Arya soon? This episode was just filled with fan fiction type of tease and I am loving it.