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Game of Thrones Feedback Show Podcast: Season 7, Episode 5 – Eastwatch

Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino) is joined once more by Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) to answer all your many white-eyed ravens from “Eastwatch”, episode 5 of season 7 of HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones’ from August 13, 2017.

This week, the guys stare face-to-face with some listener feedback on topics like “the Snow Seven”, Cersei’s plan for the armistice, and what Gendry’s future prospects might be.

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  • Brendan Fitzpatrick

    Great Feedback show. One thing I had, that didn’t make the show, was that Jon and his 7 Companions match up pretty perfectly with the 7 Old Gods of Westeros. Mother, Maiden, Smith, Crone, Warrior, Father, Stranger. Thoros-Mother (giver of life) Beric-Maiden (given new life by Mother), Jon – Warrior , Gendry-Smith, Jorah-Crone (He’s old? this is the weakest), Hound – Stranger, Tormund – Father (building on the Crackpot theory he may have been Ygritte’s father, and also “F’d a Bear” which means he may be Lyanna Mormont’s actual father) .I don’t think it really means anything, but I feel like the Number 7 was entirely intentional and important. The Obvious nod is to the Magnificent 7, the old western. First Loot Train, now this. But I feel like this is the more Subtle thing they did, even if they didn’t know they were doing it…

    • Officer Christine

      The whole Night King and three other horsemen plus, as you mention, seven men sounds like the seven seals/four horsemen so it may very well tie to the faces of the seven gods.

  • Brendan Fitzpatrick

    Thanks for taking my Gendry Questions. I’m far more excited he’s back, than may be actually rational. He swung that hammer pretty well, but yeah, could have taken an extra 2 seconds to smelt some DragonGlass on to that thing.

    • yukonr

      i’m guessing that they don’t know if DragonGlass can be smelted yet, BUT when Sam comes back they may find that out, from the look of the stash that Sam found beyond the Wall all there were was spear/arrow heads there and those could have be made by flint knapping. thats my guess

    • TrentC

      I think we’re still going to see Chekhov’s Gendry. He’ll make the trip north and then the crew will see that his blacksmithing talent eclipses his fighting prowess.

      Perhaps we’ll get a fan-fic meeting of Gendry and Sam, where Sam instructs him on some extra-special smithing abilities with dragon glass.

  • XmanIce

    I hope Cersie gives birth to a dwarf. I think she would lose her mind if that happened. With those incest genes it’s possible.

  • Austin

    Cersei isn’t really pregnant and if she is she’s not giving birth to the child. She will be dead far sooner than 9 months. Besides the prophesy said she would have 3 kids.

    • Ben

      She already had four children. Her and Robert had a son that died as a baby, it was mentioned a couple of times in the first season.

      • Austin

        Died at child birth so debatable. Anyway it didn’t happen in the books. That tells me in the show this new child isn’t going to happen. At best the baby dies at child birth too.

        • Ben

          Debatable? I would like to see you try to argue that with any parent that lost a child at child birth.

          I agree that this child will never be born, but the prophecy was wrong in the show she has had four kids. Perhaps I need to go back and watch the prophecy again, was the wording “three children” or “three children with golden hair”, because the first child had black hair thus it could still be accurate.

          • Austin

            “The king will have 20 children and you will have three. Gold will be their crowns . . . gold their shrouds.”
            If it’s simply being with child Cersei had many more of Roberts kids. If it’s giving birth then 4. I personally interpreted the prophesy to mean she would have 3 children that she would raise and live lives. There is a difference between being alive and living a life.
            I will hold off from sharing my exact personal opinion about what I consider a live child to be as I don’t believe this is a place to debate that, but I will say I would never tell a parent that their child didn’t live as that is not my belief.

  • J-me not Hi-me

    My theory for Jon’s end game is that he finds out the truth of his parentage, realizes he has a claim to the Iron Throne and keeps the information to himself because he doesn’t want to rule/thinks Dany would do a better job. Then Jon keeps the secret for the rest of his life, following in Ned’s footsteps.

  • Cersei ends the show exiled with her dwarf child, the rest of her family and everyone else she’s ever loved will be dead. Yeah that means Jamie isn’t making it IMO.