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Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 3 Recap: Walk of Punishment


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Rob Cesternino and Josh Wigler recap Game of Thrones Season 3, Episode 3 with todays recap of the Episode: Walk of Punishment. Join us each weekday through Friday, April 4th for one episode a day of our Season 3 Rewatch.

Robb Stark deals with the realities that Edmure Tully has made a big mistake by letting the Mountain escape from his clutches

  • Tywin Lannister tests the small council in his first meeting with them by seeing who would select which chair to sit in. Littlefinger chose the seat closest to Tywin as Varys rolled his eyes. Cersei moved her seat next to Tywin and Tyrion sat as far away as possible.
  • Tyrion becomes the master of coin after Littlefinger gets sent off to Vale to marry Lysa Aryn
  • What did the White Walkers do to all the horses that Mance Rayder found?
  • Sam finds Gilly giving birth to a boy which is strictly forbidden by Craster
  • Arya Stark has to say goodbye to her pal, Hot Pie
  • We find out that Pod has a talent that causes the prostitutes of Kings Landing to refuse his gold
  • Stannis finds out his fire is burning low when he tells Melisandre that he wants another son.
  • In Astapor, Daenerys learns about the Walk of Punishment and ends up trading her biggest dragon for over 8,000 members of the slave army.
  • Theon seemingly has escaped his captors… for now
  • Finally, Brienne and Jamie continued to bond and Brienne ignores Jaime’s advice on avoiding rape but is able to save her from the clutches of Locke. However, Locke draws a line on Jaime’s lies when he cuts his hand off.

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  • Linus Wesley

    My girlfriend and I have been rewatching all three seasons, one episode every day, so it lined up perfectly with these podcasts. We’re really enjoying hearing you talk us through the season and getting excited for the new episodes!

  • Rory

    Harrenhal may be creepy and half ruined, but it’s literally the largest castle in Westeros. “Of the castle’s five towers, the shortest is half again as high as the tallest one in Winterfell”. Plus it’s in a very central position with prime farmland, formerly the seat of people who ruled over all the riverlands. So in Monopoly terms, it’s definitely on the last street.

    Combined with his soon-to-be wife ruling the Vale, Littlefinger holds one of the most powerful positions in Westeros.

  • Ryan Oakley

    Season 3 storyline power rankings:

    1. Jamie and Brienne
    2. King’s Landing (about 40 different storylines in here)
    3. Dany
    4. Arya (alone with the Hound)

    5. Jon/Ygritte
    6. Davos (by himself)
    7. Robb/Catelyn/Roose and co.
    8. Theon
    9. Arya (with the Brotherhood)

    10. Sam/Gilly
    11. Stannis and Melisandre
    Dead last: Bran and his boring friends (in fairness, it’s worth noting that Bran has just 3 chapters in the whole of the 3rd book so there’s very little material to work from).

    Shoutout to Shae as the worst actor on the show, by the way.

  • Mr.Hendrix

    Re The Blackfish: In an argument with his brother(Hoster Tully, Cat’s father) many years ago, Hoster referred to Brynden as “the black goat of the Tully herd”, Brynden pointed out that the Tully sigil is a fish and from then on adopted the name Blackfish.

    Rains of Castamere – The National
    The Bear and The Maiden Fair – The Hold Steady

    • Thanks Mr. Hendrix

    • Jason

      My favourite band, The Hold Steady!

  • Andrew Garcilazo

    For the record, Alexis is way hotter than Talisa.

  • jramsay13

    Just watched in the archives and just letting you know that the ending isn’t fixed if you were still planning on doing that. Loving the show.

    • Snazzy Bean

      I hope they leave it as is. It was pretty funny.

  • Steve2081


  • Steve2081

    I feel like the turning point in the Stark/Lannister conflict was when the Tyrell’s joined the Lannisters. The Lannisters already had significant advantages over the Starks in gold and manpower and of the 7 great houses the Tyrell’s would rank 2nd in gold and 1st in manpower. So even with the addition of the Tully host the Starks are still severely out-manned at this point.

    Plus Stannis is no longer capable of harassing the Lannisters as he once was.

  • Steve2081

    The White Walkers aren’t zombies. The people they kill become zombies. The White Walkers are much closer to vampires.