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Rob Cesternino (@RobCesternino) and Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) answer your questions while digging deeper into the finale of Season 5 of The Game of Thrones, “Mother’s Mercy.”

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  • Tom Oosterbroek

    Where can I vote for the Throners? <3

  • swift00001

    Legend has it that GRRM named the giant wunwun after the numbers of one of his fav NYG QBs: phil simms, he rocked 11 on his jerz….it is known

  • Bael_The_Bard

    I very much enjoy Rob’s slow transformation from show ony watcher to the book reader. He’s gone from calling Roose Bolton Bruce (which was amazing) to mentioning how Jon Snow could be Azor Ahai Reborn.

    Please, bring him for a book club after he finishes ADWD.

  • Sean LaBua

    I feel like the next book will be released before season 6, but then for season 7 the show will be 100% on its own because there’s no way GRRM is getting that final book out one year later.

  • GeekFurious

    I made a little video that has most (some argue there should be a couple of more) of the SHOW ONLY scenes that illuminate that theory you discussed on the podcast. It does not require that you read any book spoilers (though, beware of the discussion below the video).

  • I agree with Rob, I don’t want to the show runners to do interviews and talk about the show’s future. Just watch the show and talk with your friends. Why do people want to know who is casted next season and which characters and locations are being used, it’s all spoilers.

  • Of course they have to lie when they are asked directly. My GF is reading the books and came and asked me, is Joffery dead? I saw something on Facebook. I was just like No way, Joffery is still alive. If I say, I don’t know just keep reading, then she pretty much knows he’s dead.

  • snitch

    I am not a book-walker, buuuuut I am more than a little nervous that the show runners have run out of source material.

    So I hope that both the book drops prior to S6 premiere, and that GRRM extensively consults on S6 stories.

  • Laws

    Shandy, blindness WAS the lesser sentence. Tried as an adult would have found her dead.

  • toast
    Just… because, okay? I just wanted to post it.

  • Kolohe

    about 42 minutes in re: “no precedent in history for Margery” – I’m pretty sure Catherine the Great’s story of how she got her job is very similar to Margery’s.

  • HomerBrannon1

    I think it’s telling that no Kit Harrington or producers at Comic-Con. If Jon were really dead, seems like Kit would show up. Many dead characters show up for a curtain call.

  • Brian

    The Sand Snakes should be the obvious choice for the “Burn Them With Fire” award this season. I wonder if Stannis will still pull in enough votes for Parent of the Year after the family BBQ incident.