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Game of Thrones Deep Dive: Season 7, Episode 3 | The Queen’s Justice

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Game of Thrones: Deep Dive Season 7 Episode 2 Podcast for “The Queen’s Justice” on HBO from July 30th, 2017

Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino) are back for third helpings of greyscale pie on the Game of Thrones Deep Dive Podcast, covering all the major plot points following the airing of the third episode of season 7 of HBO’s hit fantasy drama series ‘Game of Thrones’, “The Queen’s Justice”.

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  • Ugh I know that the show needed to give some villain cred to Euron and level the playing field a bit between Cersei and Dany, but it just sucks that they did it in such a way that all the blame falls on Tyrion for a bad plan. They’ve sacrificed his character to pump up Cersei and Euron. It would have been nice if the writers had done it in such a way that the blame could have been spread around to some of the other leaders in Dany’s camp, boosting the villains without piling all the negativity on just one of the heroes.

    That being said it may seem subtle now, but getting Dany and Jon to begin to work together is probably a point in Tyrion’s favor and hopefully he finds a way to rebound further before the season is over. Otherwise he’s been pretty inert since the end of Season 4 and that’s too long for that character (and that actor).

    If there IS a leak in Dany’s camp it would be sweet if Tyrion was the one who figured it out. That would be a balancing of the scales IMO.

    • Brendan Fitzpatrick

      To be fair, Tyrion has been on the downward spiral since season 4-5. Everything post Trial, has been just really rough for him. He’s not the man he was before. I don’t like it either, but I kind of get why they are doing it. I DO think he’ll get his redemption this season.

      • I am sure he will. I just don’t know how they are going to realistically explain Dany keeping him on as Hand considering how many things he’s botched for her up to this point.

  • Dave Czech

    Tyrion lost the battle in Blackwater, it was Tywin and Tyrells who saved the day. Tyrion never won anything. You overestimate Tyrion.

  • Dave Czech

    Arya is in King’s Landing, she will kill Cersei. And Jamie doesn’t like Tyrion because he killed their father. Killing father is one of the worst crimes in Westeros.

    • Nathan Featherstone

      Well this prediction hasn’t panned out yet….

  • SamMuray

    Not necessarily something I’d expect to happen, but Jorah meeting with Jon also has the potential to be interesting!

  • TrentC

    I think…we see Mycroft from the Iron Bank to reinforce the idea that the Lannisters were still in debt and needed capital. Jaime’s army marched south and took Highgarden, taking all of the Tyrell’s money and resources.

    Unless the Iron Bank has a fleet of fearsome debt collectors, I can’t see another reason for the scene.

  • belinda

    I found it most egregious the show wiped the Tyrells off the map with such little fanfare and so swiftly after all the seasons of touting The Tyrell’s army being huge and super rich. Like, it’s not unfathomable the Lannisters win with a maneuver, but no matter how shitty the Tyrells are at fighting – they were a huge and rich army, an army Tywin himself really wanted to the point where he was fine with Margaery being queen to secure the alliance with the Tyrell army – it was ridiculous to have the Lannisters just waltz in and win without suffereing much of any loss, up against what was the biggest and richest army in Westoros.