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Game of Thrones | Season 5 Episode 3 LIVE Recap


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Recorded LIVE on Sunday night at 10:15 pm ET / 7:15 pm PT, Rob Cesternino and Josh Wigler recap the Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 3 with a review of “High Sparrow”.

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  • sad7287

    For Littlefinger having manipulated this entire war, how has he not heard that Ramsay Snow-Bolton is more sadistic than Joffrey. You would think he would have done his due-diligence given his obsession with Sansa

    • Brendan Fitzpatrick

      I didn’t read it as him being sincere at all when he said he didn’t know anything about him. What’s he supposed to say, “Hey, I hear you like to torture, flay, and kill people”…He’s trying to make Ramsay feel comfortable, like he’s in control. It’s the ultimate manipulation.

  • <3

  • Linus Wesley

    I don’t think you guys mentioned that Ramsay’s girlfriend was present when Sansa introduced herself to the Boltons. They showed her watching from the sidelines and not looking happy. Definitely something to keep an eye on. I think this girl could be a much bigger threat to Sansa’s plans than Theon.

    As for who is worse between Joffrey and Ramsay, I think Ramsay has been shown to do way more gruesome things than Joffrey. If Ramsay was more powerful he would probably be even worse than he is now, while Joffrey if he hadn’t had this power to enable him, would probably just have been an annoying and rude kid. I think if you strip the characters of their entitlements and family connections, both are sadistic sociopaths but Ramsay is a lot worse. It seemed to me like Joffrey enjoyed inflicting pain to feel powerful and put people in their place, while Ramsay does it because it’s just fun. I never thought I’d defend Joffrey as being the lesser of two evils but that Bolton boy is just terrifying.

  • asebastian

    No chance that Littlefinger doesn’t know exactly who Ramsey is and what he’s bound to try with Sansa–he will have a plan, the man always does, and I can’t help but hoping that the one thing Littlefinger has never lied about is his love for Cat-that in itself would compel him to protect Sansa. **SPOILER** My hope: The wedding night begins the way it did in the books, and goes terribly wrong for…Ramsey- a servant, Theon/Reek, Littlefinger himself are all poised to stop something…vile..from happening to sweet Sansa- the best thing the writers could do, however, would be to give Sansa some agency here because, technically, she’s not a badass yet. “A girl” can dream.

  • Roberto

    On the Joffrey vs Ramsey worst-off, I would say Joffrey is worse, we’ve seen Joffrey be terrible to everyone, he enjoys being a horrible human being for no reason other than it pleases him, even his mother at some point was diminished by him, while Ramsey has only shown his insanity towards enemies or at least with a purpose behind his madness.

    On why is Cersei suddenly turning to the spiritual side, if you recall we first see her on the streets hearing the people cheering for Margaery and then we see that the High Sparrow is held in high steem by the people aswell, so maybe its a move to gain an ally who has the people’s support to trump Margaery’s.

    Another thing to take into account is that Stannis wants to go to Winterfell, Brienne is following Sansa there and she’s said a couple times this season that she wants to kill Stannis to avenge Remly, it all feels very foreshadowy.

    And you guys forgot to talk about the strange woman in Volantis preaching in the street and the weird glance at Tyrion. I don’t think that’s the last we see of her.

  • Beefcake

    Ramsey is way worse that Joffrey.

    Joffrey was just a Bastard-in-Training.

  • Rei

    why didn’t tyrion partake, was he honoring his marriage to sansa?

    • Roberto

      Too soon after finding out the woman he loved was sleeping with his father and then killing her.

    • LosPollosHermanos

      He still has some feelings for Shae he is working through. She looked like Shae too.

  • LosPollosHermanos

    Kind of thought it was odd for Rob to say Sansa had a ‘tantrum’ about not wanting to marry Ramsay. That was absolutely normal and expected response, and it’s almost hard to even believe she is going through with it.

  • Why didn’t Sansa mention that Roose Bolton killed her mother, Catelyn, in addition to Robb Stark? It seemed odd to me that Sansa seemed to have forgotten that her mother died in the Red Wedding as well as her brother Robb.

    • Jeff Trotter

      Maybe she’s specifically speaking in terms of who did the deed. Roose did not personally kill Catelyn.

      • Linus Wesley

        Would details like that be common knowledge?

        • Jeff Trotter

          I think this stuff gets around. And Joffrey would have talked it up just to mess with her.

      • I’m trying to remember. Did Roose actually kill Robb? I thought Roose was one of the people to blame behind the scenes for the Red Wedding but maybe Sansa didn’t know that.

        • StephenDrabek

          “The Lannisters send their regards.” Then he shoved a dagger into Robb’s heart.

        • Jeff Trotter

          Roose definitely stabbed Robb in the heart as the final blow. I would imagine the details are well known around King’s Landing.

  • Major duke lacrosse

    Are we going to see the Hound this season?

    Also, Joffrey is wayyyy worse. We have seen him abuse and kill women for fun.

    The ladies seem to like Ramsey, maybe not the guys

  • Jeff Trotter

    So this is the most minor of points, but did anyone think it was weird Jon Snow gave a bit of crap to the dude he picked to dig latrines because he’s a Ginger? Jon was in love with a redhead like 10 minutes ago.

  • toast

    Tomin’s going to be introduced to an old Lannister tradition when Jamie brings her sister back.

  • Ali B

    “Sweep the leg” – that Josh Wigler is so on the ball 😀

  • Ali B

    Natalie Dormer (Maegery) is 33.