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Game of Thrones Season Finale Listener Feedback: “The Children”

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On this week’s Game of Thrones Feedback show, Rob and Antonio Mazzaro tackle a number of issues that came up on Game of Thrones Season 4, Episode 10: “The Children.

Join Josh next week for the Game of Thrones Book Club to discuss the issues raised in the Season 4 finale.

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  • Guillaume Larivière

    At 54:35, you guys ask who killed their mom. According to some people in King’s Landing, Tyrion killed his mother when he was born.

    • Alycia Swift

      I was thinking that at well.

    • Mr.Hendrix

      Their mother(Joanna Lannister) died giving birth to Tyrion.

  • susan appleby

    Love the entire show.
    I think part of the reason these recaps are so great is that Rob enjoys the shows so much.

    As a non book reader I would like shows about:
    The history leading up to the show
    Discussion about the various families and their arcs over the season. For example: sometimes I wonder if the Star’s were really major players in Westeros, were they only powerful in the North? Does that m make them more or less powerful than other families at the beginning of the series? A recap of who everyone is and where they were at the beginning of the show would be a good addition.
    Maybe even the arcs of the various characters, though I think all of the “arcs” are actually downward spirals punctuated by the occasional heroic moment. Is anyone in a much better position than when the show started?
    A season rewatch with a show recap like you did for 24 would be great- but spread it out through the year.
    At least one overall season 4 recap, even if you don’t do previous seasons.

    • StephenDrabek

      Susan, I can say that whenever a discussion comes up regarding who has an upward trajectory or a downward trajectory, it’s often brought up that one of the only characters to be going UP on a consistent basis is Bronn. We first see him at the Inn when Tyrion is captured by Catelyn. He’s just a random mercenary. He wins Tyrion’s trial by combat and essentially becomes employed by the wealthiest family. When Janos Slynt is sent to the wall, Bronn becomes the new captain of the City Watch. Then this season he is basically promoted to Lord and gets a wife and a castle. One of the most unlikely characters has had, arguably, the best run on the show so far.

      • susan appleby

        Great point. I’m glad at least one person has had their lot in life improve.

    • Alycia Swift


      There are a ton of podcasts that cover topics like you are looking for. History of Westeros is a good one. It denotes when and if there are spoilers so you can stop the podcast if you want. Although the last podcast was in August of 2013, another good one is Cripples, Bastards and Broken Things. There is a list somewhere of numerous GOT podcasts. If I can find it again, I’ll post something.

      • Alycia Swift

        Oh and of course, Comicbookgirl19.

      • susan appleby

        Thank you so much for the helpful advice! Have a great off-season!!

    • Rory

      To answer the Stark question you have to go back in history…

      The short version is before men came to Westeros, the children of the forest, giants and other creatures were in abundance. 12,000 years ago, the “first men” came to Westeros, warred, and eventually made peace. About 6000 years after that the Andals (a different race of men – notably fairer) came, and warred, and eventually made peace.

      It’s worth noting that the “Old Gods” were followed by the first men, and the Andals brought the faith of “the Seven” to Westeros. One of the distinguishing features of the Starks is that they are decendents of the first men, rather than the Andals.

      In those days there were 7 separate kingdoms, and the Starks were the kings of the North kingdom. When the Targaryens came to Westeros 300 years ago, Aegon conquered 6 of the 7 kingdoms (he never managed to bring Dorne in, but later Targaryens did). From then until Robert’s rebellion, the Targaryens were in power. So aside from the Targaryens, the other major houses all fade in and out of power over time, depending on their influence at King’s Landing. Most of them (including the Starks) are only truly powerful in their specific region.

      A few other things to add to Rob and Antonio’s answers:
      Just before Ned was executed, he saw Arya perched above the crowd on the statue of Baelor. He noticed Yoren (a member of the Night’s Watch visiting King’s Landing) and yelled out to him “Baelor!”. Yoren grabbed Arya, cut her hair so nobody recognised her, and took her with him on his journey back to the wall, disguised with the Night Watch’s recruits. In her group were 3 “recruits” taken from the black cells of the red keep (where they keep the worst criminals), one of whom is Jaqen H’Ghar. These 3 were locked in a cart, and later on the road the group is attacked by Lannister men, causing a fire to break out and almost engulf the cart. Arya unlocks the 3 prisoners and saves them. As a result Jaqen says he owes Arya 3 lives, 3 names. The rest was basically covered by Rob and Antonio.

      Drogon is named after Khal Drogo, Dany’s dead husband. (“Khal” is the equivalent of “King”, as “Khaleesi” is to “Queen”.
      Viserion is named after Viserys, Dany’s older brother who was killed by Drogo in season 1.
      Rhaegal is named after Rhaegar, Dany’s eldest brother, who was killed by Robert Baratheon during the rebellion.

      • susan appleby

        Thanks! I didn’t know or remember that Dany had another brother.( RHAEGAL) I wonder if the dragons will end up with the same personalities as their namesake.

  • Luke Foody

    Dany/Theon/Stannis/Bran/Arya suffered from the book split – their arcs are small in the 3rd book and so it seemed really long and boring.

    eg. Dany is one season – Astapor freeing scene, yunkai and mereen conquered, it would of been huge season for her.

    The split had to be done though – imagine season 3 and 4 in 1 season, impossible.

    For future podcast – a book read would be cool and something Rob hasn’t done.

    • Alycia Swift

      I would love a book read. I listen to them on other podcasts all the time.

  • Ms. Homewardbound

    Did anyone find the link to the reddit article that compares what parts of the book have aired on the show?

  • Ms. Homewardbound

    Did you agree with LVP and MVP they picked for the season? I think I agree with them picking Dany as the LVP but I don’t know if I’d have picked Tyrion for MVP because he spent most of the season on trial. What do you think?

    • susan appleby

      I think the MVP should be the person who has the biggest impact on the season, not the biggest role. So would that be the actual murderer of Joffrey?

  • Mr.Hendrix

    FYI Rob, they still haven’t covered all of the 3rd book(A Storm Of Swords) in the show yet, so you may want to proceed with caution.

    • Zany

      They’ll never do justice to the Epilogue of book 3 in the show, if they ever do it at all, so I think it’d be best for Rob to get to the end of book 3 and then stop there (and experience that massive reveal as it was meant to be). That will take about a year anyway with his busy schedule and he’ll be ready for season 5.

      • Mr.Hendrix

        There’s the Epilogue, and a few other things that they still haven’t covered. which I’m going to try to allude to vaguely here, ummm, The Choosing(which will likely take up a few episodes on season 5), and one of the Ghost of High Hearts’ visions hasn’t happened yet.(the one with the swaying bridge)

  • Inigo Montoya

    Thank you Rob, Josh and Antonio for providing a safe place for non book readers, there are not many places on the internet where I know I won’t be spoiled.
    I am really pumped up to see more of Bran next season, I am loving the magical aspects that have slowly started to feature more and more through out these past 4 season. I think TV only watchers don’t like the magic because they are just realising now that they have been tricked into watching a full blown fantasy show.

    Like Antonio said magic had been gone from westeros for a long time and is now making a comeback, I really curious as to why this is happening. waiting an entire year to find out more information is going to be hell.

    Again thank you guys for the podcast!

    • Antonio Mazzaro

      Thanks IM, and sorry about your dad.

  • Adam Berck

    I think MVP is probably Arya and the Hound. Every scene was pretty great and it had a pretty great ending fight scene.

  • hint

    About MVP this season, if we go results-oriented, it has to be LF right. In this season alone, the guy got the king killed, 1 of the 7 kingdoms, and the girl.

    Other MVP candidates: Red Viper and his impact, that actor who played Thenn, van Houten naked, Tyrion jury speech, Hound vs Brianne fistfight, minutes 10-40 in ep9, WW homebase, the fun family dynamics within House Bolton, Hot Pie.

    LVPs besides Dany: overhype for the ep8 fight, editors of the rape scene, that romance plot with that unsullied guy, iron islands cut again.

  • Guest


  • Joe Craptree

    i would like for josh wigler to do book reviews / and it will awesome if u went back and reviewed season 1 episodes

  • Omri Ungar

    now that we know that Little finger is the mastermind behind it all, i think a good off season show would be a look-back at the story from his POV. to really get into his mind, look at his thought process, maybe even his reactions alone could hold secrets. thats something i really want to do myself, and if you make a show of it, it would be awesome.
    great job throughout the season. the podcast added so much to my enjoyment of GoT.
    the Citadel has finished is calculating, and looks like its gonna be a LONG off season.

    • susan appleby

      Smart idea.

  • susan appleby

    Miss this show this week and miss your recaps and the community here as well.

  • Alex Kidwell

    MVP of Season 4 is clearly Jon Snow IMO. Started season completely ignored, ended as de facto leader of Night’s Watch.

  • Brian L

    WHEN IS THE BOOK CLUB PODCAST COMING OUT?! haha I live for that. Its pathetic. Josh and Terri I hope its badass.

    • meekmack

      I’ve been pulling down on the refresh of my podcast download area once per hour since last week’s episode waiting for the book club.. killing me guys!!.. Love the show thanks for it..but get it out NOW!

      • Brian L

        Omfg yes bro. Book discussion is my favorite of all the podcasts! Such a No hold barred discussion, where everything is on the table and the predictions keep me uo at night