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Game of Thrones Feedback: The Winds of Winter | Season 6, Episode 10

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Listen to the Podcast

Feedback Show for Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 10, “The Winds of Winter” from June 26, 2016

Maesters Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino) are back once again to take your ravens regarding Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 10, “The Winds of Winter.”

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  • Aldrick

    1. Sun And Stars Award Goes To: Daenerys. She has managed to unite multiple great houses behind her before she even lands in Westeros. She has Dorne and High Garden fully behind her. Neither have sustained major losses in the war–Dorne is completely untouched. She has both legitimate heirs to House Greyjoy behind her, and really what is Euron going to do? She has dragons. She more-or-less has House Greyjoy tied up once she takes the Iron Islands. Then there is the North, which should quickly fall behind her, because she has both a huge army and dragons, and they are about to fight the White Walkers. So, really, at the moment it doesn’t seem like there is anything standing in Danny’s way of taking Westeros aside from the White Walkers.

    2. Burn Them With Fire Award: Tommen. Obviously. He was a weak king that was always the pawn of one person or another, and in the end committed suicide. Poor kid. He never stood a chance.

    3. Blackwater Award: Obviously, the Battle of the Bastards.

    4. Red Wedding Award: Walder Frey. It felt so good to watch him die. I loved watching him gasp like a fish out of water while Arya smiled down at him. The old man had it coming.

    5. The Night Is Dark And Full of Terrors Award: Hold the Door! Learning what Hodor’s name meant and watching him go out was horrible. Soul crushing.

    6. Where In the Seven Hells Did You Come From Award: So many could win this, but I voted Brienne of Tarth, saving Sansa. So, Sansa is running through the forest with Theon, and then suddenly Brienne just magically happens to find her? Then where the hell did the dogs go? They just disappeared! Ugh. Such a TV Show save. After this would be Benjen Stark saving Bran for similar reasons. After those would be Varys showing up at the end–at least that could be justified as time passing, even though it was jarring as hell.

    7. Two Swords Award: Tormund and Brienne. I am shipping them hard. I am also shipping Yara and Danny, but Tormund and Brienne… please, Dan and Dave–make it happen.

    8. Hodor Award: HOOOOOODOOOOOR!!

    9. Ned and Cat memorial Award: Lyanna Stark. I kinda wanted to vote Cersei for amusement, but Lyanna actually did something useful as a parent. She, with her dying breath, made her brother promise to keep Jon safe. He wouldn’t be alive today without Lyanna making Ned make that promise.

    10. Red Viper Memorial Award: Lyanna Mormont. Seriously, is there another contender? Please give her a Dragon and let her sit on the Iron Throne. This is how the show needs to end.

    11. Tywin Lannister Memorial Award: Cersei Lannister. Is there really another contender?

    12. Book Club Nerd Alert: Bran was at the Tower of Joy. A distant second would be the Hodor reveal. Both of those are big reveals for those of us who read the books.

    13. Winter Come Sooner Award: This was a hard vote. I am saying mad Queen Cersei and King’s Landing. I am really interested in knowing what the hell happens next.

    14. Win Or Die Award: The Winds of Winter. The obvious somewhat close second being the Battle of the Bastards.

    • susan appleby

      As to number 1, the dragons must not work out as it looks right now. Dany is like most of the other commanders in Game of Thrones in her ability to lose entire armies. I’m thinking a massive sea battle or storm ( wasn’t she born in a storm that sunk the entire Targaryen fleet) and probably some way to defeat the dragons.

      • Aldrick

        I am pretty sure the Dragons will be vital against the White Walkers, so they have to survive up until that point at least. However, even without them she now commands the largest army likely anywhere in the known world. She has two Westerosi Great Houses supporting her, the ENTIRE Dothraki Horde, a large number of Unsullied, and a sizable chunk of the Greyjoy Fleet. She likely also has command over any survivors from the Slave Masters army. After all, someone has to sail all those additional ships she took from them. The dragons are just icying on the cake.

        Sure, I guess they could run into a storm and lose a huge portion of their army. However, that just seems silly and anti-climatic. I imagine if she loses a good chunk of her army, it will either be from a shocking military defeat or treachery from within.

        My guess, though, is that she shows up, lands in Dorne, and then marchs north with her army. High Garden forces join her along the way, and then she lays siege to Kings Landing. Cersei dies, she gets the Iron Throne, but then White Walkers break down the Wall.

        Alternatively, things go poorly for her. A weakness against Dragons is discovered by someone loyal to Cersei. Jorah shows back up and spreads Greyscale to her army. She can’t control the Dothraki, and some of them break away and revert to their traditional ways… but in Westeros. Meaning that they raid, pillage, enslave, rape, and kill.

        • Daenerys reign could also collapse under its own weight…

  • TrentC

    Thanks for the recap guys.

    I just participated in my first Throners survey and loved it. Other than one bone I have to pick with you. You included Hodor in a category about character deaths.

    Hodor is not dead!

    Great job throughout the Game of Thrones season and many thanks for the podcasts.

    • Hodor is either dead or…dead. He could also be dead, but that’s quite unlikely.

      • TrentC




  • susan appleby

    Maybe I missed it but did they discuss what Cercei will do against Winterfell? She isn’t going to let a Stark remain there.

    • Martin Hess

      there is a targaryen dragon army coming to take her throne. lannisters are broke af. sassy grandma wants cercei obliterated.

      the only one in reach of starks is littlefinger and he has acted against the lannister interest. i dont think even sansa rejecting him would prompt him to go back to cersei. i cant see any upside for littlefinger allying with obviously losing cersei. not even euron offering his ships to cersei in exchange for marriage would tip the balance of power to cersei.

      • Aldrick

        Cersei is all kinds of screwed. The Tyrells were bankrolling the Throne and were/are the breadbasket of the kingdom. That’s over now. The Riverlands is now in chaos with Walder Frey dead, her likely one other reliable ally.

        The only realistic path for Cersei I see is as follows:

        – She has to get Littlefinger back on her side. She needs the Vale army.

        – She either has to mend fences with the Tully’s, and demand their allegiance and restore them to power in the Riverlands, assist the Freys in quickly recovering, or select another lesser House in the region to take over the Riverlands and the Twins.

        – Forge an alliance with some of the lesser houses of High Garden, encouraging them to betray the Tyrells and support the crown.

        – Forge an alliance with some of the lesser houses of Dorne, encouraging them to betray the Sand Snakes and support the crown.

        – Install a new lesser house as leader of the Stormlands now that Tommen (the last “Baratheon”) is dead.

        I do see some political plays Cersei could make here. There is a lot of hostility between High Garden and Dorne. An alliance with Dorne is going to anger some of the lesser houses, and Cersei could play on that. Similarly, there are some lesser houses in Dorne, who certainly would not approve of the move made by the Sand Snakes, and have long coveted the opportunity to rule there. There is plenty of greed and hate that can be played upon to divide the great houses. Hell, even if Littlefinger didn’t align with her she likely could do the same thing to the Vale.

        By relying more on the lesser houses and trying to divide her enemies she might be able to put together a sufficiently strong enough army to stand a fighting chance. If the Dragons were taken out of the equation the odds might go up as well.

        Really, her only hope at this point is to break and fracture the kingdom even more than it is now, likely leading to generations and generations of civil war. The North really is not a large concern for her at the moment. They are both too far away, making them politically isolated, and too few in numbers to be a serious threat.

        Once the Greyjoys find out that Yara and Theon have aligned with Danny, there is no reason that Euron shouldn’t throw his support behind Cersei. It should be obvious, once the size and power of her army is known, that they can either all fight together or die separately.

    • Cersei is dead. It’s just she doesn’t know it yet…

  • Lance Davis

    To the King in the North!!!

    • J-me not Hi-me

      The King in the North!

  • Martin Hess

    sir robert strong should be an option in the excellence in hodor throners category.

  • Derek_Sye

    Qyburn specifically says in the scene with Pycelle that he doesn’t hold any ill will towards him. Since Pycelle is about to die, there doesn’t seem like a lot of reason to be lying to him. I honestly think this scene was just there to develop the dramatic tension of the King’s landing scenes. It doesn’t make a lot of sense, but considering how great this episode was, it is easy to forgive.

    • Aldrick

      I think the best way to understand Qyburn is to remember his former history. He is a disgraced Maester who was stripped of his chains and kicked out of the Citadel in Old Town due to his illegal human experimentation. He is likely the best “healer” in Westeros and maybe even the entire world. He is a man dedicated to furthering his knowledge of his art. Pycelle hated him because of his disgraced status.

      I imagine if Qyburn were honest and could be questioned, what he ultimately would want is to be proclaimed an Archmaester, and recognized by the Conclave as the Grand Maester. He would want the Maesters reformed to better reflect his world view. That’s my best guess, and that is likely what he means by the fact that he bares Pycelle no ill will, but the old has to be removed to make way for the new. His alliance with Cersei would be his means toward that end.

      • Derek_Sye

        I don’t feel like his character has been developed enough on the show to really understand his goals, but perhaps we will get more in the future. I’m not a book reader so there might be more there to work from, but on the show we know very little about him.

        • Aldrick

          Although Qyburn is a bit more developed in the books, I think he is intended to be a mysterious character overall. However, this scene from Season 3 Episode 7 more-or-less lays it out. Roose Bolton discusses what Qyburn wants, (‘Qyburn hopes that your father [Tywin] will force the Citadel to give him back his chain.’), and then later he explains to Jamie how and why he lost that chain.

          Then in this scene you can see Pycelle reveal what he thinks of Qyburn.

          • Derek_Sye

            Thanks for taking the time to link these scenes. I remembered most of this, but the line from Roose Bolten had slipped my memory.

      • J-me not Hi-me

        Did I just imagine it or was Pycelle wearing the Hand’s pin during the coronation scene? (Or I should say “A” Hand’s pin, since the original probably blew up with Kevan.)

  • Paul Borges

    The “Golden Orb” is actually an Ermallry Sphere. It also appeared in 6×3 at it can be seen at around the 15:30 mark of this video. This guy is incredible by the way. I found him a few weeks ago I have since gone back and watched all his breakdowns for the entire season. (He’s only done S6) I HIGHLY recommend him. His breakdown of episode should be out in a few days.

  • Question: What would be the maximal total range of a dragon? Could they fly for thousand miles without taking some rest ?

  • Curtis Davis

    There were definitely Dornish ships in the background during Dany’s final shots. Which makes me believe they are already in Dorne to pick up Varys.

  • Asher Forrester

    Thanks Josh, now I’m even more intrigued by Grand Maester Qyburn!! He is a real mystery on the show, not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing yet…..hopefully in Season 7 we will get some sort of backstory to his motivations….maybe….if not, then we may be looking too much into it….and he might just be having some sort of weird crush on Cersei and that’s why he’s doing all this – it’s all for his obsession and love for her!! xDD
    However, if he does have a larger ulterior motive behind his actions….I really do hope they reveal it sooner rather than later on the show….cos hearing you talk about it got me really excited to see what happens with his character, and whether becoming the next Grand Maester was his goal…and he has finally achieved it…or is there more that he wants??
    Could he end up being the biggest villain on the show and we just don’t know it yet? That’ll be exciting to find out…..

  • I know there’s been talk of Jon’s Targaryen blood will mean Jon will also be impervious to fire just like Dany. However, Jon’s hand was quite badly burnt when Jon killed the Wight to save Jeor Mormont way back when. For the next several chapters Jon was complaining how badly it hurt and the scars it left. So no special powers for him that comes with his lineage i’m afraid.