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GoT Questions: Answering Your Mail from S4, Ep #4 of Game of Thrones

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For the first time, Rob and Josh get together to answer your voicemails about this past week’s episode of Game of Thrones.  Taking your comments and voicemails, Rob and Josh answer questions from the listeners.


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  • jessgute

    I’m only 7 minutes in and I’ve already heard a Quantum Leap reference?! Oh boy! Loving it.

  • Iamthedriving

    I’m a non-book reader but I did a little research – the 7 Kingdoms (minus Dorne) has primogeniture-based traditions – the oldest male inherits, then the second oldest male, then the third oldest male, etc. If there are no male heirs, then it would go to the oldest female, then the second oldest female, etc.

    So, if you operate from the standpoint that Joffrey, Myrcella, and Tommen are legitimate heirs, it would first be Joffrey, then skip Myrcella and go to Tommen, and then to Myrcella if something happened to Tommen before he could have a child of his own.

    Myrcella would be the Queen and ruler in her own right and likely anybody who she married would be the King Consort – so they wouldn’t have any power of their own unless that power/authority was given to them by the Queen.

    If you operate from the standpoint that Joffrey, Myrcella and Tommen are NOT legitimate heirs and Robert did not legitimize any of his bastards, then the throne should have gone to Stannis since he was the oldest surviving Baratheon male. (He wasn’t lying when he said “The Throne is mine by right!”)

    Also, should Joffrey, Tommen, and Myrcella have died without any of them having children, the throne would have gone to Stannis.

    • Kevin

      Yes, I have also heard that the inheritance order goes to the sons,
      daughters, and siblings respectively. Not sure where I heard it but I
      think this is the rule for at least some of the kingdoms. But no matter
      what the rule, Stannis is for sure the rightful heir considering the
      Baratheon kids are bastards. Thanks for clarifying!

      Question is, What happens if Tommen, Myrcella and Stannis all died before consummation?, Is Gendry next in line?

      • CrumbThumber

        Shireen baratheon. The girl with grey scale. After that I have no idea.

        • Iamthedriving

          Also, apparently a Great Council can be convened and select a new king. It appears to have been done before but I am afraid to wade to far into researching because I don’t want anything to be spoiled.

          And, btw, as Cersei showed when tearing up the parchment that Ned had (and further represented by CrumbThumber’s post about the Targareyans), the people in power clearly get to make the rules when they feel like it.

    • CrumbThumber

      True. Except the targareyans did not follow this pattern of succession and only counted male heirs. But the Andal tradition is as you said. Myrcella then Stannis.

      • Rory

        Yes the only single Targaryen queen I can recall is Rhaenyra, and her rule was challenged (and ultimately ended). It’s hard to compare the Targaryen successions though, since they only marry into their own family.

  • CrumbThumber

    So I don’t think this was answered in the question but Hodor’s real name is Walder (just like the Frey). They only called him Hodor after what he says.

  • Rory

    Even if Cersei was only objecting to the time and place, she still doesn’t want to have sex. That’s non-consensual sex and rape by definition. Jaime is my favourite character but I’m more disturbed by some of the reactions to the scene than the scene itself.

    As far as recommending the books, personally I’d say if you’re not opposed to reading fantasy, you should definitely put the time in. The story is far more intricate, mysterious and engaging in its original format. More book club please!

  • Avery Gordon

    To answer the question to someone who wants to go back and read the books I say yes. I went back and read (listened to) the books after the end of season 3 and they are amazing and they have not lessened my excitement for the show even though I know what is going to happen.

  • Avery Gordon

    It would go to Myrcella. Except for in Dorne, for hiers, its sons before daughters, but children before siblings.

  • Ash

    I disagree with Josh on whether to read the books. I watched the first two seasons and had no intention of reading the books until people kept telling me how great they are. So I read the books and even though I knew what was going to happen in the first two books, I couldn’t put them down. And I am so happy that I read the red wedding before I saw it. However, it does take a bit away from the show in that it isn’t as exciting as season 1 and 2 were for me.

  • susan appleby

    I got the audio books of game of thrones because audible had a special.and I had signed up previously with audible through Rob. I got the first two books for free ( they are ordinarily very expensive.) So I had the first book.running on my kindle and I went to bed and forgot it was on. It ran for about 15 hours. The first book was on chapter 33 out of 72!!

    I can only listen for a bit at a time, the books are very dark and I start feeling very gloomy. I feel these two free books will keep me occupied at least through the summer, when I combine with Robs podcasts, maybe even to year end.

    These books are crazy long!!