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Game of Thrones S7 Ep #4 Feedback Show | The Spoils of War

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Game of Thrones Feedback Show Podcast: Season 7, Episode 4 – The Spoils of War

With Josh Wigler off vacationing in Europe/Essos, Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino) is joined by Alex Kidwell (@alexkidwell) to answer your ravens from “The Spoils of War”, episode 4 of season 7 of HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones’ from August 6, 2017.

This week, the guys take a deep dive headfirst into listener feedback on a wide array of topics, including what might be next for Jaime and Bronn, the mystery of the Valyrian steel dagger, and what Arya’s next move might be.

  • patti renshaw

    there was a prophecy of danni being betrayed 3 times by someone she close to or loves one fulfilled is jorha mormont betrayed her then possibly dario could possibly betray her for leaving him he could be jealous of John upcoming relationship who could be the 3rd betrayal? @rob cesternino

    • Yeah in the books the prophecy of the 3 betrayals was one for blood, one for love and one for gold. Mirri Maz Duur the maegi who let Khal Drogo die was the first betrayal for blood, Jorah you’re right was the second betrayal for love, and we don’t know who the 3rd betrayal for gold is yet.

      I think that’s very much a book thing though, the show has rarely ventured into prophecy much. Even the ones that would lend perfectly to the show plot too like Cersei’s valonquar.

    • yukonr

      don’t forget she was betrayed in Qarth by one of her hand maidens for the Warlocks, and that was a betrayal for gold (schrodinger’s vault)

  • J-me not Hi-me

    I don’t know why people keep saying Arya bested Brienne. They ended the fight with weapons to each other’s throats. They tied. 🙂

  • Yellowpillow

    Alex Kidwell is awesome – strong knowledge. Perfect guest host. Rob – Tyrion never owned dagger. LF lied. Ughhhhhhhh

  • TrentC

    Enjoyed the podcast, Alex has a good understanding of the Game of Thrones world.

    Arya has a shorter reach, height disadvantage and was using smaller weapons. Her fighting style was completely different than Brienne’s. When actual knights fought in armor with heavy weapons, they pummeled and pushed their opponents in an effort to catch them out of position or wear them down physically. It wasn’t just clean sword exchanges like you see in some movies.

    Arya has been trained two different ways and as Rob mentioned, maybe she has some of that Stark magic juice as well. Brienne is a bruiser in a swordfight to be sure, but when someone two feet shorter than you can get a dagger near your throat, she’s getting outclassed by technique and speed.

    People are getting upset by logistics and expressions that are being repeated from old seasons. For once I find myself letting it all pass and just enjoying the episodes as mini movies. When we finally see groups of people meeting each other for the first time and others reuniting, it gives me a sense of tribute and closure to a great show.

    Jon, Dany, and Tyrion will ride the dragons (#notashowhacker)

  • Jill Balderama

    Great job Alex!

  • Adam Bradford

    I agree with TrentC: Dany, Jon, and Tyrion will ride the dragon. You were thinking of how each rider is connected to each dragon, well with Viserion being named after Dany’s brother Viserys, Tyrion would be connected if he actually is a secret Targaryen and Dany’s brother caused by the Mad King raping Tyrion’s mother Joanne Lannister.