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Game Of Thrones Season 5 Episode 6 | Feedback Show

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Rob Cesternino (@RobCesternino) and Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) answer your questions while digging deeper into the 6th episode of Season 5 of The Game of Thrones.

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  • swift00001

    1st snitches!!! Anyway glad 2 see its up didnt think it was coming at this point. Didnt listen to it yet, but im sure its good, u guys r very insightful

  • Martin Hess

    With all the notes you are making… How are you not seeing Arya is beaten precisely because she is telling the truth? By both the faceless man and Arya 2. Plus how is NOT mercykilling the Hound a sign of love/affection?

    • Jess Ricker

      I think they’re probably not seeing that because it’s almost certainly not correct.

    • jon dunn

      She’s being beaten when Jaquen can tell she is lying. Part of being ‘no one’ is being able to lie effortlessly. Lying with no facial tells.

      The show isn’t hiding this

      • Martin Hess

        For heavens sake. I do not have comprehension problems (unlike Arya). I havent read the books and my judgement is not impaired by prior knowledge.

        7 minutes into the episode,
        Arya 2 tells her origin story after which she asks: Was that true? or a lie? (She is lying effortlessly.)
        and Arya retorts: Wot? (showing lack of understanding for the “game of faces”, she thought Arya 2s story was true, not even contemplating it to be lie)

        In a subsequent scene, (instead of replying “no one” like a dumbass) she is instead beaten by Jaquen for NOT even lying to him (efforlessly or shittily). Everything about the story she tells is true (tell me WHERE is the lie!). He keeps repeating she is lying and whipping her, which ends with her shouting: Thats not a lie!

        In the scene with the sick girl, she FINALLY “gets it” and lies about herself to comfort the dying girl.

        My original comment stands. They are not beating her because she is lying unconvincingly, but because she is not lying at all. Saying you are no one is not a lie, it is just stupid.

        • jon dunn

          Um are you serious? She lied multiple times. She said her father died in battle (lie), she said she stabbed a stable boy in the back(lie), and she said she got captured by polliver (lie).

          You really need to rewatch the scene and correct yourself before you ever attempt to come at me again, because you will get unceremoniously shut down

          • Martin Hess

            Thank you for correcting me twice. I was wrong about Jaquen.
            My mind wanted to see it differently and I was blinded by ego.

            She lied 4 times, the first one is obvious (idk why I did not hear it), second one is inconsequential, third I thought she was captured by Polliver, then recaptured by Clegane. Fourth still feels like the truth. If she didn´t hate him, why not show mercy?

            I am humbled by your facts.

  • Loving how international these voicemails have been this season.

  • Jeremy

    I miss you so much Hodor

  • Spencer Mann

    The Olyvar theory is an interesting one, but I get the sense that it’s not an important enough plot point to be developed further on the show. I could be wrong, though. Perhaps a simpler explanation is simply – to put it in reality TV terms – Olyvar just floats to whoever is currently in power. It used to be Littlefinger, and now it’s the Sparrow people. If this is the case though, he’d better be careful. Like with Cersei, it’s hard to see how working with the faith militia won’t spectacularly backfire for those seen to be committing the same “moral crimes.”

  • C Monroe

    Littlefinger most likely sent the snake-o-gram and had Olyvar confess. He also sown discourse between Cersei and the Boltons. He only needs the Freys next.