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The 3rd Annual Throner Awards | Game of Thrones Season 6 Awards

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Rob Cesternino and Josh Wigler host the 3rd Annual Throner Awards to recognize excellence in achievement in Season 6 of Game of Thrones.







  • TrentC

    Most excellent awards ceremony, thank you kind sers.

    I fear I may have developed an involuntary throner whilst listening.

    Knight of the Morning Wood

    p.s. Hodor is not dead!

  • Derek_Sye

    Rob is such a killjoy. Glad the voters had my back on the best duo award.

  • Jai

    guys only an hour long? I loved the fact this was a good 2 hour session minimum 🙂

    • Jai

      bravo josh, I was laughing so hard. you are really a funny guy 🙂

  • Nina Spång

    Loved Rob´s hate over Hordor, laught so much…

  • Aldrick

    Burn Them With Fire Award: I voted for Tommen, but I agree with the result. Edmure Tully was someone I didn’t properly consider, and I can definitely see how he’d edge out Tommen. I disagree with the Sand Snakes being that high, simply because they were too useless this season. Also, I prefer to forget Dorne exists on the show. I was shocked to see the Waif high up on the list.

    The Night Is Dark And Full of Terrors Award: Hold the Door. Called it.

    Blackwater Award: Battle of the Bastards. Obviously. I also agree with the placement of the others.

    Red Wedding Award: Totally disagree with Hodor in Hold the Door. I voted for Arya offing Meryn Trant last year, and I voted for Arya offing Walder Frey this year. Although, I do agree with Rob that Ramsey should be up there as well. I would argue that they both should have been tied. It just felt so good to watch Walder Frey die, gasping like a fish out of water.

    Two Swords Award: HAHA! I am so glad Tormund and Brienne won this award. I am shipping them so hard along with Danny and Yara. Too bad Rob, Tormund knows how to give good hella thirsty face–he didn’t even need any lines of dialog.

    Where In the Seven Hells Did You Come From Award: I was split between Brienne saving Sansa and Benjen Stark showing up. I felt that they were pretty much equal, but I sided with Brienne because not only did she just show up randomly, but the dogs that were just in the scene prior to her showing up also magically disappeared. So, it was just insult to injury with this TV save. I can understand why people went with uncle Benjen Coldhands though,because it was so out of the blue and random.

    Ned and Cat Memorial Award: Woohoo! I called Lyanna as well. I wanted to go in a similar direction as Rob, and vote for Cersei out of amusement. However, I felt that the Ned and Cat Award was for GOOD parents, and Lyanna obviously used her dying moments to ensure her son’s safety by securing a promise from her overly honor obsessed brother. This reward was well earned.

    Red Viper Memorial Award: How could Rob not guess Lyanna Mormont? Seriously, this was so obvious–this girl deserves to sit on the Iron Throne. Love her. She deserves to win everything, everywhere, forever. She is my most favorite character on the show right now by far, simply because every time she speaks she brings it. She doesn’t take no crap.

    Tywin Lannister Memorial Award: I agree with Rob here that Cersei should have won this award. Ramsey basically failed at everything and ended up dead. Cersei got her vengeance, wiped out every enemy she had in Kings Landing, and then became Queen. That is a masterful villain move. Not to mention that she is now dead on the inside after the death of all her children–there is nothing left to humanize her. Yeah, Cersei should have won this award.

    Hodor Award: I am glad some version of Hodor won this award. I don’t care which version, so long as it didn’t go to that Hodor wanna be Wun Wun. So glad to see Wun Wun Lose Lose. I voted for HOOOOOODOOOOOR!!, because that is what I screamed at my TV as he died, which in turn led to me becoming dead on the inside, much like Cersei.

    Book Club Nerd Alert: I can understand why people went for Hodor’s Origin Story, but honestly–really–how could Bran being at the Tower of Joy NOT be the winner here? I feel that this is a sympathy vote.

    Sun And Stars Award: Rob is turning into such a Hodor Hater. “The writing was great, but the acting wasn’t that great.” Ouch. Haha. Honestly, I think Jon won this award because there are so many Jon fans out there voting. However, we have to be honest–Danny deserved this. Look at all the things she accomplished this season, and where her story arc is ending. She’s has Dorne, High Garden, a big chunk of House Greyjoy, and all the Dothraki behind her… and she is on the way to Westeros. Jon almost lost a battle because he was too emotional and stupid, and the only reason he is still alive is because of Sansa. Daenerys deserved this award.

    Winter Come Sooner Award: I can totally get why Danny won this one. The vote here was hard for me, but I voted for Cersei. I am most interested to see the fall out of what has happened in Kings Landing. We can mostly imagine how the Danny stuff is going to go.

    Win Or Die Award: Yeah, the Winds of Winter was an easy choice. That was how I voted.

    I feel that Cersei was robbed this season at the Throners. Qyburn them all Cersei. Qyburn them all!

    • Austin

      The sandsnakes were minimal, but they still pissed off book readers by doing something way off script from the books. In my opinion Edmure didn’t play a large enough role to win, but I understand the hate he receives.
      I think the Walder Frey death didn’t receive as much attention because it was in an episode with so many other cool things that it was kind of an afterthought for most people.

      I kind of felt Ned deserved the win for the parent award since you know he actually carried out the promise and raised the kid for years, but I understand people were super excited that Lyanna was confirmed to be the mother.

      Agreed Cersei is the best villain this season. That ending was too good for me not to vote for her. However Ramsy killing his stepmom and brother the way he did was one of the cruelest things I’ve seen so if Cersei wasn’t going to win at the least the next best won.

      I don’t think the Hodor book club was a sympathy vote as much as it was the most shocking for book readers. Everything else had well known theories that people were aware of.

      The reason Dany didn’t win the Sun and Stars award is because every season she makes steady progress. We have waited to long for her to do something. Jon made the biggest leap from being dead to alive and taking back Winterfell.

      Winter come sooner award: All I have to say is there are going to be a lot of disappointed Dany fans next season if they think she is going to simply role in to Westeros and conquer it. I voted for the Starks reuniting because we haven’t seen them together since episode 1 and I am very interested to see how they interact with all their character development over the years. I mean Sansa and Arya hated eachother before, but now they have much more in common. Bran knows the truth about Jon and has all these abilities.

      • Aldrick

        I think the Sand Snakes going off script in Dorne was the best thing they could have done, because it effectively made them no longer relevant to the narrative. The only way it could have been better was if Doran Martell had killed all the Sand Snakes instead and sent their heads to Cersei, in an attempt to avoid an open war between the Throne and Dorne. It would have been justice for killing the Princess. We could have then seen some reworking of the Dornish Masterplan. However, in truth, the story was already too crowded on the TV Show to do it justice, so it was better to just Yara Yara past it and pretend that Dorne never happened. It will be a background character in Danny’s storyline now–one that we can hopefully forget.

        You make a good case for Ned winning the Ned and Cat Memorial Award. He did keep Jon’s parentage a secret his entire life, even keeping it from Cat. That’s pretty hardcore, and deserves some recognition.

        I agree that the Book Club Nerd Alert Award going to Hodor can make sense. It was a shocking reveal. I am not completely against it, but lets face it–in both the show and the book, he’s a very minor character. Bran not only becoming a Tree Wizard, but a TIME TRAVELING Tree Wizard–that’s big news. I don’t know if anyone predicted that out there in ASOIF Theoryland, but I surely didn’t. That’s the reason I voted for Bran.

        I still disagree about Sun and Stars Award going to Jon. I may be biased, but I felt that pretty much Jon’s two major achievements were too predictable. His coming back to life was a foregone conclusion. The biggest shock was that it didn’t happen in the first episode. Then once he decided to fight to retake Winterfell, it was always just a question of how and not if he would retake it. Then in the Battle of the Bastards during the actual battle, although it was amazing and awesome to watch, Jon was never in any real danger of dying. We all knew he would survive. Then, once he survived, we all could easily predict that he be would proclaimed–at a minimum–the Lord of Winterfell if not also the new King in the North. Even his major accomplishment–retaking Winterfell–he can’t claim credit for it. That belongs to Sansa, since she contacted Littlefinger. Had she not done that, they would have lost. Jon couldn’t even stick to his own plan after being told pointedly by Sansa that Rickon was as good as dead, and that Ramsey likes to play mind games. Really, its hard for me to look favorably upon Jon. Meanwhile, Danny basically singlehandedly won a battle with the Masters with her Dragons, united all the Dothraki (without serious help), united High Garden, Dorne, and a significant portion of the Greyjoy fleet behind her. She is now sailing to Westeros likely with the largest army in the entire world, and it will only grow larger once she arrives and begins her conquest. Danny is basically a walking, talking, fire resistant deus ex machina on her way to Westeros. With so few episodes left, it is easy to see Danny basically Yara Yara overing a lot of her conquest of Westeros to get to the end game against the White Walkers.

        Winter Come Sooner Award: I hope you are right and that Danny doesn’t just steamroll over Westeros. That clearly isn’t going to happen in the books, things are obviously much more complicated there, but the show is cutting complexity from the storyline left and right. They are streamlining everything to get to the final confrontation and wrap things up.

        My feeling is that the most interesting things that will happen with the Danny storyline will not have anything to do with her conquest, but rather the political situation between her, Jon, and the Starks.

        It’s my belief that some how Sansa ends up on the Iron Throne, likely with Jon’s kid. I also think that magic, the dragons, and the white walkers all end up dead and gone by the end. Martin is not going to go for a standard and predictable ending.

        When the story starts magic is basically a thing of the past, then the White Walkers and Dragons start showing up and magic starts coming back. A traditional story might end with magic being restored to its proper and natural place in the world, but this is a Song of Ice and Fire. So, it is likely to result in the end of magic itself–and all the things associated with it. Even Bran, if he survives, will likely lose his Greenseer powers–and he will likely be the one responsible for ending magic to win the war.

        In a traditional fantasy story, we could likely assume that Danny or Jon will sit on the Iron Throne. We might even assume that they meet each other, fall in love, and get married. We might also assume that Danny becomes fertile again (thanks to magic), and is pregnant/gives birth by the end–thus establishing her and Jon’s reign over the Seven Kingdoms which she conquered. Since this is a Song of Ice and Fire, it is likely that somehow both Danny and Jon die, likely in really important ways, and that someone unexpected ends up on the Iron Throne. That unexpected person is likely Sansa, because that’s the character arc she is following. She starts off as a young naive and idealistic young girl. She believes that she is going to be Queen and is so excited. Then she finds out her betrothed is an utter monster, her father ends up executed by him, her house is ruined, and then she is played as a pawn from one power player in the game to the next. Meanwhile, she learns a little bit along the way. Eventually, she matures, steps into her own, and stops being a pawn and starts becoming a player herself in the Great Game.

        As a female in this world, her story arc is going to go one of two ways. She is going to be married off to someone for political reasons, such as to secure an important alliance, or she is going to start taking power and control for herself. It’s already clear which direction she is heading.

        So, yeah. This post is long enough now. :-p

  • Austin

    Hodor is the Mad Max of the Throners lol

  • Kyle Schipske

    Any chance for an off-season podcast about Rob’s take on the books? Maybe a panel discussion with the book club crew, would be great maybe after he’s done ADWD.

  • Paul

    The musical bits are always so perfect.

  • Martin Hess

    i think the excellence in hodor category inherently favours aforementioned hodor.
    fact1 the only time it was won by somebody else was the season where hodor didnt appear at all.
    fact2 wunwun rocked out in the battle and singlehandedly broke into winterfell, avoiding the siege completely. meanwhile hodor held the door for a minute, requiring benjen to appear out of nowhere to save the day.
    allegation3 the nights king would have arrived sooner than winterfell would have been liberated, werent it for wunwuns heroic sacrifice.
    cersei should have won something too.

  • Great job guys, sad Throner season has come and gone, but excited for more book clubs throughout the year

  • Joel Rainey

    Hold the Door won the right amount of awards it was the most shocking moment in the season there was no foreshadowing or even a hint this was going to happen it was book readers Red Wedding. Cersie didn’t win Best Villian I think because she wasn’t a Villian in most eyes for the majority of the season that’s how much the High Sparrow was hated.Jon won MVP for the simple fact that he started the season dead and ended it as the King of the North,not to mention he is the Song of Ice and Fire.Danny just did what she should have done a long time ago great that she’s heading to Westeros but it’s about time

  • jonproject

    Bravo to Josh for another terrific set of songs. I laughed out loud at work when the Septa Unella chorus dropped.


    • susan appleby

      Unella ella ella

    • annika, absolutely

      I second this! Well done Josh! It’s stuck in my head and i don’t even care.

  • Alex Curran

    The Throners are flawed! How is the Melisandre reveal at the end of the Red Woman not even nominated for the Night is Dark and Full of Terrors Award.

    • Aldrick

      Oh crap. I forgot all about that. I must concur! Melisandre has been horribly snubbed. Maybe her and Cersei can get together and Qyburn them all. They both have extensive experience with burning people alive.

    • Josh Wigler

      I don’t think this is the first time Melisandre’s been snubbed at the Throners. Pretty sure it’s become an unintentional tradition at this point.

      • susan appleby

        No one likes her after she burned Shireen. Maybe you need to add a Jon Snow “just go away Melisandre” award.

  • Annie Goldman Liebert

    i love the throners… but the music part ruined it for me. ugh. still… i love post show recaps. thanks!

    • susan appleby

      The music is Josh’s specialty. I enjoy it a good deal. He does similar things for survivor too.
      I’m missing the behind the scenes bad behavior of the unruly cast. But this was a lot of fun.

    • jc050604

      Agreed – I like the idea of the Throners, but the songs are brutal. Just terrible. I’ve never used the ffwd 15 seconds button so often.

  • GeekFurious

    People voted for some stupid stuff… the music was on point… Rob was moody… Terri got mentioned a few times… only thing missing was a needlessly dead direwolf.

  • realtrinilostgirl2007

    first time listening to the thrones. I love it! now i am upset that i missed the two years of this.

    • GeekFurious

      We have to go back!

      • realtrinilostgirl2007

        Lol. Lost reference. Josh’s favourite show.

        • GeekFurious

          Mine too.

  • annika, absolutely

    *Throners and GoT spoilers below*

    I am a huge Jon Snow fan, and I am so glad he is back from the dead, but seriously what did he do this season?

    He was dead for two episodes, he came back to life (not his doing, that was all Melisandre, and even Davos to an extent for protecting his body), then he moped around because he found out that there is “nothing” when you die. He failed to rally troops to his cause – Davos had to convince Lyanna Mormont. He had a crap battle plan, that he completely abandoned when Ramsey loosed arrows on a non-zig-zagging Rickon (even though Sansa WARNED Jon that Ramsey likes to play games). Despite how awesome Jon is as a swordsman, they still would have lost that battle if it hadn’t been for Sansa writing to Littlefinger. Seriously!? Jon Snow as MVP? The MVP should have been Sansa. Sansa is the only reason why Jon currently holds Winterfell, and the only reason why the North are rallying around Jon as King in the North instead of Sansa is because he is a man… and Lyanna Mormont gives amazing speeches.

    Sansa all the way for me, glad she got second!

    (And no, I am not taking this too seriously, I was just super surprised that anyone voted for Jon after all of his stupid decisions).

    The Throners are awesome, Rob and Josh! Great work with the podcasts! 🙂

    • GeekFurious

      I’m the biggest Sansa fan there is… and all they did this season was demonstrate that she’s easily manipulated. I didn’t want to believe it but when the actor recently said she’s pissed at Jon for not giving her enough credit, I rolled my eyes and picked up the books again so I could read actually good character development.