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Game of Thrones | Season 5 Episode 6 LIVE Recap


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Join us LIVE on Sunday night at 10:15 pm ET / 7:15 pm PT, Rob Cesternino and Josh Wigler recap the Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 6 with a review of “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken”.

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  • Mario Gentile

    Were you two taking digs at each other Tonight? I felt some tension


    There had better be some sweet revenge for poor Sansa. That was traumatic.

    • toast

      Knowing GoT, we will be setup for sweet sweet revenge, and then something new and utterly ghastly will befall her.

  • DFletch91

    I’m done with this show, I just feel so jaded. It takes too much energy to read 4,700 + pages and then have your favorite character’s dignity destroyed.

    • Chlsea_1905

      yeah, me too. I don’t want to spoil anything here but I’m VERY disappointed where this show has gone with Sansa. I”m really interested to hear what Josh and Terri will have to say about this.

  • BogDa

    The thing that’s uncomfortable about the whole High Septum thing is that it’s a bit too close to home. It feels a bit too real since this sort of persecution of gay people is happening in real life right now.

    • Chlsea_1905

      This sort of thing has happened ever since religion has existed. Just pick a period in history and you’ll have examples. Seems like the faith have more power than even King Tommen. The High Septum even stated that not even kings or queens are above the authority of the faith. There’s no way this will turn out good for anyone. To make matters worse Cerci has basically given them an army and permission to enforce their radical ideology on everyone.

  • BogDa

    This was a great episode. Mr. Eko!!! But I’m starting to feel like this season is a bit of a let down. There is not a lot of episodes left! I really don’t love the Arya storyline. Just really disapointing and so dark and gloomy. I’m watching on a stream and I can barely even see anything lol.

    The Sansa storyline is the best one this season in my opinion which is quite surprising. Poor Sansa. God her life sucks. If Sansa gets killed I might have to stop this show. I don’t think I can take it at this point. I really want her to morph into a total bad ass and go on a kill bill killing spree.

    Really missing the Varys storyline, just such a bummer to lose the Tyrion/Varys relationship I was so looking forward to.

    Dorne is feeling like a really bizarre weak storyline. I just have no investment in the Sand Snakes – they just feel like charactures. Who are they? They have no story at all. I really thought Julian Bashir would have a big part in this season. There is something about the styling and sets/costumes of Dorne that just doesn’t feel very real to me.

  • Kevin Luna

    Sansa is the exact opposite of a badass.

  • LosPollosHermanos

    The fears I had when they were first introduced have been confirmed.

    They absolutely whiffed on the Sand Snakes. They suck.

    Honestly most of the Dorne stuff has been awful so far. You guys didn’t talk about what a joke the fight scene was.

    I think Prince Doran is good, hopefully we see more of him.

    • ScottWC

      Would have to agree when it comes to Dorne. It’s just so disappointing that they cut the best Dorne characters from the books for this.

      I do like the portrayal of Prince Doran, and while Areo Hotah is fine, it’s just been a massive let down overall.

      In the Miranda / Sansa in the tub scene, I totally thought they were setting things up for when she encounters Ramsey after of the wedding by turning the tables and using the “boring” phrase against him. They could have had her put him on his reels, and maybe he retreats, beats the crap out of Reek in front of her and walks out.

      I read an article from one of the show’s producer’s after the show aired where he’s quoted as saying “she just has to deal with it.”

      To deviate from the source material is one thing, but I just think it’s lazy and appalling to put female characters into a position where “she wants revenge because she was raped”.

  • Joe Solarte

    There seems to be a lot of blowback about tonight’s “Rape scene”…..which production is defending as such. Funny because productions official line is that the Jamie/Cersei rape scene from season 4 was NOT a rape scene, even though just about the entire world thinks it was. In contrast, Sansa at least KNEW she was going to consummate when she married Ramsay. I dunno, seems kinda hypocrisy to claim one is a rape but the other is not.

  • Apart from the Sansa ending that i’m sure will be covered more in length on Book Club and the general still cheesyness of Dorne, this was a fantastic episode. Very powerful scenes that were undercut by a really beautiful musical score. It’s fantastic to have a reason to bring Lady Olenna back and i’m okay with them finding ways to keep her in KL permanently.

    • Chlsea_1905

      agree with your last paragraph. I also don’t buy the claim that this somehow diminishes all the personal growth that Sansa has gone through after fleeing Kings Landing.

      • I don’t either. In fact it will make the revenge (if it ever comes) that much sweeter.

      • RadaRada

        I feel one reason this was included is so that when Ramsay gets his comeuppance, the payoff will be that much better. Because seriously, before this happened Ramsay was still a douche, but his character is so fun and intriguing. Especially that scene when him and Roose were talking about Fat Walda, that was hilarious. I think we needed to be reminded of the reasons why we hate this guy.

      • toast

        It was such a long, multi-season setup.
        We were shown over and over Sansa escaping being violated. It became a running theme of the story. Sansa maintaining her honour no matter how horrible things are.

        And then the writers hit us over the head again.

    • toast

      Putting it all the emotion and horror into Theon’s eyes made it far more effective.

  • Dan C

    I’m with Rob on Cersei: I loathe her right now.

    • jon dunn

      She’s just playing the game. Why hate her and not like…..Littlefinger?

      • toast

        It’s two top players making serious twisty moves. Season 5 and the players are finally stepping up their games.

    • toast

      If this was survivor, you’d be saying at TC as you are smuffed, “Good move Cersie”.

  • Laws

    It’s so frustrating the way people FREAK OUT over rape on this show. Characters get murdered, maimed, etc. every episode. Two guys were castrated then killed for being gay in episode 4. Yet, god forbid, someone gets raped.

    It’s a fictional story in a medieval society. Buck up or watch something else.

    The beginning of this recap was just depressing. Let’s not act like Sophie Clarke was sexually assaulted here.

    • Chlsea_1905

      It’s refreshing to see that not everyone is having a fit over a tv show. Read a history book and you’ll see that much worse happened to countless REAL people. I do think I would have preferred something better for Sansa but hey, I didn’t write it.

    • toast

      Come on, that was nasty. You didn’t feel awful for her?
      I know this show is full of horrible stuff, well, that was successfully horrible.

      I’m not saying it shouldn’t have been in there, just that it did to me what it intended to do.

      • RadaRada

        It was rape so of course it was nasty, and of course I feel for Sansa. What i don’t get is why there is so much outcry over this scene when much, much worse things have happened without nearly the level of outcry this is getting.

        • toast

          Who it was is part of it.
          The fact that Rape is becoming a recurring theme bothers some.
          The fact that in the books it isn’t Sansa smacks the bookies pretty hard.

          • Martin Hess

            Torture is also becoming a regular thing with the Boltons and all. Where is the outcry for the tortured and killed?

            Would you rather be raped, or tortured and killed?

        • Matt The Golem

          Couple of episodes ago, Jon Snow decapitated a man who was begging for mercy.
          There was no outcry.
          Theon had his ‘favourite toy’ cut off and was tortured brutally.
          There was no outcry.

  • Ali B

    Why do illegitimate men (& women?) have the surname Snow? Because they are left out in the cold? Does it foreshadow that they will manage winter better when it finally comes?!

    • jon dunn

      Bastards from every one of the 7 kingdoms have a different surname

      North – Snow
      Dorne – Sand
      Westerlands – Hill
      The Reach – Flowers
      Riverlands – Rivers
      King’s Landing – Waters

      etc etc etc

      • Ali B

        Ah, okay, thank you!

  • Angie

    Once the plot line for Sansa this season became clear, I had one question: will they show the wedding night? If they chose to omit the scene, but, for example, gave us the morning after with a visually upset Sansa, would that have served the same purpose? If the point was merely to reinforce our perceptions of these two characters, then yes, and given the time restraints, why include anything that doesn’t have a purpose in either the immediate sense or as part of season-long narrative? As has been stated already, the viewer knows who Ramsey is, the viewer knows all that Sansa has had to deal with, so what, exactly, was the point of showing him ripping her dress and bending her over? of listening to her cry? It’s because of where the camera fell in the final moments and that was on Theon. The inclusion of the visual here had one sole purpose: to demonstrate how this impacts Theon, and this says a lot about their world view, and, sadly, their imaginations.

    It’s ridiculous to assume that the writers are simply skimming the fat of these lengthy novels and only harvesting what’s “necessary” to tell the story–they’re not, they’re flat out making things up now (nothing wrong with that) But they’re not as good as GRRM at subverting viewer expectations, ie, writing with originality, and this season that inability to write well in this world is becoming painfully obvious. I’m at once angry with the writers for including this scene, for failing to understand basic character arcs, but also, for having so little faith in a changing culture that, we, the viewer, might not just default to, “Oh, yeah, we need to see the rape to know it happened because we’re stupid and, also, we secretly glory in sexual violence cuz ‘merica.”

    I’m going to predict, (because there’s no other way to continue viewing this show as anything other than bad writing otherwise) that because this scene really was from Theon’s POV, he will, in fact, find the strength for atonement. I do not think that he and Sansa will escape Winterfell. I think Theon will kill Ramsey and will die, too, in the process. Stannis will kill Roose. Brienne will kill Stannis, And Sansa is Queen of the fucking North. Based on the trajectory of each character this season, their physical proximity to one another, and, hopefully, the writers’ sense of, if nothing else, a healthy dose of justice (for once), this will be your episode 9.

    • Martin Hess

      A fine prediction in the last paragraph. However, the first two are bizzare. Do you not want to see events as they unfold? Would you rather skip Tyrion shooting Tywin and Brienne besting the Hound? After all, we could gather from subsequent conversations that Tyrion killed his father and Brianne killed the Hound, while Arya fled.

      Why dont you stop crying about poor Sweet Sansa, who herself agreed to marry a fucking psychopath. They were bound to fuck by a contract, Ramsay is a psycho, what did she think would happen.

  • toast

    Another angle. The Scene reflects on Littlefinger and him playing the Game.

    This is the real consequence of his manipulating people. The human consequences of politics. Viewed from a distance it is skillful diplomacy. But real people are damaged by it.