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Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 3 Recap: Breaker of Chains


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Rob Cesternino and Josh Wigler recap Game of Thrones Season 4, Episode 3 with a review of “Breaker of Chains”. Join us each Sunday Night LIVE after the episode for the chance to hear our recap and ask your questions LIVE on the show.

In this week’s recap, Rob and Josh discuss all of the fallout from King Joffrey’s death at the purple wedding including:

The Aftermath of the Purple Wedding:

After Cercei screams for Tyrion to be taken, Dantos, the Fool, grabs Sansa as Tywin screams that no one leaves the capital.  The fool takes Sansa off in a row boat to “someplace safe”.  The fool and Sansa get to a ship, Sansa climbs up the ladder and Littlefinger is on the boat.  Littlefinger has the fool murdered because he was a drunk and a fool.  Littlefinger reveals that he had the necklace made and promises Sansa that she is safe.

Lady Olenna and Margaery Tyrell:

Margaery asks if she is the queen and wonders if she was cursed.  Lady Olenna tells Margaery that she did wonderful work.  Lady Olenna tells her that even though that it was bad to watch Joffrey dies, it would’ve been worse to marry him.

Tywin, Cersei and Tommen Mourn For Joffrey.

Tywin asks Tommen what kind of king he will be.  Tywin asks “What’s the most important trait for a King?” Tommen cycles through Holiness, Justice and Strength before finally guessing that WISDOM is what makes a good king.  Tywin explains that the wise king knows what he knows and listens to his counselors.  Tywin adds, “Your brother was not a wise king, your brother was not a good king”.
Once Tywin and Tommen leave, Jaime enters and requests to be alone with Cersei.  Cersei says that it was Tyrion who killed Joffrey.  Cersei remembers how Tyrion said, “The day will come when you think that you are happy and your joy will turn to ashes in your mouth”.  Cersei says Jaime needs to avenge him and kill Tyrion.  Cersei begs Jaime to kill him.  Instead of working on killing Tyrion, Jaime wants to makeout with Cersei over Joffrey’s body.  Jaime says “You’re a hateful woman”.  Jaime proceeds to rape Cersei next to Joffrey’s body.  Cersei says “It’s not right”.  Josh Wigler compares this scene to how this was portrayed in the books.

The Hound and Arya Stark:

The Hound and Arya are making their way to the Eyrie.  The pair are spotted as a farmer and posing as a soldier who fought for the Tully’s, they get invited over for dinner.  The farmer recruits the Hound in to taking a job and agrees to “Fair wages for fair work”.  However, the next day, the Hound beat up the farmer and took his silver. Arya is upset but the Hound says that this is how the world works.  He asks Arya, “How many starks do they have to behead before you figure it out?”

Sam at The Wall with Gilly 

Back at Castle Black, Sam gets teased by the other Nights Watchmen about Gilly.  Sam talks with Gilly about her being called a “wilding”.  Sam seems to be getting jealous of all the other Night’s watchmen.  When Sam expresses his worry for Gilly, she says, “Thank you for worrying about me”.  Sam doesn’t know if Gilly is safe at the wall.


Stanis asks Davos to read the letter about the death of King Joffrey.  Stannis is upset because Joffrey is dead like Melisandra predicted and Gendry (Robert’s bastard) is gone because Davos helped him escape.  Stannis feels that he is running out of time and tells Davos he needs an army.
Davos spends time getting more reading lessons from Stannis’ daughter and has a stroke of inspiration.  Davos wants to write a letter to the “iron bank of Bravos” because he needs to get their attention.

Prince Oberyn and Tywin

“When it comes to war I fight for Dorne and in love I don’t choose sides”, Prince Oberyn explains when asked if he prefers men or women.  Tywin Lannister comes in and breaks up the orgy.  Prince Oberyn explains that the king is poisoned as Tywin interogates Prince Oberyn.  Tywin categorically denies that he was involved in the murder Oberyn’s sister.  Prince Oberyn wants to meet with the Mountain.  Tywin wants Prince Oberyn to be a judge on the trial of Tyrion and sit on the small council.

Tyrion in the Dungeon gets visited by Pod

Pod smuggles several items to Tyrion.  Tyrion aks Pod if he thinks he killed King Joffrey. Tyrion finds out that Tywin, Mace Tyrell and Prince Oberyn of Dorne will be the judges in his trial.  Tyrion also learns that Sansa is gone.  Tyrion suspects that whoever did this wanted Tyrion to take the fall.  The trial is in a fort night.

Wildlings Attack!

Ygritte and the wildlings are on the warpath and killing everybody they see.  One of the Thenns grabs a small boy and tells him, “I’m going to eat your parents”.  He instructs the boy to tell the Crows at Castle Black.

Jon Snow at Castle Black

After hearing about the news of the wildling attack, the Nights Watchmen debate their options,  They have just over 100 men and can’t afford to lose a single man.  When the Rangers return from Craster’s Keep they realize that the rogue Nights Watchmen could reveal their weaknesses.

Danaerys at Meereen

Danaerys marches her forces on Meereen.  The Meereenese send a single champion to fight their single champion.  Daario accepts the challenge, refuses a horse.  Daario throws his sword in to the horses eye and beheads the guy.  Dani catapults chains in to the city to remind the slaves that they are free.
Game of Thrones Season 4, Episode 3 Recap: Breaker of Chains Review

Game of Thrones Season 4, Episode 3 Recap: Breaker of Chains Review

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  • susan appleby

    Game of thrones Venn diagram:

    “Win”is in one circle and “die”is in another circle and they don’t intersect.”

    • Amanda Quist

      Khal Drogo was in the intersection before Dany smothered him #throwback.

  • Kevin

    In Season 2 Episode 8, Tyrion did say those threats when Cersei captured
    Ros (whom she believed is Tyrion’s whore). I’m not sure how much he
    mean it but at that time I thought he was only saying it to assure
    Cersei that Ros was his whore instead of Shae.

    Cersei also specifically said “If Joffrey dies”, she promises the most painful death
    to whoever Tyrion’s whore is. Was/is this a foreshadowing for Joffrey and Shae?. It doesn’t look good for Shae if she didn’t board her ship, which the chance is pretty big, especially after we see Littlefinger still in king’s landing this episode (never seen board his ship either). Not a spoiler since I haven’t read the books.

    The scene:

  • Inigo Montoya

    Great podcast as usual! So happy the GOT didn’t miss this week because of Easter.
    I was really happy to see Littlefinger return even if it was only for one scene. Hopefully next week we spend some more time with littlefinger and get more information on what he has been up to.
    As somebody who has not read the books, I was happy to come across this website which looks to me like a very detailed map of the Game of thrones universe. I had no idea that Danny was so far away from westeros. Looks like she will be making a lot more stops along her way to westeros.

    • Kevin

      There was no way the Lannister can finish off Stannis in Dragonstone. Dragonstone is probably one of the toughest castle to breach. If you see on the map, it is located on an isolated island. Even with the help of tens of thousands of the Tyrell’s army, they would require tons of ships just to attempt an attack. Not to mention that you are facing Stannis, a proven and experienced commander. If you read about the siege of storm’s end, he managed to hold the castle with 500 men vs around 40000 Tyrell’s army during the Robert’s rebellion.

      • Inigo Montoya

        Well that makes sense. Thanks. Actually looking at the map it explains why Davo’s just sent Gendry(?) on a little dingy to kings landing. I wonder if in the next few episodes we will see if Gendry makes it there.

    • This map is AMAZING!

    • My question… How the heck did Dani get so far away during Season 1 to take all of these seasons to get back to Westeros. Do you see how Fricking far away Qarth is?!?

      • Inigo Montoya

        I think somebody needs to send Danny a copy of this map. Looks like for a bit she was heading in the wrong direction. Well I guess those dothraki are bad a navigating.

        • The thing I was thinking was that the Dani story might not be taking place over the same amount of time as the rest of the story – for instance, she gets at least several months pregnant during season 1 but I don’t think the Ned Stark story that happened too nearly as much time. So many the Dani story between season 1 and 2 was a couple of years but it was only a few months for all the other stories.

          • Kevin

            According to , apparently each season equals around one GoT year, probably because they want some excuses on why Bran isn’t cute anymore. The only way to track time for sure here is if a character mentions how long has passed since a certain event or if you estimate distance traveled (Winterfell to King’s landing is a month by horse). With Dany, it’s hard to track since she has little to no interaction to characters from westeros. This show is the anti-24.

  • toast

    The theme of this episode seemed to be “You were starting to think this character was becoming a good guy? No, he’s not a good guy.”

  • Zany

    I really don’t like how they’re dragging out Stannis and Davos’ storylines, I’d rather they just left them alone for a few episodes until things start to happen, but my opinion is also starting to turn around. There was some good humour in this episode, with “that’s hardly enough men to raid a PANTRY!” and “Coming from a man who pronounces ‘knight’ as ‘ker-nigget’…”.
    It does suck that you’ve been spoiled about who poisoned Joff, Rob, but I hope you found the answer to be much more satisfying than the theory you had last week.

  • Linus Wesley

    Really fun podcast as always. Seems that if Gilly would have stayed at the wall, they could have set up their own season of The Bachelorette, which would have been more interesting that what they are doing with that story right now…

    I have nothing against Sam but the reason that storyline is dragging so much this season is because it feels so disconnected from everything else. Sam isn’t on an important mission anymore and Gilly doesn’t seem to have any significance at all to the war and everything that’s going on. The Stannis and Bran storylines you can at least see that they are leading to bigger more important things.

    • I can’t wait for “After the Final Rose” presented by The Tyrells!

  • toast

    The final season will end with a battle between the 3 Freaky Magic people.
    Bran vs Melisandre (seriously, you think Stannis is going to survive?) vs Daenerys. Vs Zombies.

    Possessed Animals and Three Eyed Crows, black smoke vagina demons, dragons, zombies. And maybe some Giant Robots.