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Game Of Thrones Season 5 Episode 8 | Feedback Show

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Rob Cesternino (@RobCesternino) and Antonio Mazzaro (@acmazzaro) answer your questions while digging deeper into the 8th episode of Season 5 of The Game of Thrones, “Hardhome.”

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  • swift00001

    Antonio r u 4 real? Thinking that Rob is outta line with his attitude towards Ollie? U said u read the books so u must know how Ollie is taking the advice from Sam and interpreting it in his own way. so u must b pulling the audiences leg. I feel rob is spot on with his view toward ollie

    • StephenDrabek

      I think it is quite clear that Antonio is just baiting Rob by saying Olly is not so bad, just to keep Rob on his humorous tirade. Don’t over think it.

      • jon dunn

        Disagree. I think Antonio is a little taken aback by how much Rob seems to hate Olly. I still can’t tell if Rob is taking it to hyperbolic forms for comedic effect or not, because it’s pretty OTT.

        • I’m taking it as either 90% comedy 10% genuine dislike of the character or he’s caught wind of the speculation surrounding Ollie’s probable contribution in the last episode and he’s getting his shots in now. Either way it’s just a bit of fun, something to break up the analysis.

          • jon dunn

            I think you should edit your post. People are getting way too lax about what they think is okay to post in these comments. Save it for the book club.

          • Alright but I don’t know how I could have been any more vague than I was, and speculating is not the same as spoiling

  • Austin

    Prediction: By the time the season is over Ollie will be the most hated character in all of Game of Thrones.

  • Who’s worse Rob, Noah from Walking Dead or Ollie from GoT?

  • John Davis

    Hey Rob, has Chekov’s Dragon Glass been trumped by Chekov’s Vallerian Steel?

  • EllesSacrifice ES

    Wesley Crusher > Ollie

  • jon dunn

    For real though – people really don’t get why Ollie would be upset? Jon’s new BFF Tormund led an absolute genocide of his entire village – that he saw with his own two eyes? and he’s a kid?

    Like I can’t tell if people are joking or not. Yes – logically it may make sense to bring Wildlings from beyond the wall to prevent them from becoming Wights, but there are still a LOT of bad things about that, especially giving them lands that belonged to your dead family and friends.

    It’s weird that people can’t see his perspective.

    • jon dunn

      at first I thought Rob was doing a bit, but he’s like legitimately shaking in anger about him?

      Dude, get a grip..

      He’s BARELY in the show. There is no way you can be this upset about him.

      He’s not the only one who questions whether it is smart to go rescue Wildlings, either. I’m sure many in the NW will be upset to have lost their brothers during this massacre so that they could rescue Wildlings.

  • jon dunn

    Here’s a good article I read that sort of summarizes why the Game of Thrones still matters despite the threat of the White Walkers:

  • jon dunn

    Osha and Rickon were going to the Last Hearth which is the family home of the Umbers.

  • jon dunn

    Tyrion’s edit has always been very positive (and certainly more positive than the books, where we see more of his negatives) but I wholly disagree in the show that Dany has always been edited super positively – especially since she has come to Mereen. The show has made a point of getting the audience to question her decisions.

    Certainly not OTTP.

  • Brendan Fitzpatrick

    Why am I the only one who seems to ever remember that Bran Sent Rickon to “The Last Hearth”, seat of House Umber, one of the Stark Bannermen? Maybe because I have some crazy crackpot theories about it. Also, who knows if they actually made it there…but that’s where they were heading…

  • Rory

    Rob hating Ollie is even better than the internet hating the sand snakes.

  • Chris England

    Rob’s Top Ten most hated non-reality charactors

    1. Ollie: Orphan, who watched his family murdered.
    Game of Thrones
    2. Noah: Hobbled kidnap victim, who was forced to stab his undead brother with a model F-16.
    The Walking Dead

    …please help fill this out

    • 4. Walt Jr: sufferer of cerebral palsy, father was a drug lord, mother won’t let him have nice cars – Breaking Bad

  • Aura

    Can we have a “Rob’s Rants” podcast? Lol it’ll be funny to hear Rob go off on Ollie, Noah, “casual” survivor fans, etc…

  • Sean LaBua

    I’m looking forward to the next Gilly Idol album!

  • Lilac Lion

    Cannot get over Rob quoting the Dan that sucks in regards to Ollie.