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Game Of Thrones Season 5 Episode 9 | Feedback Show

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Rob Cesternino (@RobCesternino) and Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) answer your questions while digging deeper into the 9th episode of Season 5 of The Game of Thrones, “The Dance of Dragons.”

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  • swift00001

    Just checked 63min, that blows

    • Paul

      yea i was hoping for 120

  • swift00001

    U know too much about never ending story

  • SamMuray

    I don’t want Olly to die either, just want Wun Wun to step on him by accident. It’ll shut him up pretty well I’m sure 😛

    I might be alone on this, but I’d be really pissed off if Ramsay died in the finale. I like show Ramsay, more than most characters! Iwan Reon is awesome and I enjoy seeing him going full-retard every now and then :D.

    • Trixie02

      The actor is brilliant. I miss Joffrey as well for the same reason.

      • SamMuray

        Jack Gleeson was great, but I always hated Joffrey as a character. Ramsay is among my favorite characters though, not just the actor.

  • Steve Davis

    Hahah. Entourage the movie recap….oy

  • C05EDEN

    I am almost certain that she summoned Drogon, and when he appeared it seemed like he teleported or something. We heard him, then there was a huge fireball that he kind of rolled out of.

  • LosPollosHermanos

    Rob is so unengaged with GOT this season.

    I also wonder if he is just way more spoiled now about what’s coming? He doesn’t really get into analysis or predictions like he did last season at all.

      • jon dunn

        Hope you are unspoiled so you can enjoy the finale to its fullest extent!

        Excited that you’re done with ASOS. I would love to hear you talk about the books at some point. Maybe some things that you liked that didn’t make the show. One thing that’s fresh that you just read was the Jamie/Tysha reveal. The way Tyrion and Jamie left each other on bad terms was one of the most interesting things in the books to me.

  • Knew the answer to my voicemail immediately after sending it *facepalm*. Also, not sure that venn diagram of having an intimate knowledge of the Neverending Story and a working knowledge of Entourage has more of an inner section than just Josh.

  • Angie

    This week on GOT: Brienne kills Stannis…or, solidifying the Stannis Is the Worst Character Ever…Stannis kills Brienne.

  • Dan C

    I’ll be very disappointed if the Winterfell (Stannis/Boltons/Sansa/Brienne) or King’s Landing (Cersei/Margaery/Loras) storylines carry over into next season. I need resolution for all of the above!