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Game of Thrones Book Club: Spoiler Discussion of “The Children”


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LIVE at 3 pm ET / 12 pm PT, Josh Wigler and Terri Schwartz discuss Game of Thrones Season 4’s finale, “The Children” in terms of spoilers from the book.

Game of Thrones Book Club: Spoiler Discussion from Season 4[/caption]

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  • Zany

    It blew my mind that even Rob knows about LSH now, was he spoiled by one of the 24 interviews that Michelle Fairley did (and possibly assumed that the spoiler warning referred just to Season 4)?
    What was his reaction?

    • Josh Wigler

      An occasional side-effect of these podcasts (and of many other Internet gigs, in my experience) is that sometimes, people tell you things you don’t want to know. Especially with a show like Thrones, where there are five books worth of material that many show-only viewers don’t know anything about. Sometimes, for whatever reason, people just ruin things for you — intentionally, accidentally, whatever.

      Pretty sure that’s what happened with Rob and LSH. Pretty sure that’s what happened with A LOT of people and LSH.

      It’s interesting; I think book-readers were amazingly tight-lipped about Ned, the Red/Purple Weddings, and even Red Viper to an extent. But for some reason, some people couldn’t keep themselves contained re: Tywin and LSH. A lot of people were really eager to spoil those twists, for whatever reason — and when LSH didn’t happen, people blew the lid off of it.

      Moral of the story, from my perspective: If it’s from the books and it’s not on the show yet, don’t talk about it with show-only viewers, unless they ask about it first. Always err on the side of caution.

  • Monica

    I’ve been putting off listening to this because I though it was the last one of the year. It seemed so sad, and so final to think it would be the last ever book club for a year. But then after 5min of Harry Potter chat I find out you will be doing more throughout the year?? Yay! Thanks Terry and Josh!

  • ScottWC

    I’ve been meaning to ask this question but thought I’d wait until the season was over.

    Regarding episode 4…

    Are the Night’s King and The Great Other one in the same? Or are they meant to be two different myths from Westeros’ history?

    • Mr.Hendrix

      Two different things. Night’s King is believed to be a historical figure, where as The Great Other is believed to be the counterpoint to R’hllor.

  • Brendan Fitzpatrick

    Could you guys do a book club/theory cast about characters that absent from the season, and if we’ll see them in season 5, or if their stories are dead like Gendry, Blackfish and Edmure, Rickon and Osha? Thanks guys, and I love the podcast.

    • Rory

      I like that idea. Don’t forget the Brotherhood Without Banners.

      • Brendan Fitzpatrick

        I didn’t mention the brotherhood cause they kind of covered it with the Lady Stoneheart discussion, but i’m always down for more BwB talk.

  • Rory

    I’m a big book purist, but I wouldn’t call my criticisms of this episode “nitpicking”. There are some areas where the show just plain drops the ball *cough*SEASON 2*/cough* and I think it’s worthwhile pointing it out so the showrunners learn from it…

    I have no problem with the Brienne/Hound change, the Orson Lannister conversation (loved it) or anything like that. But I think the Tysha change was on a whole other level. In Season 3 they built up Robb and Talisa’s love and brought her to the wedding to make the pain even worse on screen. Throughout Season 4 they had been building Jaime and Tyrion’s relationship and setting everything in place for a brutal fall (part of why I loved the Orson Lannister conversation was because of its relevance to Tysha) but they just didn’t stick the landing. The Tysha conversation fundamentally changes Tyrion’s entire character and ruins his relationship with the only person in the world he trusts and loves completely. I could rant about the knock-on effects it has for Jaime/Tyrion for ages. But even aside from that, it’s the sole motivation for Tyrion going to Tywin’s quarters. And above all else, it’s a POWERFUL scene. It would have been amazing on TV, all they had to do was “previously on GoT”. I can get over the absence of “Moon Boy”, two-eyed Bloodraven in his roots-throne and even the lack of LSH. But taking out Tysha to me ruined an otherwise pretty great episode for the sake of whitewashing Tyrion’s story.

    Anyway…MOAR book club!

    You could do a show on the novellas – (eg. Dunk & Egg, The Dance of Dragons novellas) and what (if any) bearing they have on the current story.
    Or just break down the big theories and speculation, like what the Maester’s endgame is, and whether Hardhome was a test run for the Doom of Valyria.